Graze Organics

We all want to do our part in the environment and look what has come from our neighbours in the U.S.A, plus they are made there.  Did I mention that they ship to Canada?! Yay!
These are seal-able, reusable organic cotton, earth friendly water based ink sandwich bags. No plastic zip lock bags to store our sweet children’s food in when off to school.  But whose to say it has to be for them?  I plan on using mine when I go to work on Saturdays.  Besides, Charlies too young, he’ll have to wait a couple of years.  So I get to enjoy them.  I haven’t ordered mine yet but I thought these were too cool to wait so I had to post this.  I mean c’mon, look at them.
I love design and I love, love, love finding cool new things that we don’t have in Canada.
If you do order these, please mention you saw them on my blog.

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