Green Beauty Month. Ditch the Pink and go Green with #GMCBeauty


October is breast cancer awareness month and we’ll be seeing the Pink Ribbon campaign in full force this month.  Having a few friends now touched by breast cancer and kicked its ass you may wonder why I would suggest to ditch pink and go green. I’ll give it to you nicely. I’ve never understood the Pink campaign and the beauty products that endorse it.  You’ve seen the in store promo’s I am sure.  By this and so and so will donated $2 to Breast Cancer Foundation.  What my problem was that those very products contained at least one if not all 10 of the Dirty Toxic ingredients.

Let’s Help Women Go Green With Their Beauty Routines
For the 2nd year in a row, Green Moms Collective wants to help women clean up their beauty routines. They aim to raise awareness and help women take control over the products they put on their skin and ultimately into their bodies. Green Moms Collective will be teaching YOU how to perform a simple beauty audit, understand the toxic ten ingredients to avoid, and connect them with great Canadian brands to choose safer alternatives.   Sign up to get your The Green Beauty Audit.

Why should we read about ingredients and avoid toxic products?
Your skin is the largest organ.  It protects, regulates and absorbs what we put on it.  From triclosan to BHT and BHA, parabens and so much more are endocrine disruptors. Overuse and continual daily use in multiple products from deodorant to shampoo to skincare to everyday plastics and receipts(yes is even found in them! As BPA has been found in the paper) can over time build up and wreck havoc on our system.  

While researching for this post I came across this:
“one in eight of the 82,000 ingredients used in personal care products are industrial chemicals, including carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxins, and hormone disruptors. Many products include plasticizers (chemicals that keep concrete soft), degreasers (used to get the grime off auto parts), and surfactants (they reduce surface tension in water, like in paint and inks). Imagine what that does to your skin, and to the environment.” David Suzuki Dirty Dozen

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As an esthetician, green beauty is extremely important to me and I’ll be honest.  I never really thought about until I was pregnant with my son.  What I was using was being absorbed to my son in utero as well.  EWG did a fantastic study on chemical exposure found in the umbilical cord found in everyday pollutants.  Why is this crap in products? It’s cheap. It’s a cheap filler and easy to get.  Not too long ago formaldehyde was used in baby bath products by one certain brand.
I was constantly in  contact with products that had triclosan in it( a hand cream!), parabens and some of the others listed in the Dirty 10 and I brought up my concerns with the skincare brand I was working with.  I was happy to learn that they themselves were working on new formulations to make their products less toxic.
Once the twins are old enough to go to school I want to get back into my passion. Skincare- even though I have an online babywearing business.  I want to set up a beautiful little skincare practice offering classical facials using the best in natural skin care.  I’ve reviewed a few skincare lines(read my Cocoon Apothecary review here) that I absolutely love, but one that I am really impressed with is Chorus Supernatural.  So much so that I noticed instant results with their Polish exfoliator and their Revitalize Serum.  This is a skincare line that I want to work with professionally and offer to my clients.

So are  you ready to ditch toxic skin care products this month to reduce potential health risks?  We’ve teamed up with some amazing Canadian companies that I can’t wait to share with you.  


A big thank you to our sponsors.  Ella Botanicals, Province Apothecary, Les CocoNuts, Petal & Post, Cocoon Apothecary, Chorus Supernatural, LoveFresh, Clementine Fields, Stark, Pure + Simple and Clinical Luxury by Nature.

And did I mention we have some giveaways coming up?!  On Oct.20/2015 with Green Moms Collective there will be a Instagram Giveaway and on Oct.29/15 watch us for a Twitter PartyRSVP below!

If you’d like to learn more about natural skincare and clean out our cupboards check out these wonderful resources.

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  1. sara | 6th Oct 15

    I’m thrilled to have you on board with your expertise and passion!

  2. Travel Quest | 8th Oct 15

    Recently I’m into organic goods, not to mention the high price but at least I know it was clean. I have no problem trying this Green product especially buying this for a cause.

  3. Stephanie | 8th Oct 15

    These products look great — I’m always on the hunt for new things to try on my face… thanks for sharing!

  4. Adriana | 8th Oct 15

    Very nice products anything that is natural is much better thanks for the giveaway

  5. Liz Mays | 8th Oct 15

    That is super frightening that so many products contain horribly toxic chemicals. Ugh, that makes me sad!

  6. Jonathan | 8th Oct 15

    So important to understand and read labels. These products seem very earth friendly and super cute too!

  7. Crystal | 8th Oct 15

    I definitely don’t want to undermine my own health using things that can harm me. I need to be mindful of ingredients.

  8. Erica | 9th Oct 15

    How informative. I tend to overlook this sometimes!

  9. Jasmine Watts | 9th Oct 15

    Such great post… I have learnt a lot!! And I will start using ditch toxic skin care products this month to reduce potential health risks

  10. Elizabeth O | 9th Oct 15

    I use organic products on my skin or those with all natural ingredients. More and more folks are educating themselves on this important subject.

  11. QueenThrifty | 9th Oct 15

    Go green l. Love this post

  12. Jacqui Odell | 20th Oct 15

    I have never heard of this product before but it sounds like it’s a lot better for you than the other beauty products.

  13. Lindsay | 26th Oct 15

    For me, the ingredient that drives me nuts is “Fragrance.” Artificial fragrance gives me a huge headache!

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