Green Zebra Kitchen ~ Don’t stress this Holiday season with out of town guests

It’s as simple as that.  Do you have family that are vegan or vegetarian?  Are you wondering what the heck are you going to make? What special ingredients do you need to invest in for that one time they are coming over?  Well, I had a similar situation arise when my sister and her husband visited from Arizona.  Now, it’s not like they could bring food from Arizona so if your guests are unable to bring something, Green Zebra Kitchen came to my rescue.  Also…..I didn’t have wash dishes.  The idea of going out every night to Vegan/Plant-Based restaurants with kids was out of the question.  When I host, I want my guests to feel comfortable and the food is very important to me and that’s why I ordered from Green Zebra.  Their food is organic, GMO-free, gluten-free and seasonal. 

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When I thought what am I going to make for them I was clueless.  I asked on my facebook page what are your favourite vegan recipes and to be honest, I never got around to testing the recipes.  I don’t know about you but when I host and am trying new recipes,  I always make food ahead of time so I can try and see if it’s good enough for me and my guests.  Having been already familiar with Green Zebra Kitchen I figured I’d might as well order from them. I know it’ll be delicious and let me tell you;  My sister and brother in law loved it!  (Below is a pic of their Sushi Bowl.)
I fed them a delicious Vegan Sushi Bowl, Mac & Cheese, they loved the Kale Salad, Kale Caesar salad, Mushroom Brocolli salad, Ground Nut Stew, Vegan Mousakka, I sent them off to their hotel with Energy Balls and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.  You can order a Large Plan or a Small Plan, I ordered the large plan and it was perfect for 2 adults for 3 nights of food.   The cost was just over $120.   Groceries in Toronto are expensive and this was a better option for me.  I didn’t have to test recipes, buy grains, soak nuts and invest in special flours for their plant-based diets.  I felt good knowing I took care of them and they ate very well.  There is nothing like this in Tucson so they were impressed. 


Mac & ‘Cheese’ with Roasted Cauliflower and Cashew Cheese and Pumpkin Seed Parmesan
~ Cashew’s make everything better! ~


I am always impressed with the quality and deliciousness from Green Zebra Kitchen.  I don’t know how they do it.  I find plant-based eating intimidating to start and to create and I am thankful that a company run by two fabulous chef trained brothers is around.  So if you have out of town guests visiting and they are vegan, give Green Zebra a call and have food ready for your guests.  You won’t be disappointed and I am sure your guests will greatly appreciate it.  They even have an amazing Cultured vegan butter

So, if you are stressed out and don’t know what to make like I was I hope you found this post to be helpful and a great idea.  This post is not sponsored.

What will you be making for Christmas Dinner?

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  1. Cassandra D | 9th Dec 18

    I will be making the apple butter biscuits and the prime rib.

    • Mama Ash | 10th Dec 18

      I’ll be making prime rib too! Tell me about your apple butter biscuits, that sounds lovely.

  2. Silvia D | 12th Dec 18

    I just make a traditional dinner, simple but good. Tried once to change up the menu but the hubby and kids revolted and I learned my lesson I guess, they want traditional and special dishes and cutlery! So for New Years i usaully try something new!

  3. Jennifer flett | 13th Dec 18

    This year I am making meatballs to bring to my family dinner. Sweet and sour and done with gravy.

  4. wendy hutton | 5th Feb 19

    we usually have a ham dinner, we are not to big on turkey and so many things we can make with leftovers

  5. Krista M | 6th Feb 19

    I wouldn’t have the first clue of what to make vegan guests so Green Zebra Kitchen would definitely be the perfect option to help!

  6. kathy downey | 8th Feb 19

    We do traditional Newfoundland Jig’s Dinner.

  7. Victoria Ess | 9th Feb 19

    That bowl looks delicious!!

  8. wendy hutton | 24th Apr 19

    these dishes look delicious, we have a ham dinner

  9. Shirl | 17th May 19

    These dishes all look so delicious

  10. kathy downey | 19th May 19

    Love the presentation !

  11. Nate | 24th May 19

    All dishes look easy to make

  12. kathy downey | 31st May 19

    I love those dishes,fod all brings people together !

  13. Emily John | 31st May 19

    These Vegan choices looks delish

  14. Margaret Imecs | 19th Dec 19

    I make teriyaki salmon with rise and asparagus. Love these recipes.

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