Green Zebra Kitchen: Toronto’s Best for #Vegetrarian & #Vegan Meals delivered to you!

Making nutritious, well-balanced meals takes a lot of time and energy and is especially challenging after a long day of work. You want to eat better but instead you opt for convenience…and that’s where we can help. ~ green zebra kitchen

“Wow! Wow! Wow!” When someone asks me about Green Zebra Kitchen that’s what I say and “Oh my gosh, you must try them”.
This is for everyone. And the way I want to pitch this is the way I used Green Zebra Kitchen.  I’m a busy mom.  With my blog, online business, 2 new twin baby girls and a 5 yr old boy I am usually left exhausted by the time it comes to picking my son up from school.  I’m also a breast feeding mom so I need to have fresh healthy food at hand and Green Zebra Kitchen came to the rescue.

What I L-O-V-E-D?!

1) Price point.  For organic vegetarian with vegan options as well I got seriously delicious meals delivered to me for $60.  It was all mine! Ha! I ended up getting both Plan A($115) and Plan B($60)
Considering what I spend on groceries for one meal, this price point is super affordable.

2) Taste.  Everything was perfectly seasoned and prepared.  I was asked if there’s anything I am allergic to or like to avoid.  I was able to get my food Soy free!  All items are GMO free and 95% organic as well.

3) Friendly, courteous service. I had a great big smile every time I opened the door to get my weekly goodies.

4) Did I mention how delicious everything was? I also got beverages and desserts!

So what does the food look like? How did I get it?

It comes in a cooler. I was home for all my deliveries…like I would want to miss it? So I unpacked my food and gave them back the cooler for next weeks order.
Here’s a peak.  Everything comes nicely packaged and labelled.  The packaging is biodegradable. You are emailed on reheating and storing directions.

I had the best beet quinoa salad, the most amazing Kale salad and the best kale chips for a snack.  Delicious freshly made lemonade, Cashew Milk and Almond Milk, Squash Stew, Jam cookies, Stuffed Zucchini and Ziti Pasta…..Oh my god….I am dreaming of Green Zebra Kitchen now.
I even shared my mint brownies with son!  Falafel Salad….YUM!!  Go ahead and click on the below picture so you can see it bigger. Warning: If you’re hungry don’t do it 😉
If you know a know a mom who is vegetarian and is about to have a baby or is at hospital please consider gifting a 3 months or even weeks Green Zebra Kitchen delivery. It will be the BEST present for her.  Trust me…or you can enter to win on her behalf. Yep, we’re giving away a Plan B $60 worth of organic food delivery.  
We all know how gross hospital food is and I think this is a great idea to market to new moms post partum and to have food delivered just for her!  Give it a try yourself Mom.  Instead of buying yourself that new teething necklace treat yourself to fresh made food that you can heat on hand and eat healthy. You can thank me later 😉

To enter you must live in the delivery zone:

Delivery Zones – The Green Zebra delivery zone stretches from Victoria Park Avenue in the east to Kipling Avenue in the west and north to Finch Avenue. Click here to view a map. Please do not hesitate to contact Green Zebra Kitchen if you reside outside this area as special accommodations may be made. 

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  1. Mandy | 30th Sep 13

    i love that it is healthy! an average delivery of pizza is $30…this is so much better

  2. Mandy | 30th Sep 13

    i think the pumpkin chili sounds divine!

  3. Rae | 30th Sep 13

    Yum! Chai cashew date shake!

  4. Rae | 30th Sep 13

    I love that its affordable, as well as healthy

  5. maya fitzpatrick | 30th Sep 13

    love that it’s affordable, healthy & delicious

  6. maya fitzpatrick | 30th Sep 13

    pumpkin chilli.. yumm

  7. aperry | 1st Oct 13

    I love the idea of giving this to someone in the hospital… it is true, hospital food is gross and should not be consumed by anyone… especially someone who is ill,

  8. aperry | 1st Oct 13

    I think the Chai Cashew Date Shake sounds amazing!!

  9. Marlene | 3rd Oct 13

    Everything on the upcoming menu sounds delicious!

  10. Val | 7th Oct 13

    Thanks for sharing an image of the packaging. I always wonder how these things will be delivered because I am concerned about waste. Glad they use biodegradable!

  11. Val | 7th Oct 13

    Mac and cashew ‘cheese’! I want to order this but not sure if I missed the delivery or not.

  12. Trina Turl | 9th Oct 13

    Wow! Affordable and vegetarian food delivery! Excellent!

  13. Trina Turl | 9th Oct 13

    Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day (after dessert). The Pumpkin Spice Granola with Pumpkin Seeds, Almonds and Cranberries sounds perfect!

  14. Fiona | 10th Oct 13

    Just a question. Is $60 plan B for only one week like the amount you received? Thank you.

  15. Little Miss Kate | 11th Oct 13

    Love that everything is GMO-free, and that they are close to 100% organic

  16. Little Miss Kate | 11th Oct 13

    Is it bad that the first thing that caught my eye from their menu is the Pumpkin Spiced Cookies… lol

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