H2O- Sea Derived Skin Care

I was recently invited to attend the Grand Opening of H2O’s new location in Toronto’s Eaton Center and the launch of their new products.
It is by far more attractive and welcoming to the eye as it is brighter, sleeker and simplified. Their old location was dark and dreary, definitely a dark deep sea experience and I had only gone in it once 13 years ago.
I had the pleasure of speaking with the CEO of the company Bob Siedl.  They are headquartered in Chicago, IL where their skincare line is developed and manufactured.  This line is extremely popular in Asia as Ben from H2O informed me and I’d like to shed some light to the Canadian market on this skincare line.
I was given a beautiful skincare package of the following products:
Face Oasis Dual-Action Exfoliating Cleanser, Dual Eye MakeUp Remover, Face Oasis Ultra Hydrating Lotion SPF 30, Night Oasis Oxygenating Energizer Serum, Sea Mineral Scrub, Face Oasis Ultra Hydrator, Deep Sea Recovery Cream, Spa Hydrating Body Gloss and Hydrating Body Butter.
I’ve been using this line for over a week and I am pleasantly surprised.
This is an oil free gel based skincare line.  They are redefining the skincare industry by replacing the normal standard of heavy creams for something light, freshly scented and pure.
At first I thought my skin wasn’t going to benefit from this line as I am not oily/combo anymore since having my baby.  I would highly recommend this for someone with oily skin especially if you are a person of colour, this is a skincare brand for you.
It is wonderful, I applied a serum before the Ultra Hydrator and it was perfect, when I didn’t use the serum it did make my skin a little tight(it is a gel based line so that is completely natural, it would be the same with any other line) and the same goes for the Deep Sea Recovery Cream(which is light gel/cream base).  If you have normal/dehydrated skin you have to use a serum when using these moisturizers.  I have been impressed with the over all texture of my skin, but my skin does well with sea derived skin care.  My must have from this line is their Dual Eye MakeUp Remover.  It is the BEST I have come across, you’re eyes won’t sting. Do go and get it. There mantra is remarkably fresh, younger looking skin and I must say I believe in their line and I would use this line in the future as well.  Does my skin look younger?  I think so and I’ve been using this for over a week.  I’ve used a skincare line that is French and I’ve seen more results with this line in a week than what I currently have been using for the past 2 years.
When you’re at the Eaton Center do stop by and experience the H2O line yourself, and if you have oily skin this is the line for you!


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    Good disclaimer!

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