Have baby be cozy and warm this winter in Gro Suit brought to you from the team at Gro Bag

The Gro-suit has been specially designed to be used with a Grobag Baby Sleep Bag in colder temperatures. The quilted sleeves will keep your baby’s arms warm, with no need for additional bedding or layers.   My girls are snug as bug in their Hetty GroSuits.  My one twin, always wakes with cold feet and hands and this helps her stay warm and cozy for a good nights sleep.  I wish I had a handful of these as they are always the first body suits I reach for when laundry is done.
Gro-suits are intended for use in cold weather in room temperatures of 18°C (65°F) or under, and are most suited for use with a 2.5 tog or 3.5 tog Grobag.  The shrink a touch, do buy one size up.

Super soft this is an essential item to go with your Grobag!
  • Quilted sleeves for cosy arms
  • Single layer on areas that are underneath the Grobag so your baby won’t overheat
  • Popper for easy changes
  • Comfortable stretchy collar
  • Twin pack
  • 100% super-soft jersey cotton
  • Quick-dry polyester filling on arms
  • Can be used with any baby sleep bag without arms
  • Hetty Gro-suit twin packs co-ordinate with Hetty Grobag and Hetty Gro-swaddle

From our friends at Oyaco we’d like for you have a chance and enter to win a Gro Suit of your very own.  It’s simple to enter.  Giveaway is open to Canada only.  Please fill out the raffle copter and enter accordingly.  Good Luck!  Thanks for visiting Everything Mom and Baby.

Where to buy? Visit Oyaco and get yours today!

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  1. Emma | 3rd Dec 13

    the rock out rocker looks cool

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    I would like to learn more about the Keekaroo Height Right Kids Chair.

  3. loven mommy | 3rd Dec 13

    Ingrid & Isabel Essentials or wean machine.

  4. Tamara Sz | 3rd Dec 13

    The Gro-clock looks great! Would’ve been perfect for this morning when my kiddos got up at 5:30!

  5. Anonymous | 3rd Dec 13

    These are so cute!

  6. Lori's Place | 4th Dec 13

    I would love to see featured the Bumbo™ Floor Seat

  7. All Natural Katie | 4th Dec 13

    I would love to see the Bubble Dream Quilt

  8. DKScott | 4th Dec 13


    kristina_ann_scott at hotmail.com

  9. Sue2Sueper | 5th Dec 13

    I like the LoBo Bouncer

    SueSueper Sue

  10. Anonymous | 6th Dec 13

    Bumbo Step Stool

  11. Kristi R. | 8th Dec 13

    I’d like to get the bumbo booster seat.

  12. Angela M | 8th Dec 13

    I’d like a Beco Carrier and a Keekaroo High Chair.

  13. Angie B | 10th Dec 13

    The Bubble Dream blanket

  14. Angie B | 10th Dec 13

    The bubble dream blanket

  15. Tania | 11th Dec 13

    Love the beco 🙂

  16. pippirose | 12th Dec 13

    I’d love to see the Bubble Bamboo Dream Quilt.

  17. Aleasha | 13th Dec 13

    Ubbi diaper pail

  18. Judy C | 14th Dec 13

    I would love to see the Cool Wazoo, looks like a great product (Judy Cowan)

  19. oddduck | 15th Dec 13

    The Dry Mama nursing pads look interesting

  20. patricia furlong | 15th Dec 13

    I like the LoBo Bouncer

  21. Ronnie | 15th Dec 13

    I love the Bubble Dream Quilt.

  22. karine123 | 16th Dec 13

    A step stool would be nice 🙂

  23. Catherine | 16th Dec 13

    I’d love to see the Bumbo toilet trainer!

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