Helena Lane Organic Skincare for the holidays {Giveaway}

Helena Lane Organic Skincare is still of my top three favourite choices for organic, natural, green beauty skincare. They are also CertClean certified(yay!) and I cannot stress how beautiful it is to find a line that works so well for your skin. I still dream of the day when I can have my own holistic skincare clinic in Winnipeg(I can work in Ontario but not in Manitoba due to its licensing rules) where I can give the best facials using Helena Lane skincare.  I know a good thing when I see it.
Nourishing Kit

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas present for that special person who loves green beauty or better yet, you want to introduce someone to natural skincare look no further and introduce one of the best in Canadian skincare. She has three skincare gift sets you can choose from and for skin types that require Nourishing, Balancing or Calming.

This set contains all six products formulated to help nourish and boost radiance in the skin, choose this set if your skin is: normal, dry, mature, sensitive, pigmented, delicate, sensitive, inflamed, fine lined, flaky, scarred, puffy

I’ve been using the Nourishing Skincare Set and I love the smell of the essential oils and putting this good stuff on my face, it was an olfactory welcome as I’ve written about Helena Lane before. She recently launched body butter too and her Lavender & Geranium butter is calling my name.  When I use Helena Lane my skin is super happy as it compliments its needs and gives me that healthy glowy look I like for my 43 yr old face.  With key ingredients such as Chamomile, Rose, Frankincense it’s just what is need to nourish, soothe and smooth out my fine lines.  I love her Pomegranate & Lemon Face Oil as the lemon offers a gentle AHA that I find and do recommend for smooth, healthy skin, hence perfect for pigmented skin.

The Helena Lane philosophy is simple.  Her formulations have only a few ingredients but ones that are the richest in nutrients for your skin. Helena has chosen only unrefined, unprocessed, natural and certified organic ingredients. Helena Lane Organic Skincare ingredients lists are short- she uses the finest, most nutritious, natural and organic ingredients specifically chosen for their benefits to the skin – and for no other reason – you don’t need many to create a highly effective product.

I love that she keeps it simple and in my career in skincare, I always noticed my guests wanted a simple solution and the three main concerns they were wanting was to balance and treat their hormonal breakouts, others wanted me to treat their ageing skin and have it look healthy, and lastly treating sensitive skin to calm and soothe.  These were the top three major concerns and Helena Lane explains it all here and do visit her blog for more amazing info and she even has tinted bronzers too and I have one.  It’s fantastic. Okay, who is ready for a giveaway???  I hope you’ll visit and shop at Helena Lane Organic Skincare.

Giveaway (3)Happy Holidays and New Year!  Enter to win your own Helena Lane Giftset.  This will most likely get sent out to the New Year and your skin will thank you.  This giveaway is Canadian only(excluding Quebec-blame your laws there Quebecers!) 18+yrs to enter, feel free to read the terms & conditions.  Giveaway ends Dec.31/2020
Helena Lane Organic Skincare Giveaway


  1. Amanda Masters | 22nd Dec 20

    White Willow & Clay Exfoliant And Mask sounds lovely!

  2. Shirley O | 22nd Dec 20

    The Nourishing Collection would fit perfectly with my skincare needs.

  3. Rosanne Robinson | 22nd Dec 20

    It sounds like the Nourishing Skincare Set would work well for me.

  4. Tannis W | 23rd Dec 20

    I think my skin could use the help of the balancing collection.

  5. nicky | 23rd Dec 20

    My skin would benefit from the Calming Collection.

  6. Viv Sluys | 23rd Dec 20

    I think my skin could use the Balancing Geranium & Lemon Verbena Hydrating Mist.

  7. Carolyn S | 23rd Dec 20

    I definitely need the Balance Collection because I have some acne scars I would be so happy to get rid of.

  8. Suzie B | 24th Dec 20

    I think my dry skin would benefit from the nourishing skin care set!

  9. Kathy downey | 24th Dec 20

    I think the Rose & Frankincense Nourishing Moisturizer would be perfect to help nourish and boost radiance in my extremely dry skin!

  10. Linda | 24th Dec 20

    I think my skin would need the nourishing collection.

  11. Shirley | 25th Dec 20

    I would like to try the nourishing collection.

  12. amy liu | 25th Dec 20

    i like to try the nourishing collection

  13. jan | 26th Dec 20

    I think my skin may be happier with the Calming Collection, but the Nourishing is what I’d really want.

  14. ivy pluchinsky | 28th Dec 20

    I would like to try the nourishing collection.

  15. Patsy | 28th Dec 20

    I like the Nourishing Skincare Set 🙂 Thanks!

  16. Melinda | 30th Dec 20

    My skin is best suited to the Nourishing Collection.

  17. Juliee Fitze | 30th Dec 20

    Th e Nourishing Collection is what my mature skin need.

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