Holiday Gift Guide with LGCanada #techthehalls

Let’s talk things for the home! I’ve shared so many great gifts this month and this fine selection from LG Canada has something for everyone. So feel free to print this out and circle what you’d like. 

1. Convenient and efficient: A splurge gift which will revolutionize chores for the new-year the LG Twin Wash system allows you to wash two loads at once. The large, front-loading washer allows you to wash regular loads up top. While smaller, delicate loads wash in the LG SideKick pedestal washer underneath.  


2. Keep your holiday style wrinkle free: The LG Styler is a steam closet that refreshes and de-wrinkles quickly and effectively using TrueSteam technology and a moving hanger. The fun doesn’t stop with clothes, refresh household items like blankets and pillows and even stinky hockey equipment!


3.  Transform your television experience: With the LG 65” 4K OLED TV, you’ll never look at TV the same way. With incredible colour ratio and the deepest blacks, this 65” OLED television provides the closest thing to theatre-viewing at home. 


4.Turn-up the carols! The LG Music Flow System creates a wireless, high-definition sound throughout the home without skipping a beat. Buy them as a set, or gift one speaker to the music-lover in your life.


5.  I can’t wait to tell you about this phone.  Stay tuned for my review!  
Perfect pictures, from a phone – For amateurs and professional photographers alike, the LG G4 captures perfect holiday moments with its 16MP camera, low-light capabilities and more. Credited as the best smart phone camera on the market – it even allows you to shoot RAW and 4K content to easily export and edit on the computer. No more lugging the DLSR around to holiday parties!

So, which one is your favourite???


  1. Christina D | 17th Dec 15

    I like the LG Music Flow System, it would be awesome to own.

  2. Victoria Ess | 19th Dec 15

    I love the LG Twin Wash most! Brilliant idea!

  3. Doris H | 19th Dec 15

    My favourite is the LG Twin Wash. That’s awesome innovation!

  4. BobbiJo pentney | 20th Dec 15

    I am looking for a new tv, but I always search out reviews. Thank you for yours.

  5. Jackie M | 21st Dec 15

    My favourite is LG 65” 4K OLED TV

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