Holiday gift ideas for Tweens and Kids from Hexbug

HEXBUG is a well-known and well-loved toy brand that teaches Canadian kids and tweens about science, tech, engineering and math (STEM) concepts.   We first discovered Hexbug years ago and it really is one of our most favourite brands to play with and promote.  

I have two new cool toys to tell you about.  Right now the twins are all over the Hexbug Ring Racer and clearly one isn’t enough so I’ll be buying 2 more because I know their big brother will want one too!  It’s fun to play with, like really fun to play with.  My twins are currently fighting over it so I suggest for peace and quiet fun, get two if you have more than one kid. Unless of course, yours are really good about taking turns 😉 I love that it comes with USB charger!  I love this little toy so much and find it really cool.  I am also excited to share with a giveaway.

The HEXBUG Ring Racer is the latest in innovative, motorized technology. This self-stabilizing RC robot runs on dual spinning rings. Watch it spin, tumble, and flip over a full 360 degrees!  You can create your own clever stunts with the first robot from HEXBUG with rechargeable batteries to keep the fun going! Also available with a Stunt Park that comes with your very own HEXBUG Ring Racer and snap-together ramp pieces, for a speedy assembly.


Next up from Hexbug is the VEX Robotics Offroad Truck.  

“Experience accurate steering, real-working suspension, and a world of build possibilities. Compatible with the VEX IQ platform, this snap-together kit comes with an Alternate Build, the Dune Buggy. Once you’ve constructed both designs, challenge your engineering skillset and create your own!”

Your child will have fun putting this together, I also like it as a special bonding project with my son as I am the handy one in my household.  From putting IKEA furniture together like a pro(yep, that’s me) spending time with my son as we put this together is something we both enjoy.  It comes with 820 pieces, STEM-based learning, it has a remote control and is recommended for kids 8yrs+.

Where to buy? Shop it all on

ring_racer_single_blue_together-050818_2Enter to win the awesome Hexbug Ring Racer. Prepare for a toy, unlike anything you’ve seen before! The HEXBUG Ring Racer is the latest in innovative, motorized technology.  Giveaway is Canadian only, excluding Quebec.  18+yrs to enter and ends December.7, 2018.   Follow me on social media! Link up at the top right.
Hexbug Ring Racer Giveaway


Disclosure: This post was in collaboration with Hexbug.  In exchange for this post, I have received perks in the form of products and/or compensation. All opinions on this blog are always my own. 


  1. andrea amy | 22nd Nov 18

    I actually love the HEXBUG Remote Control Mouse Cat Toy 😀

  2. Lynda Cook | 22nd Nov 18

    The HEXBUG Battle Ground Tarantula Dual Pack is so creepy looking but yet at the same time so much fun!

  3. wendy hutton | 22nd Nov 18

    VEX Balancing Boxing Bots 2-Pack by HEXBUG would be lots of fun

  4. kathy downey | 22nd Nov 18

    Another item we would like is HEXBUG Cuddlebot Freddy Fire Fly

  5. kristen visser | 22nd Nov 18

    oh my gosh the aquabot looks soooo cool! my girls would love the jelly fish and sea horse

  6. Kristy R | 22nd Nov 18

    The HEXBUG AquaBot™ Seahorse with Tank looks pretty neat!

  7. Amy Heffernan | 22nd Nov 18

    The VEX Robotics Forklift Ball Machine by HEXBUG is pretty cool! Thanks!

  8. ivy pluchinsky | 22nd Nov 18

    We would love the HEXBUG Cuddlebot Freddy Fire Fly

  9. jan | 22nd Nov 18

    I am certain she would love the HEXBUG Fire Ant

  10. Elaine G | 22nd Nov 18

    The HEXBUG Beetle look pretty cool.

  11. Janet Meisner | 22nd Nov 18

    The HEXBUG AquaBot Seahorse would be a great deal of fun.

  12. Athena | 22nd Nov 18

    The HEXBUG AquaBot™ Seahorse with Tank looks cool

  13. Heather Howard | 23rd Nov 18

    My kids would love all of them but, the Hexbug aquabot seahorse is super neat!

  14. Erin W | 23rd Nov 18

    The Aquabots look like a lot of fun, my daughter would love them.

  15. Stephanie | 23rd Nov 18

    The VEX Balancing Boxing Bots also looks really cool!!!

  16. Christine F | 23rd Nov 18

    knowing my kiddos the battle spider would be a hit!

  17. Rebecca | 24th Nov 18

    All looks very cool especially the HEXBUG Cuddlebot Betty Bumble Bee

  18. Marina M. | 24th Nov 18

    I like HEXBUG BattleBots Rivals (Beta and Minotaur).

  19. Darci Paice | 24th Nov 18

    I would love the HEXBUG Beetle

  20. Jonnie | 24th Nov 18

    The Nano Nitro Habitat Set looks like fun

  21. Rosanne Robinson | 24th Nov 18

    I know that my grandson would also like The VEX Balancing Boxing Bots.

  22. Jennifer Wilson | 25th Nov 18

    The HEXBUG Tarantula looks like fun!

  23. Denise L | 25th Nov 18

    The battle bots look cool! My nephew would love them 🙂

  24. Anu Chopra | 26th Nov 18

    VEX Explorers Discovery Command by HEXBUG

  25. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard | 26th Nov 18

    we would love the HEXBUG Cuddlebot Freddy Fire Fly

  26. Linda | 27th Nov 18

    I also like the HEXBUG nano Space Zip Line.

  27. Jay M | 27th Nov 18

    The VEX IQ Robotics Construction Kit looks pretty cool! My nephew, who is Autistic, would absolutely love this. He was visiting our house in the summer and my husband has an old Robotix kit from the 80’s that’s still in great shape. He played with it every second he could (and wanted to bring it back home on the plane with him). He would love all of the HEXBUG stuff. What a cool prize!

  28. nicky | 27th Nov 18

    Cool! The HEXBUG nano Robotic Cat Toy looks neat too 😉

  29. Robyn Bellefleur | 28th Nov 18

    My daughter would love the HEXBUG Fire Ant.

  30. Cheryl H | 28th Nov 18

    I know my son would also love the Vex Balancing boxing bots!

  31. Silvia D | 28th Nov 18

    I like the ..VEX Robotics Zip Flyer by HEXBUG

  32. wendy hutton | 29th Nov 18

    the Vex Balancing boxing bots look like fun and the boys would love them

  33. Anne Taylor | 30th Nov 18

    The Battle Spider looks very cool to me and my grandson

  34. Suzanne Giroux | 30th Nov 18

    I like the Battlebots and the BattleBots Arena Pro

  35. HEIDI C. | 30th Nov 18

    My girls would love to have the HEXBUG AquaBot™ Seahorse with Tank.

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