Holiday Hair with Zenchies #MadeinManitoba #ManitobaGiftGuide

With the holidays approaching, I am excited to tell you about my #MadeinManitoba series this holiday season.  First up is Zenchies.  A company I am loving for their eco, luxe, chic hair accessories that I’ve recently discovered.

is a Canadian company specializing in handmade hair accessories and masks. Their accessories are made with eco-friendly and organic fabrics to make a positive impact on the environment and benefit their customers. With every purchase, 10% of net proceeds go towards CancerCare Manitoba Foundation.

#Zenchies Masks are reusable & washable non-medical masks! They have designed the perfect mask to wear as an additional measure to help protect those around you, without needing to use medical masks that should be reserved for… Click To Tweet


Zenchies Mask Features– This is the most comfortable mask I’ve worn!  I prefer to hand wash my Zenchie mask, but if you prefer to machine washing your mask use a delicates laundry bag on a warm, gentles cycle. Hang to dry.

  • Adjustable latex-free elastic ties.
  • Pleated design for a flexible fit.
  • Luxurious, eco-friendly materials.
  • Reusable.
  • Comfortable & breathable.
#Zenchies are handmade, luxurious, eco-friendly scrunchies created to maintain the integrity of your hair. #MadeinManitoba #Scrunchies #Eco #Organic #HairAccessory #MadeinCanada Click To Tweet

With Zenchies there are so many beautiful styles of scrunchies to get this holiday season as they are a wonderful stocking stuffer idea.  With styles like Christmas Sweater, it’s made from hemp, organic cotton and rayon of bamboo.  It’s a very festive Zenchie and is perfect for tying your hair back to keep comfy and cozy this holiday season. Featuring a gorgeous neutral-nordic print, on the softest eco-fleece around!
unnamedOther styles are stunning in velvet-made from velour spandex.  Stunning in a deep burgundy red this will match your beautiful holiday dress or add a little fun to your Ugly Christmas Sweater party, given where you are located in Canada that you can have a small gathering!



Lastly from Zenchies, you can get the Make it Pop set priced at $98.86 for all 5 of these Holiday styles from the Nordic Sweater to fancy velvet to our personal favourite, the faux fur.  Zenchies also comes in Petite sizes for fine hair and it’s perfect for kids too. 

Zenchies is a brand with products made locally here in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  They are luxurious, extremely well made.  They even recently launched silk masks. Use promo code: SendingLove to get free shipping across Canada.   I hope you’ll shop local as smaller businesses need to more than ever as the big box stores remain open.  Delivery was quick, and it came in beautiful Zenchies pouches to keep your items safe and clean. Happy Shopping!

#Zenchies is committed to sharing the love by donating 10% of the net proceeds towards @CancerCareMB Foundation in support of women’s cancer initiatives. #madeinmanitoba #shoplocal #charity Click To Tweet

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Giveaway (3)

#MadeinManitoba!  From my friends over at Zenchies, I have a lovely giveaway for you!  Win your own mask and matching scrunchie of your choice.  I can’t wait to read your comments and see which ones are your favourite?  I want to try their silk masks and I love the Fall in Love collection. 
The giveaway is Canadian Only, excluding Quebec. 18+yrs to enter.  The giveaway ends Nov.30/2020. 
Happy Shopping!  Shop Local, Shop #MadeinManitoba.
#MadeinManitoba Giveaway! Enter to win a #Zenchies mask & matching scrunchie. #ShopLocal, Shop #MadeinCanada & support your local small business this Holiday Season. Click To Tweet

Zenchies Giveaway

Disclaimer:  This post was written in collaboration with Zenchies.  I was gifted samples for review purposes.  All opinions are always my own and never influenced. 



  1. amy liu | 18th Nov 20

    i like the black mask and grey scrumeire

  2. Stephanie LaPlante | 18th Nov 20

    I would absolutely love the Haute Leopard Zenchies Mask and scrunchie.

  3. Amanda Masters | 18th Nov 20

    The make it pop set is so festive and fun plus I’m really trying to step out of my comfort zone and wear more colour that stands out.

  4. Emily B | 18th Nov 20

    I like the Malaga wine one. I’ve been to Malaga and it’s beautiful!

  5. Melissa Marie | 18th Nov 20

    I love the faux fur.

  6. Carol McCann | 18th Nov 20

    Thank You for the giveaway Love that they are made in Canada and the colours are great

  7. Janet M | 18th Nov 20

    I really like the Blush Silk Zenchies Mask and the Champagne scrunchie.

  8. Shirley O | 18th Nov 20

    I like the Blush Silk Zenchies Mask and the Blush Silk scrunchie. Thank you for the giveaway.

  9. Lynda Cook | 18th Nov 20

    I like the Malaga Wine Zenchies Mask and the Malaga Wine scrunchie

  10. Lisa Bolduc | 18th Nov 20

    I am really loving the sunrise pattern

  11. Elaine G | 18th Nov 20

    Malaga Wine Zenchies Mask and scrunchie.

  12. Debbie Flynn | 18th Nov 20

    The Blush mask and the Onyx scrunchie.

  13. Debbie S. | 18th Nov 20

    I would love the Onyx Silk Zenchies Mask and the Thin ( for my thin fine hair) Onyx scrunchie. Lovely!

  14. nicolthepickle (Nicole Graham) | 19th Nov 20

    I’d like the Good as Gold One. such a pretty colour.

  15. Shirley | 19th Nov 20

    I love gorgeous neutral-nordic print set

  16. Janet | 19th Nov 20

    I like Make It Pop set

  17. Linda | 20th Nov 20

    I like the martini olive scruchie and mask combo.

  18. HEIDI C. | 22nd Nov 20

    I would go with the Onyx Silk mask and the Thin Onyx Scrunchie. Thanks for the chance to win as I need these for my work in health care!

  19. Patsy | 22nd Nov 20

    I like the ‘Haute Leopard Zenchies’ 🙂 Thanks!

  20. Wanda Tracey | 22nd Nov 20

    I really like the Malaga Wine #Zenchies mask and matching scrunchie. I think the silk would feel so wonderful on my face because I have such sensitive skin. Thanks for the chance. #MadeInCanada

  21. Kristy Elizabeth | 22nd Nov 20

    I like the Onyx Silk mask and scrunchie.

  22. Piroska | 23rd Nov 20

    I like the Bordeaux Crush scrunchie teamed with the Malaga Wine Zenchies Mask.

  23. ivy pluchinsky | 24th Nov 20

    I like the ‘Haute Leopard Zenchies’

  24. Jenny M | 24th Nov 20

    I like the Malaga wine scrunchie!

  25. Debbie Beattie | 25th Nov 20

    I really like the Oceana Zenchies Mask and scrunchie

  26. Suzie B | 25th Nov 20

    I would choose the Oceana Zenchies Mask and scrunchie 🙂

  27. Cheryl Germain | 25th Nov 20

    I would love to win the Blush Silk Zenchies Mask & Scrunchie

  28. Elizabeth Robinson | 25th Nov 20

    I like the Gray Skies.

  29. Janet Lance | 25th Nov 20

    I would love the “Malaga Wine #Zenchies mask and matching scrunchie”, so beautiful and soft looking! Would be a wonderful set to wear. Love my Scrunchie!!!

  30. Tannis W | 25th Nov 20

    I’d love to mix and match with the blush silk mask and martini olive scrunchie.

  31. Amber Y | 26th Nov 20

    I like the colour of the Oceana Zenchies Mask and scrunchie.

  32. Kay | 26th Nov 20

    I like that they are silk and made in Canada..Well done. I would share the scrunchie with my daughter & keep the mask for me 🙂

  33. Sandra Dufoe | 26th Nov 20

    Love the look of the Onyx Silk Zenchies Mask.

  34. Melinda | 26th Nov 20

    The Onyx Silk mask and scrunchie is lovelyl

  35. Jenness M | 27th Nov 20

    I would choose the onyx silk mask and scrunchie!

  36. Viv Sluys | 27th Nov 20

    I’d like to win the blush silk set.

  37. Rosanne Robinson | 28th Nov 20

    I really like the Onyx Silk Zenchies Mask, with the Onyx Scrunchie.

  38. Sabrina Tardi | 29th Nov 20

    I love the Christmas sweater scrunchie and the Onyx Silk Mask.

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