Holiday Must Have! The Little Woodchipper #MadeinMB #ShopLocal

Are you looking for a great, local last-minute gift? The Little Woodchipper is a beautiful gift to give this holiday season.  Since I’ve been using The Little Woodchipper in my fireplace I am able to enjoy it more and they are so pretty and effective.  I discovered them on Instagram and instantly loved the look of them as it’s something I never knew I needed until I started using it.  It makes lighting my fireplace a breeze and these Pinecone fire starters are great for your indoor, wood stoves and outdoor fireplaces.

You don’t need to stress to find an old newspaper if you don’t have one, there isn’t a need for huffing & puffing needed to give it air.  I can sit back and watch the magic happen and no need to waste a whole box of matches to light my cozy fire.  Firestarter_3
What are they made of?
Firestarters are made of soy wax and wood shavings, only from fallen trees and old torn down barns. Vicki, the owner of The Little Wood Chipper picks every Pinecone- this goes all summer long.  Each one is washed and placed in the heat for ten minutes to kill any bugs. Each fire starter is packed with wood shavings and soy wax and topped with a Pinecone to make it look pretty.  (See my feature image) The plants are from Mother Nature and these beautiful firestarters last 30-40 minutes.

How to use:
Step 1)  Place your Pinecone or Bouquet firestarter on a flat piece of wood.

Step 2) Place the kindling on top and around and logs underneath and lite the little wood chips that are sticking out and around the pine cone. As when it melts, the soy wax will melt into the wood therefore creating a longer-lasting fire.  It’s that easy!

Step 3) Never put a Pinecone firestarter or Bouquet firestarter in a fire that is already lit!
Screenshot_20201208-095629Where to buy?
You can find The Little Woodchipper at various shops across the city here in Winnipeg such as Lacoste Garden Center, Generation Green, FarmHouse50, Mainly Manitoba, Lady of the Lake of Old September, Flowers XO in IDC and Niverville Community General Store.

These are average retail prices and prices may vary, you can order directly {here) and items can be shipped across Canada :
4-pack $7.50
8-pack $13.50
12-pack $18.50
Floral bouquet fire starter $10.00-$12.00


They are wonderful for heading to the cottage, hiking trip, canoe, camping etc…. and The Little WoodChipper makes for a lovely host/hostess gift too.  It truly is the perfect addition to your next bonfire. I hope you liked my little local feature today from Friendly Manitoba.

The LittleWoodchipper does not have a website yet but you can find this lovely family-run business on Instagram and follow them on Facebook.  I’ll have more to share as they venture into newer items after the New Year and their log carrying bags are also stunning and I can’t wait to get one.

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored. Products were gifted as a thank you. 


  1. Suzie B | 9th Dec 20

    Haha I love the little Elf cameo at the end 🙂 These are really cool looking

  2. Shirley | 10th Dec 20

    These look awesome

    • Mama Ash | 14th Dec 20

      They really are wonderful.

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