Homeocan: Homeopathy for kids

image001Homeocan has come to the rescue many times this year for us.  From teething to cough and colds and flus and most recently my son was complaining of a sore throat and Homeocan sure seemed to nip that in the bud with their new formula Throat Ease.  Also one of my twins had the flu over the holidays and taking the kids Flu Buster for day and night was great to have at hand.  If you see Homeocan at your local pharmacy or health food store do pick up the lot so you have treatment available.  The teething works like a charm as well.  My son loved it and I loved the relief it gave him.
I trust it and it works for my family as it is effective and the taste is good too!  Yes I’ve tried it before giving to my kids. What I really like are the ingredients. No parabens or artificial flavours and other junk that can be found in conventional medicines.  I love that I have a Fever relief from Homeocan a great an effective alternative.

Some facts about Homeocan 0-9:
For children 0 to 9 years of age,  effective relief, gluten free,   sugar free, honey free,   no preservatives or additives(really important!),   great tasting fruit flavours, very easy to administrate,  unique homeopathic formulas(ex: pain & fever)

Do you use homeopathy? Have you they helped you and your family?



  1. tammileetips | 23rd Jan 15

    I love homeopathic medicines! I have not heard of this brand before but will have to keep an eye out for it.

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