Hormone’s and Health- My journey with Holistic Nutritionist, Maggie Chilton

A little while ago I was working with Maggie Chilton, Registered Holistic Nutritionist on getting my health back, balancing my hormones and nourishing myself.  You may or may not be wondering why would Erica need her health back? Well, I have found since having my twins my PMS has been brutal and digestion was sluggish.  I have been tired and stressed and hangry for the past eight years, haha.  I would often skip meals because I was too busy from running the house, going to media events, blogging and raising the kids as my husband works long hours and breaking up fights with the kids and well, neglecting myself big time.  I was overwhelmed, felt depressed from time to time and around my cycle was when I was at my lowest.  I never had terrible PMS until I had the girls.  It was bizarre and frightening at the same time.  As I am approaching 40 I am feeling like utter sh*t and I wanted a change and Maggie’s guidance has been amazing!

How does it work?
Well, Maggie is based in London, ON and I am in Toronto, ON.  We Skyped for my consultation and Maggie mailed me my health questionnaire. I can’t tell you enough how awesome it is that I can have support and have a detailed consult where ever we may be in the world.  It was a great questionnaire and in the end, she felt my Thyroid could need some help and my Adrenals.  She also guided me in the foods to eat, I eliminated alcohol(gasp!) as I love wine while I cook, I also gave up milk, sugar, coffee and wheat.  

How did I feel?
You know what was the hardest that I can’t believe had such a grip on me?  COFFEE.  Coffee can be hard on the adrenals and I’ve been on the stuff for what? 20 years?  The wine was easy to say bye-bye to, but coffee.  It took me a few days into the program to wean it off as it is such a habit.  But we called this my “Live It Plan” and let’s just say I killed it!  From dining out which we tend to do every week I was more careful of what I ate as I didn’t want to cause any more inflammation.  I ordered mineral water instead of my usual wine or beer.  I’d have soup with my meals to help with digestion and finish with tea. 
At home, I’d start with a glass of filtered water with lemon,  I drank a lot of soups, smoothies and teas and water. Meals were balanced at dinner for me.  Mostly chicken, slow-cooked stews with vegetables and/or salad.   Bone broth, golden milk became my new favourites.  
Taking time for yourself for self-care is very important and is a part of my “Live it Plan”.  My self-care was limited due to my SAHM situation.  Whether it was a hot bath at the end of the day to sitting on my lovely balcony as I stared out to the ravine and Lake Ontario when I put the kids to sleep.  Stress can wreck havoc on me(cortisol!) and to have my daily/weekly chats with my Holistic Nutritionist was the guidance I needed.  I need someone to watch over and help me as I can get distracted and brush myself off.   At the end of the 30 days, I had lost 10 pounds. I was doing some working out but my heart burn was no longer, digestion improved as my inflammation decreased, I wasn’t gassy or bloated and my hormones have balanced out and this was the first time I didn’t have depressing PMS thanks to her supplement recommendations and I was happier and I felt so much better!  It didn’t feel restrictive in the least and her Pinterest Board has so many delicious recipes.

Now that’s it the New Year, I am working with Maggie again as over the holidays I fell off the wagon.  Starting today is the first day of Fit & Healthy.  You might remember I posted it on my Facebook page.  I can’t wait to get the Nutrition E-Guide, the shopping guide and smoothie guide and team up with people from all over as we are a part of her special Facebook group.  We’re going to start with meal planning today. 

“When you plan out your meals you save time, money AND calories, especially if you cook one large meal and then make enough to enjoy it again.” ~Maggie Chilton, RHN

Please know that I have no affiliation if you choose to sign up.  I just want to share what I am doing to get healthy and back in shape and if you’re tired of feeling low, it’s time to soar high into the skies and feel better.  Life is too short!  Don’t you agree?

It has been wonderful to know that I have someone in my corner helping me with my challenges. Follow me along on social media as I’ll be sharing what I am eating, drinking and doing.
To see what Maggie is up to here are her social channels:

Have a wonderful day! Thank you for visiting my blog today. XO, Erica



  1. Debbie Bashford | 27th Jan 17

    all my favourites!!

  2. Victoria Ess | 28th Jan 17

    Sounds like a great program — you did great work!

    • Erica | 28th Jan 17

      Thanks! Now to get back and lose 50-70 pounds!

  3. kathy downey | 28th Jan 17

    This program sounds amazing,and thanks for the many helpful tips !

  4. Maggie C | 29th Jan 17

    beautiful picture!! thanks for the tips!

  5. Elizabeth Matthiesen | 30th Jan 17

    Well I admire you as much for managing to give up coffee as anything else. I for one would find that alone impossible 🙂

    • Erica | 31st Jan 17

      It was very hard to give up coffee. Now I have it as a treat, like on the weekends.

  6. Elizabeth O | 2nd Feb 17

    this is awesome thanks.

  7. kristen visser | 3rd Feb 17

    oh my gosh! i am all over wine and coffee! Wine i cut down to having on the weekends and lowered it from 2 a day for coffee to one but still my coffee is my go to. but definitely would like to try this out. just like you i find pms worse after having my two girls

  8. LILLIAN BROWN | 3rd Feb 17

    I only drink 1 coffee a day, good for all you have done.

  9. Lushka Smith | 4th Feb 17

    Not sure I could give up the wine. LOL

  10. Nicky | 4th Feb 17

    I haven’t read or heard too much about balancing hormones before, and am finding it interesting.Sounds like a holistic nutritionist can really help put together an actionable plan for health!

  11. Treen Goodwin | 7th Feb 17

    Great info thanks for sharing 🙂 i’m not a big wine or coffee drinker so that’s easy for me lol

  12. Judy Cowan | 15th Feb 17

    I am making a lot of changes this year and one of them was cutting back on coffee, I now only have maybe 2 a month so I am making good progress on that one.

  13. Debbie S. | 23rd Feb 17

    I need to make some changes in my lifestyle too. Coffee would be a really tough one for me too give up also. . All the best to you on your journey.

  14. Julie F | 13th May 17

    I have thought about doing this as I have stomach issues, but have not worked up the courage yet

  15. Janet M | 20th May 17

    I think this would be a great idea for everyone who wants better health.

  16. Elizabeth Matthiesen | 23rd May 17

    It’s always good to have someone in your corner to help motivate you. 🙂

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