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As a skincare blogger, I am always giddy when I come across quality products to review and introduce to the Canadian market.  Well, House Blend is one of them!  Their ingredients are clean, affordable, authentic and truly non-toxic and safe for the whole family. 

Did you know…
Every House Blend Organics product is made with all natural, 100% USDA certified organic ingredients. Since the day we opened our doors, we decided to use nothing but the best in nature. GMO’s, synthesizers, and any other chemically-induced additives aren’t necessary in skin care products and we think they do more harm than good. We hope you join us in taking a stand to support organic products for families everywhere!


This winter has been so drying for our skin and in particular, I am talking lips!  Do you put just any ol’ lip balm on your lips? How about your kids? My son is constant lip licker and when it comes to lip balms I want to make sure the ingredients are pure, safe and non-toxic.  Once you lick your lips you’re ingesting your lip balm.
House Blend All Natural Orange Lip Balm is a divine!  It is hydrating, nice on the lips and completely organic even with non GMO Vitamin E oil.  No more cracked unkissable lips!
Is your little one a little restless at night? Do you have a bedtime routine to help lull baby and you into a relaxing state? I do and I always do a little massage on my babies when I do their diaper change for the night.  Massage is not only beneficial for improving circulation, the lymph system but the power of mothers touch is amazing and I love seeing my girls smile as the lullabies are on, lights are dimmed and a relaxing simple massage is done by me with the heavenly scent of Lavender.
I am talking about their Mama Anne’s Lullaby Lavender Balm.   With the relaxing blend of lavender essential oil, shea butter, and calendula this gives a nice texture as it’s a little creamy which is great for a wiggly baby at the beginning.  It spreads on ever so nicely.  It’s also healing for burns as I got one the other day!
Speaking of healing I suffer from bouts of psoriasis here and there and other weird skin issues like super dry ankles of all things!  Once I opened the jar of Baby Isiah’s Butter-Up Coconut Balm I was in heaven.  It is rich and delicious.  I could slather my whole body in it.  My son also suffers from eczema here and there and got a new patch behind his knee. I applied this morning and night and within 3 days it had healed.  Coconut oil is very healing and it does work!  My super dry ugly ankles were also healed. I can’t get enough of it that it’s so good I gave it my Seal of Approval as a must-have skincare item.
Cousin Sam’s Cool Eucalyptus Chest Rub has been used in our home non stop the past 3 weeks. First on my son.  Then my one twin caught a terrible chest cold and now my other twin has it.  I do like this product.  Although I know it’s not meant to be used for hydrating the chest I do wish it was a little creamier like the other balms.  I have to rub Cousin Sam’s Cool Eucalyptus between my palms and then apply.  When you have a wiggly baby you want to move as fast as possible.  I want to dip my hands in and easily get the balm out to massage before they get up and go or wiggle and have a freakout.  This is a staple product to have in your home as well as it’s a nice alternative to their competitors brand made of synthetic ingredients and ugly mineral oil type “vaselines”.
Mama Anne’s Lullaby Lavender Body Wash is my special treat.  Okay, I do share it with my kids as they respond to lavenders soothing medicinal properties but after I have all the kids down I’ll take my bath or shower at night because trying to do so in the daytime never seems to happen.  I cup my hands with this body wash and take a deep breath in and then I wash with it. It doesn’t bubble too much(no synthetic crap remember!) which I like and it cleans me, it grounds me and soothes me.  Does your body wash do that?  Well, pick up a bottle.   There’s 6 to choose from.
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  1. Kari Crum | 4th Mar 14

    I haven’t heard of this brand but will have to check it out. The orange lip balm sounds wonderful! I always love finding organic, safe products for myself or my family to use.

  2. Amiyrah Martin | 4th Mar 14

    I am a lip balm junkie, so I’ll have to add this brand to my “must try” list. I try to buy balms that are all natural, or just use coconut and olive oil on my lips.

  3. Little Miss Kate | 4th Mar 14

    I love it when you write about stuff like think. I know you have done your homework, and that if Erica says it is “OK” then it is safe to use!
    Labels on “natural” products can be so confusing and there is so much green washing that goes on too. Love getting good information on new products from a trusted source like you!

  4. Whispered Inspirations | 4th Mar 14

    I bet these are amazing and feel divine on the skin. 🙂

  5. AMBER EDWARDS | 4th Mar 14

    All of these products would be perfect for my home! We love natural products and use a lot of essential oils and coconut oil. But I definitely want that lip balm and the Cousin Sam’s Cool Eucalyptus Chest Rub! I really want a more natural product that actually works!

  6. Jenna Em | 10th Mar 14

    I could really use some products to pamper myself! I would love a product to make my feet silky and smooth for the spring, and a nice lotion for my hands.

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