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RowentaLogoFall allergies, dust mite allergies, allergies, allergies, allergies! Ick.  As cold temperatures and snowy conditions keep us indoors, prolonged exposure to indoor allergens can cause a variety of symptoms, including coughing, congestion, sneezing, watery eyes and more.  My husband is suffering as he did a big clean in our room and under the bed it was d.u.s.t.y.  I need to be extra diligent at EMB HQ’s as my husband suffers from allergies and I hadn’t had much luck with removing dust and crumbs because my old vacuum sucked and not the kinda suck I wish it did as it was a Dyson.  Bye bye Dyson. Rowenta is my new mate and it’s reliable in keeping my home clean from dust!  Rowenta’s full line of floor care is designed to perform, with features that will keep homes allergen-free this season.

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How to remove allergens?
If you are using a vacuum to remove allergens, you should change the HEPA filter every 6 months, keep pets out of the room, minimize household humidity and
if you suffer from dust mite allergies you should wash your bedding and pillows in hot water weekly.   You can get special filters for vacuuming  that prevent dust mites from circling through the air.  Clean carpet-clean air? For families that are prone to allergies surface cleaning doesn’t cut it and with Rowenta you DO get a deeper clean.  I recently had an amazing in-home cleaning thanks to the Aspen Clean team(their organic product line is amazing) and Rowenta.  I was amazed at all the dust and dirt that was sucked up using all the various Rowenta products especially when I did a little pre-clean with Dyson.  Ooops.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Have I mentioned that Rowenta is second in Canada-I think it should be a first as it’s better and more affordable(the Silence Force Extreme is $499.99) than the other guys but that’s why I am writing this post so guys have Rowenta on your radar.

My Rowenta Silent Force Extreme Review
I am so happy I got the Silent Force Extreme to review and share my experience with you as I use it multiple times daily.   I actually look forward to vacuuming because it gets the job done.  Besides the amazing suction, it is not loud at all.  It has a soft, gentle vroom I guess you can say and it’s not heavy to carry or pull.  Because I have a Dyson as well I am basing my experience with Rowenta because since using both Rowenta kicks it out of the ballpark.  Rowenta is a French line and their products are made in France too.  Oui, oui, je t’aime as some of you may know I have a thing for French products.
It’s a quiet appliance which is great as my twin toddlers are no longer afraid when they see me pull out our new vacuum.  It’s actually the best in class based on 15 years in acoustic research and it is 4 times quieter than other brands.

It’s ergonomically designed and I really like that I can vacuum under the couch and coffee table with no issues of it or me getting stuck(hahaha!) the vacuum head actually fits all the way under and through.  I was like “AH! Yes-finally!”.   It has three levels of suction power and I used the Multi Floor head and oh my goodness it sucked everything up that even my floor carpet is softer and much cleaner to walk on. It was insane as I used that vacuum head for the first time today.  


I love all the accessories it came with.  The Delta Hardwood Floor Brush is a favourite of mine too because of the triangular shape so it gets into corners perfectly as I use this for the front door entrance of our suite and all over our flat as it’s mostly hardwood.  It gets so dirty with the kids clomping in with dirt, sticks and rocks from the park. The Max Turbo Brush is great if you have pets and large area of dust that need to be sucked up.  I wish I had this for when my poor husband decided to help me out and clean our room.  One of my favourite features is that the Easy Brush Duster is attached to the handle of the vacuum. I always misplace mine from the Dyson as the kids would run off with it or it kept falling off. The Telescopic Crevice device and Sofa brush-brilliant!  With three kids at home, one being a 7-year-old boy and twin 2 1/2 yr old girls that love to sit on the couch, play and snack on let’s just say it gets dirty there very fast as they are kids and they are not careful with crumbs and knocking things over.  I easily attached my sofa brush and voila, all clean and crumb free.   The inclusion of three-level filtration system within the vacuums ensures that the air is 99,95% free of dust particles and other irritants (including allergens) which means you get pure air when you clean.

Where can you buy Rowenta?
Rowenta’s floor care collection is available at Hudson’s Bay, Sears, Home Outfitters, Bed, Bath and Beyond and London Drugs.

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~ Thank you Rowenta Canada for giving me this experience.  All opinions as always are my own and not influenced in any way~

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