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biogaia_bA couple of weeks ago I had the honour to be a part of a great BioGaia live event with hosts Bryce Wylde of Wylde on Health and Holistic Nutritionist Julie Daniluk.  Canada’s best came together to host a wonderful event where parents can learn about the pro’s of probiotics for children, the immune system, how to maintain and build the immune system through BioGaia probiotics but also how we can feed our bodies with the right foods to feed our gut.  After all 80% of the immune system is in the gut.

What makes a good probiotic? Why do they matter?
BioGaiaLiveEventWhen you’re purchasing probiotics look for CFU’s.   What are CFU’s? They mean Colony Forming Units.   Only viable organisms are considered to be probiotics.   It has be to a bacteria that is capable of reproducing to form a group of the same bacteria’s at the right dose.  That’s how we benefit from true, high quality probiotics. 
One thing to consider is that when moms have a c-section baby has bypassed moms beneficial vaginal flora. They are born deficient.  C-Section newborns should be given probiotics right away if a vaginal swab from mom can’t/won’t be done.  The probiotic can either be a drop of BioGaia on the breast or suckling moms finger or added to its formula.  It is needed to help create a healthy immune system.  As well we also learned that if mom takes probiotics during pregnancy it may prevent eczema in baby.   But the number one thing that is destroying “gut health” is the over prescribing of antibiotics.  When ever you finish a round antibiotics  make sure you up your intake of probiotics as it can can take 6-12 months to replenish what was lost through that run of antibiotics.

Are all probiotics created equally? NO!
Concentrations in yogurt are NOT considered to be a therapeutic probiotic {drink kefir instead like the Liberte Champansky type. Plain.}
Adding a few hundred thousand or one million bacteria does NOT make a probiotic.  { One tablet in BioGaia Lemon Flavour chewable tablet consists of a minimum of 100 million live Lactobacillus reuteri Protectis. Use regularly for good gut health}
Without “Live Organisms” in sufficient quantities and fingerprint is it NOT a probiotic.  {Remember, look for CFU’s in your probiotic}

What about diet?
Stomach cramps, diarrhea, constipation, obesity….these can all be the cause of poor gut health.  What we learned from Julie Daniluk was amazing and really inspiring when it comes to creating meals that heal and drinks that are fermented are great for gut health too.  In fact kefir was used to treat stomach ulcers, gastric illnesses back in the “Olde Country” as my mother says.    You can overcome food intolerance with the help of probiotics!
Ginger, flax, hemp hearts, Biotta drinks are probiotics, fermented pickles and carrots are gentle and tasty for kids to enjoy too.

One of my favourite recipes that Julie showed us to help if your little complains of a sore tummy is her Healing Apple Sauce Pudding.  Add fresh ginger, cinnamon, hemp hearts, chia, honey, vanilla to your kid’s applesauce next time.  It’s soothing, healing and reducing inflammation.  But if your baby has a sore tummy and is too young for apple sauce-did you know that Colic is basically IBS for infants? It can be treated successfully with BioGaia.  Read more about it on BioGaia.HealingAppleSauceBioGaia
I hope you enjoyed learning about probiotics and diet and ways to implement better health through diet and BioGaia.  Going to this event has changed a lot for me as I am more consistent in giving my kids probiotics.  One thing to think about is that if your child gets sick often it’s okay.  What matters more is how quickly they recover.  

Please visit BioGaia to learn more and watch for hashtags like #BioGaiaProbiotics on social media to learn more and have a watch on Youtube from the event. I hope you do.  It’s truly educational and important.  I think you’ll enjoy it.

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