Inch Blue-Beautiful, handmade leather slippers {GIVEAWAY}

I first came across Inch Blue when they tagged their Facebook page on mine.  It was love at first site, LOL!
I was instantly attracted to the colours they use and designs. These are best designed leather style slippers I have ever seen….move over Robeez!

A few months go by, I keep visiting the site, the page and we come together to offer you this review & giveaway and I now have a pair of their beautiful handmade leather slippers. 
Well, Charlie does. Okay, one of the other things I also love is they are made in England.

They are really well made and the leather is soft  and they come in big sizes too! Your children’s feet can breathe in their natural leather and they give comfort for growing feet.
I was sad when another brand only went up to a certain size so I was over the moon when I saw that Inch Blue makes a XL for  3-6yrs.  I will say Inch Blue is my favorite leather shoe for kids.

I just love these  shoes called Baboushka Fuchsia

Luxury SheepSkin booties anyone?! Each pair is hand stitched and made of beautiful soft sheep’s skin.   
If you do like Inch Blue you can order online, shipping is reasonable as well. It takes about 2 weeks to come from England. I highly recommend purchasing through them.

There are so many great designs, good luck picking just one!  I just love looking at their site, they are so unique with all the different looks from festive to best sellers to exclusive designs from Lilly & Sid.

Look at their gift sets !

Inch Blue would like to offer one lucky EM&B reader, facebook fan, subscriber, follower what ever you are a pair of your very own for little one!

Here’s how to enter:


  1. Katie | 13th Oct 11

    It’s hard to pick just one! I love Meeow Baby pink/grey!

  2. Anonymous | 13th Oct 11

    It is hard to choose! Love the Globe Trotter and World Cup series booties. My most favorite design would have to be the Hoot Cream/Cobalt.
    Kristina S.
    kristina_ann_scott at hotmail dot com

  3. chariejane | 13th Oct 11

    They are all so cute! I like the Oriental Blossom White/raspberry & LOVE the sheepskin booties!

  4. info | 13th Oct 11

    I love the little booties! so adorable


  5. Anonymous | 13th Oct 11

    These are adorable. It would take me days to pick just one pair.

    Sarah A

  6. Anonymous | 13th Oct 11

    I adore the Suki Baby Pink/Rose Pink


    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

    Rafflecopter Name ANNE TAYLOR

  7. Naomi | 13th Oct 11

    Little Robot Cream, Whale Navy, and sneaker grey metallic

  8. Tj And Amy | 13th Oct 11

    i like the Hoot Chocolate/Grey.

  9. orangefukurou | 13th Oct 11

    I love Hoot Rose Pink/Chocolate

    tomokofive at gmail dot com

  10. Anonymous | 13th Oct 11

    i love this one for my great grandson Cheeky Monkey Chocolate but i like the sports the farm animals. they have to many to chooice lol thankd joannie jscddmj[at]aol[dot]com i have to post anymous cause google and i are not getting along lol

  11. Anonymous | 13th Oct 11

    The mid blue sneaker is pretty sweet! I’m with the above poster…my google account is not cop operating gracefulcat at hotmail dot com

  12. lace | 13th Oct 11

    i like the baboushka primrose

  13. Mama Lisa | 13th Oct 11

    So hard to choose my favourite.

    I love the baby blue chocolate hoot owls.

    lcgauci at rogers dot com

  14. scootin monkey | 13th Oct 11

    SO hard to choose, but I think I like the robin cream the best 🙂

  15. AnScott | 13th Oct 11

    SO hard to choose,but my favourites are Sugar and Spice, Oriental Delight and Retro Queen!

  16. MamaHunfy | 14th Oct 11

    I love the Skull/Black and Silver!

    Vashti M
    hun423 at

  17. Sweet Panda | 14th Oct 11

    I love the Horse Baby Blue/Chocolate

    sweetpanda2010 at gmail dot com

  18. Olivia L | 14th Oct 11

    I really like the Exotic Bloom baby pink

  19. Anonymous | 14th Oct 11

    I love the Hedgehog turquoise. So cute!!
    Jennifer L.
    jentam777 at gmail dot com

  20. Katy Emanuel | 14th Oct 11

    So many great designs, my favourite would be either sheep or baboushka

  21. FreeIndeed | 14th Oct 11

    robin cream,

  22. graceInk | 14th Oct 11

    I like the Sneaker Metallic /Grey design

    Carolyn H
    graceink at yahoo dot com

  23. Tabitha Pye | 15th Oct 11

    I love the Cwtch in Tan booties! Those would be perfect for my little one due any day now 🙂

  24. Cinderella10383 | 15th Oct 11

    I love Cheeky Monkey in the Navy with Red collar
    Jamie Brigham
    cinderella10383 @ aol dot com

  25. Rachelle | 15th Oct 11

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mucky Puppy (navy)…SO CUTE!

    rbc_321 at yahoo dot com

  26. mean green mom | 15th Oct 11

    I love the hoot slippers 🙂

  27. For the sake of Giveaways | 15th Oct 11

    I like the Black and Grey Skull booties. 🙂

  28. Leather Slippers | 15th Oct 11

    They are all a great pair of shoes especially the Mucky Puppy. The design and color cute and stylish. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

  29. nickandkatherine | 15th Oct 11

    I love the Monster Blue in larger sizes for boys.

  30. Aleasha | 15th Oct 11

    I love all the designs. I really like the sneakers metallic/grey shoes! Aleasha Campbell

  31. sirentattoo | 16th Oct 11

    tattoo heart rose in pink and leopard!
    Dagmar B.
    sirentattoo at

  32. Rebecca | 16th Oct 11

    i love the Hoot Lilac/Lavender

  33. Anonymous | 17th Oct 11

    love the hoot baby in blue/chocolate

    Bridgett Z

  34. Ummi | 17th Oct 11

    Love the Pansy Rose Pink, they are beautiful.

  35. Courtney | 18th Oct 11

    I love the car in chocolate and blue! so cute!

  36. Vanessa Coker | 18th Oct 11

    No fair! There are too many cute designs 🙂 but the Bertie Bear Cream is my favorite!
    vnsscarv [!at] gmail [!dot] com

  37. bigdisneyfan | 18th Oct 11

    I love the Cwtch Cyclamen boots. So cute!

  38. SueBooBadoos | 20th Oct 11

    my lil one made it very clear that I was to put strawberry rose pink as my favourite

  39. Mars | 20th Oct 11

    hard to pick! I like the hoot with chocolate and grey..
    Marla Mollicone

  40. Tawnya Hart | 22nd Oct 11

    Ladybird in green. And I like the Hoot designs.

  41. Ruth | 25th Oct 11

    My favorite design is the Anchor Navy/Cream 🙂

  42. flowerchild | 27th Oct 11

    I liked the Little Cupcake baby pink/chocolate

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