It’s an “Ubbi” wonderful diaper pail! See why this is a Must Have for your baby’s nursery.

“Use a cloth bag or ANY regular bag” do I have your attention? If you’re diapering I sure think so!
I’ve been using Ubbi since the girls were born but boy let me tell ya.  I sure wish I’d known about Ubbi with my first born.  I like this 10x more than DiaperGenie. Sorry my friends at Playtex!
 Right off the bat I’ll tell the first 3 things I love about Ubbi.
  1. Made of stainless steel…yes. It’s eco friendly, visit Ubbi to learn more.
  2. Keeps the stink out
  3. Can be used with disposable diapers or cloth diapers.
Pertaining to my comment #3, as a new mom of multiples I thought I would be cloth diapering from the get go. Reality came quickly and I admire those who do cloth diaper multiples but I’ll be a more disposable diapering mom with the girls I think. Less laundry but I have been really happy with Mabu Baby.
I have some great cloth diapers to review that the girls are only now almost able to fit into but what I like about Ubbi is I can go from disposable to cloth with this pail and not have to purchase another diaper pail to suit our cloth diapering needs if and when that day comes.
What else do I love?
You don’t need to buy extra diaper bags! Just use a regular plastic shopping bag!
No more having to venture out to the toy stores to search the isles for that one particular bag to use for that diaper pail.  I think we know who we’re talking about 😉 However you can buy Ubbi bags if that’s your thing but I suggest you get their cloth bag, toss it in the wash when needed and for fun dress up your own Ubbi with their fun decals.
This a baby registry Must Have and is one of my most recommended products I share with new families to get and with that I give it my Seal of Mama Approval.
There’s no smell! I had to say it twice.
  • I’ve tried this with both disposable biodegradable diapers and cloth diapers. Thanks to its powdered coated steel it doesn’t absorb odours like plastic diaper pails.
  • Easy to use! No small hole to stuff your hand!
  • It’s baby proof! There’s a little knob you turn to lock it so your curious tot can’t open and throw god knows what it!
Want to buy your own Ubbi? Visit in the USA and for Canadians please visit
   Win an ubbi of your very own or win it and give it as a gift.
 Giveaway is open to Canada Only
Please visit my sponsor website for a retailer near you.  Oyaco has a wonderful selection of the most innovative parenting products on the market and is located in my favourite Canadian city, Calgary, AB.  Pull out your credit cards!
Giveaway ends June.21, 2013
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  1. Rachel | 7th Jun 13

    I love that fact that you can use regular bags! Refills are so expensive!!

  2. Aleasha | 7th Jun 13

    I love that you can use regular garbage pages instead of buying refills as well as there is no smell that comes from the diaper pail!

  3. Aleasha | 7th Jun 13

    I wouldn’t mind knowing more about grosuits, I had no clue that there was this product. I’ve heard of other gro products, not this one.

  4. Monique L.S. | 7th Jun 13

    Not really a feature, but I love all the colours it comes in. And it is fantastic that it uses regular kitchen bags.

  5. Monique L.S. | 7th Jun 13

    I’ve heard good things about the Gro-clock and Gro-egg, so I would like to learn more about those products.

  6. Nicole B | 7th Jun 13

    I love that you can use regular bags! Cuts down the cost!

  7. jackie reid | 7th Jun 13

    The fact you can use regular bags, That’s a huge time and money saver 🙂

  8. bellz | 8th Jun 13

    i love i can use my old shopping plastic bags

  9. Journeys of The Zoo | 8th Jun 13

    I love the bag holder clip!

    Slipping down is not an option with diaper bags.

    Oyaco is a great company to work with and they’re Canadian!

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  10. aperry | 8th Jun 13

    I love that it is not made from plastic.

  11. aperry | 8th Jun 13

    I also like the cloth diaper bag…. Perfect for cloth diapers.

  12. Tannis | 8th Jun 13

    I like the sliding lid to prevent odours and that you can use regular plastic bags if needed.

  13. Tannis | 8th Jun 13

    The dry mama nursing pads look interesting- anti bacterial and wicking, interesting. And any Ingrid & Isabel products.

  14. tobyhir | 8th Jun 13

    You can use any bags you choose!

  15. tobyhir | 8th Jun 13

    More about the Cool Wazoo!

  16. DKScott | 8th Jun 13

    I love that you can use regular bags in it!
    Kristina S

  17. DKScott | 8th Jun 13

    Interested in the AeroSleep Baby Protect Mattress Protector.
    Kristina S

  18. Anonymous | 9th Jun 13

    I like that it uses standard kitchen bags rather than specific refills

  19. Anonymous | 9th Jun 13

    I also like the Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Bottles

  20. Melissa Finn | 9th Jun 13

    I love all the bright colours this diaper pail comes in and that you can use any bags in it!

  21. Anonymous | 9th Jun 13

    i like that i can use regular bags and not only specialized ones.

  22. Andrea Amy | 10th Jun 13

    regular garbage bags!! The other pails are SO expensive to maintain, having to replace the bags all the time.

  23. Andrea Amy | 10th Jun 13

    not something i need anymore, but the dry mama looks great. could have used this a few years ago!!

  24. Jessica | 10th Jun 13

    i like that it is steel and does not absorb odours

  25. Jessica | 10th Jun 13

    i’d like to learn more about the gro clock

  26. Tara | 11th Jun 13

    love that it’s steel and comes in colours

  27. Tara | 11th Jun 13

    interested in the gro clock… would love to try something like that out for my toddler

  28. Rhian | 13th Jun 13

    I like that you can use it with cloth diapers and regular trash bags!

  29. Rhian | 13th Jun 13

    I’d like to hear about the Bumbo™ Floor Seat

  30. Brenda Turl | 14th Jun 13

    I like that it is attractive so you don’t mind having it around. It is economical too!

  31. Angela M | 14th Jun 13

    I like that it is made out of stainless steel and not plastic.
    Angela Mitchell

  32. Areta | 16th Jun 13

    It’s attractive – 

sleek and modern looking,
 customizable with decals

  33. Areta | 16th Jun 13

    I’d like to know more about the Gro-egg

  34. rachelle@WWST | 18th Jun 13

    The colour selection, design sense, size and no-smell factor.

  35. Heidi Carlson-Reid | 19th Jun 13

    I like that it is made of powder-coated steel so it won’t absorb odours like plastic does. I also like that it has a child safety lock.

  36. Heidi Carlson-Reid | 19th Jun 13

    I’d like to know more about the various Gro- products.

  37. Marcella Adrienne | 21st Jun 13

    The sliding lid! Anything that keeps odors out is welcome!

  38. Marcella Adrienne | 21st Jun 13

    The Gro-Egg is kind of neat! Then I can know what the temperature is in the baby room specifically!

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