Je Porte Mon Bebe (JPMBB)~ Babywearing Differently

I bring to you a fabulous wrap from France.  I love all things French, I had a dream last week that I was in Paris and in my dream I was thinking of JPMBB, lets just say I hope it’s a dream come true that I visit France.  I usually dream of places and end up being there.
The people, the family behind the brand are super great and j’aime les français!

If you’ve been stalking my Facebook page you’ll see all the fabulous chat and inquiries about this special, very special hybrid wrap. There is so much information on JPMBB FAQ page, here I will break it down for you.
Well, let me tell you all about it and answer some things you might be thinking as this is something new coming to North America, like when I brought to you Tula.


What makes this wrap so special compared to other stretch like wraps?

Well, there’s a couple of things as you’ll come to know reading through this post. Mainly it’s the material.  Most stretch wraps are made of cotton.  JPMBB is made of cotton(95%) and spandex(5%), and exclusive knit for JPMBB wraps. Although there are many other stretchy wraps, like Cuddlywrap, Moby Wrap, Blue Celery, Sleepywrap none of those styles doesn’t even come close to what  JPMBB is.  Seriously.
It can’t even be in the same category.  It’s denser, stronger, better(in my opinion) and overall awesome.
Its measurements are also the main difference as they are the same as a woven.  Most stretchy wraps are 55cm in width whereas JPMBB is 70cm like most European wovens.


The JPMBB wrap is the only one that stretches in every direction: vertically, horizontally and diagonally. This makes Pocket Wrap Cross Carry more flexible than with other fabrics.

Because of the unique material that makes JPMBB what is, you will never find them to sag.  Baby is held evenly with a harmonious tension, while the lower layers of fabric keep their stretch.

The fact that the stretch comes from the weaving and not the fibre can lead to sagging when the wrap is used frequently with a heavier child. The rails of the wraps are also serged.

You can start wrapping at baby’s weight starting at 2kg-15kg so roughly starting from 4.5pds-til up to 30pds. 

JPMBB comes in 2 Sizes:

You have the lovely short wrap which is great for summer babywearing and you can use an easy slip knot (see video below for using the short wrap in a slip knot) Shorties are ideal for hip and back carry. You can nurse in a shorty and even in a football hold. 
If you’re bigger than a size 42/44 (UK 12/14, US 10/12) there are some carries you won’t be able to do so the regular wrap might be a better option for you.
The Short Wrap measures 3.5 metres long and is 70cm in width. and comes in 6 colours.

The regular wrap measures 5 meters and is also 70cm in width.  If you feel it’s too long you can easily snip off the extra material. This fits more sizes 😉


When you watch the below video’s you will see why I love JPMBB so much. The stretch, the ease of using this(great beginner wrap!) and how you can customize the comfort for you and baby.


Can I breast feed in this wrap?

 Go ANYWHERE when babywearing! It’s convenient!

You are hands-free as you can see in some of these photo’s, life continues and you can go about your daily life with baby safe and secure on you. No need to avoid public transit or rush hour traffic via public transport.  Leave the stroller behind and try babywearing for a change.

How hard is it to learn to wrap?
You only need to learn one knot with JPMBB.  You can also pop baby in out without having to re-tie.  Baby can be in various positions without untying the knot.  Front, hip and back.
With JPMBB tutorial video’s you are never lost. 
You are going to love this wrap.  I like to compare it to learning to fold and unfold the stroller.  After a few tries, you get the hang of it.

Wait did you say I can back carry in this stretchy wrap????!!! Normally you can’t.
Well, you’re right……except this is a JPMBB.
Before you get all up and arms(which has happened) please know that JPMBB nor I would not recommend if it wasn’t safe and do-able with this wrap.  Do not even attempt to back carry in other stretchy wraps or with the brands mentioned above.  Consider yourself warned, they are too short in width and not strong enough.
This is the only hybrid stretch…notice the word hybrid

For one, those wraps are thinner and only about 55cm in width. JPMBB is 70cm in width and 5 yards in length.  LIKE A WOVEN in measurements.  The material in JPMBB is denser.
To further test, I popped my 3 1/2 yr old and 40pd’er in a back carry and he could not get out.  I’ve had a few mom tests themselves and they were amazed at how secure, comfortable and overall how awesome it was.
JPMBB has extensive classes all over Europe where babywearing is more of the norm and they work with babywearing educators and midwives. They are serious about education and safety.

You can’t back carry and shouldn’t back carry in your other brands of stretches like Moby, Cuddlywrap, Sleepywrap(boba) etc… Got it? 
I can’t emphasize enough that this wrap is not like a regular stretchy wrap.  
Now if your kid is a wiggler, use common sense.  Use common sense when you back carry in all carriers whether SSC, ring slings, pods and wraps, etc….


When can I wear baby in a back carry with JPMBB? Find out {here}


How serious is JPMBB about the quality of their carriers?Pretty serious.

JPMBB products and the carries shown in their videos are in constant research and evolution with the collaboration of specialists of newborn psychomotricity and postpartum physiology. This goes way beyond the NF EN 13209-2 European standard requirements, which disregards Baby’s physiology or his developmental stages.

 Where are JPMBB carriers made?
Israel and West Bank actually.

What kind of dyes are used in JPMBB wraps?

 It’s free of allergenic dyes or heavy metals, Oeko Tex 100. 2 years guarantee (except seams).

Here’s a video on how to do the main knot, notice how the hand is feeding to gather the material.
Watch more {here}  It’s super easy to do.


and with baby in it!

What did we love about JPMBB? EVERYTHING and I can’t think of a con.  I didn’t overheat in it, one mom found it warm but we were indoors and in an office where a bunch of people were in. 

  • It’s comfortable, easy to use
  • stylish and a great selection of colours
  • can be used all year round
  • it’s breastfeeding friendly and bottle feeding friendly
  • breathable material
  • front, hip and back carry
  •  skin to skin contact
  • Great for all size of baby wearers, if there’s too much fabric, snip it off! Makes a great headband
  • Pre-tie and not worry about the tails hanging and being on the ground
  • The JPMBB has loads of information, I love their site and you can learn more {here}
  • I love the flexibility of the hybrid stretch, it is easy to use. 
  • It’s so versatile, easily move into different positions.  See more of their video’s {here}

I think from all the info above I’ve been pretty clear on the product and its design and function.
This is a fabulous wrap and we love it over here.  I am pretty particular when it comes to carriers so you can trust that this comes highly recommended.

Moms who have used it loved and have preferred it over their regular stretches and I may have converted some woven aficionados 😉  I look forward to hearing your response on what you think of this review and this new wrap that I am introducing to you.





  1. Melmomof4 | 4th May 12

    Love all the pics!! Looks good – I’d love to win one to try out:)

  2. Becky | 4th May 12

    Would love to try one!

  3. EmKa | 4th May 12

    Looks great! Would love to try it!

  4. piratechic_06....Ashley | 4th May 12

    I would love to win one for my baby girl on the way! I don’t have one for her yet and can’t afford one at the moment. It looks soo amazing though.

  5. mean green mom | 4th May 12

    Ohhhh, I am even more excited to try these now. They sound awesome. I especially love the back carry option and that they look so much more lush than a regular stretchy.
    Thanks so much

  6. mean green mom | 4th May 12

    I think my fave color is the charcoal and plum- so pretty. But if I’m expecting a boy (we find out next week!!) I think my fave would be the charcoal/pistachio 🙂

  7. Rude And Not Ginger | 4th May 12

    I’m curious to try this! I hated the moby-too stretchy & we love using mei tais. I recently have made a couple woven wraps, but made them too wide so I haven’t used them yet. I’d love to try this out.

  8. Rude And Not Ginger | 4th May 12
    I love the orange & lilac combo!

  9. Anonymous | 4th May 12

    Loved the review. I have a moby and I would love to try and see the difference. I was looking at other wraps and this peeks my curiosity.

  10. Anonymous | 5th May 12

    Great review! Beautiful product! Will have to try for #2:)

  11. Rae | 5th May 12

    So beautiful! I did a bit of wrapping with my first, and am hoping to do more with our second (coming in 5ish weeks). Would love to give this a try.

  12. James | 5th May 12

    These look really nice. Because of the stretchiness, I’ll be it would be a lot easier to use than a standard woven one!

  13. Angie | 5th May 12

    Would love to give this wrap a try, have my third baby due in July

  14. Laura | 5th May 12

    I really want one! I’ve been looking for a good wrap carrier!

  15. Laura | 5th May 12

    I’d either love the Very dark brown + turquoise or the charcoal grey + plum

  16. Tamara | 5th May 12

    Sounds great! Would love to try it out!

  17. Rachel | 5th May 12

    I had a MobyWrap when my son was first born, but as he got bigger I found that it was sagging too much. I would love to have a wrap like this! I moved to a SSC, but I loved the feel of a wrap…….this looks fantastic!

  18. Gabrielle | 5th May 12

    Wow, this sounds fabulous! I’m due with baby #3 on August, so I know I’ll be getting lots of use out a wrap. I think this would be perfect.

  19. Allie G | 5th May 12

    This looks amazing! I would love to win it ! 🙂

  20. Anonymous | 5th May 12

    Your pics make it look so chic and fun! Looks like a great product. I’d love to win. 🙂
    Kristina S.

  21. Anonymous | 5th May 12

    Love it. Would like to win

  22. Lori L. | 5th May 12

    I spent about $70 on an organic cotton wrap (similar to a Moby) when our little girl was 4 days old. She is now almost 6 months & 15 pounds & I think it’s time to retire it as it sags something awful when I put her in it now 🙁
    This looks exactly like what I am looking for. The part about it being a higher density fabric caught my eye.
    Thanks for the giveaway (am always excited when they are open to Canadians!) and good luck to all!

  23. nikita vineham | 5th May 12

    Looks amazing would love to win it!

  24. Morgan | 5th May 12

    I love it!

  25. marion | 5th May 12

    You know, I’ve always felt a little “Meh” about most wraps I see, but this one seems of such lovely quality, I would LOVE to give it a try!

  26. Michelle | 5th May 12

    This wrap looks great! The website is well done and they have great info and tutorial videos about the wraps. The best thing about this wrap is that it is a stretchy wrap that you can do back carries with. I would love one!!!

  27. Alycia | 5th May 12

    I just tried a Moby Wrap today and hated it…this wrap makes me want to try again! It seems like what wraps of today are trying to be. Awesome! Plus love the colors!

  28. Brianna and Brian Laughman | 5th May 12

    I’m super curious about wrapping. My son wasn’t too interested in wrapping probably because it took me too long to get wrapped. I used a Moby and at about 6 Months he was too uncomfortable to wrap anymore. He is 18 Months and 22 lbs. so I’d love to try this out and use it with #2 in the future.

  29. Alycia | 5th May 12

    I looked at the short wraps and love the Charcoal Gray & Olive and the Lilac and Olive!

  30. Brianna and Brian Laughman | 5th May 12

    Love the PEACOCK BLUE, Grey-Green. But they are all so pretty!

  31. Shari | 5th May 12

    I do love these wraps and I loved my stretchy wrap, gone now because of the sagginess. However, I’m surprised that no one has said anything about wearing a stretchy wrap in a back carry. Are these really designed for that? From what I heard you should never to use a stretchy in a back carry. It also makes me wonder how many people are going to attempt to use their Moby or some other unsuitable stretchy in a back carry now because this one seems to be promoting back carries.

  32. The Durhams | 5th May 12

    I’d love to win this wrap! We’re expecting our second in August and with a toddler as his/her older brother, it would be great to wear the newborn while doing life.

  33. toomuchfun | 5th May 12

    I have been looking at these and drooling over it for months now. I’d love love love to win one!

  34. Angela Vogel | 5th May 12

    Totally curious!!! 🙂 angburt at hotmail dot com

  35. Socks | 5th May 12

    Sounds awesome and I would love to try one:)

  36. Socks | 5th May 12

    Sounds awesome and I would love to try one:)

  37. Erica | 5th May 12

    This looks like a great wrap! I would love to try it.

  38. tara | 5th May 12

    wow, this looks awesome! i would love to try it out and share it with friends to spread the babywearing love!

  39. koko_pelli | 5th May 12

    I’ve tried a Moby and it didn’t last too long because of the stretch. I’ve heard about hybrids and would love to try this one! They look great! Thanks for sharing.

  40. Natasha | 5th May 12

    I am addicted to wraps and would love to try this one!

  41. Jenn | 5th May 12

    Ooh this looks fantastic! I love that it is breastfeeding-capable!

  42. Lisa Smith | 5th May 12

    I would love one, these are adorable,

  43. brandi c | 6th May 12

    This looks amazing! I’d love to try it!

  44. Jenn | 6th May 12

    I love the very dark brown colour 🙂

  45. Amanda | 6th May 12

    I would love tot ry one. They look awesome.

  46. | 6th May 12

    Very curious and interested. I had one when my son was a baby and wasn’t a big fan. This one looks AMAZING!

  47. Christine M Tubbytelly | 6th May 12

    I am so excited to try this wrap I watched the video eagerly awaiting the tiny baby to be properly positioned. There was no little baby.

  48. Christine M Tubbytelly | 6th May 12

    Love the Olive, Light Grey combo

  49. MamaHunfy | 6th May 12

    This wrap looks amazing!!!

    hun423 at

  50. MamaHunfy | 6th May 12

    I love PEACOCK BLUE, Grey-Green colour.

    hun423 at

  51. Aleasha | 6th May 12

    I love all the different features and pictures. Everything about this wrap makes me want to try one!

  52. Aleasha | 6th May 12

    Oh there are so many colours to choose from and they all are beautiful. I really like the BLUEBERRY, Iris it really stands out!

  53. Amber_C | 6th May 12

    I would love to win it to use with my baby girl!

  54. Amber_C | 6th May 12

    I love the Grey & Turquoise or the Dark Brown & Turquoise!

  55. Mummy Kim | 6th May 12

    The versatility is amazing! I love our moby wrap and am looking into getting a wrap as a gift for a good friend who is pregnant and this looks like a great option!!!! Thank you, again, for introducing such an awesome babywearing product.

  56. Mummy Kim | 6th May 12

    I love the BLEUE PAON, Marron Glacé (can’t find the ‘english button’ – lol)

  57. ES | 6th May 12

    I would love to start wrapping! This seems to be the ultimate wrap

  58. Olivia L | 6th May 12

    I’ve always been a bit intimidated to use a wrap, but with #2 due this summer, I’m excited to try. You make it sound so easy!

  59. Olivia L | 6th May 12

    I like the I like the peacock blue and night blue combo too.

  60. Rachel | 7th May 12

    I’m Totally curious about this wrap after reading your review! I can’t believe that you just have to learn one knot and then can take the baby in and out of it without having to tie it again. I’ll have to win it and try it to believe it 😉

  61. Cloé | 7th May 12

    I bought a JPMBB last november, in France. Fell in love head over feet! Oh this fabric is like no other! Those colors! Can’t wait to find out the new colors for this summer. Hoping for bright and very flashy! (it gives their charm…)

  62. Heather-Lynn Kirton | 8th May 12

    Love this review! It makes me realllly want to try wrapping. And to think, you can wear this (and ONLY THIS) stretchy wrap on your back. Big time pro for me. Love the Pistachio color!

  63. lace | 8th May 12

    What an amazing sounding wrap! I’ve just started into the world of wrapping and I’d love to try one of these. The videos are great!

  64. Serena | 8th May 12

    This wrap sounds pretty amazing! ive never been a fan of stretchy wraps. but one like this would be so different! I would love to give it a try 🙂

  65. Serena | 8th May 12

    I love the lilac and orangy red one! what a great color combo!

  66. Tara | 8th May 12

    i would LOVE this! i don’t own any of my own wraps/carriers yet. i’ve heard that stretchy wraps are great! love the blueberry colour.
    taraz9 at excite dot com

  67. Alex Liz R. | 8th May 12

    I would love to try this. It sounds great!

  68. Kathy T | 8th May 12

    Definitely curious – would love to try it out. Wonder if it would work with my wiggly 25lb 10 month old?

  69. Molly | 8th May 12

    Curious, would love to try one! Thank you, Molly Bussler

  70. Molly | 8th May 12

    Would love the PEACOCK BLUE, Grey-Green. Thank you, Molly Bussler

  71. Erin Gilliam (The Babywearing Blog) | 9th May 12

    I am curious! Especially since my “wrapee” is bigger than the typical stretchy wrap comfort limit.

  72. Erin Gilliam (The Babywearing Blog) | 9th May 12

    The color I like is Very Dark Brown and Turquoise

  73. Katy Emanuel | 9th May 12

    Definitely curious since it can take a heavier little one. Would love to try one.

  74. Katy Emanuel | 9th May 12

    So many nice colour combos, hard to narrow it down to a favourite, but I guess it would be the pistachio, brown

  75. Nikki | 9th May 12

    With my daughter I tried a soft carrier and she did not like it! I think part of the problem was she was soo tiny — I would love to try a wrap with Baby #2 due in July 🙂

  76. Nikki | 9th May 12

    I like the Black, Plum combo best.

  77. myricksl6 | 9th May 12

    I am really curious about this wrap now! I tried making a homemade moby style wrap but my little girl didn’t like it but now you have me wondering if I might have better luck with one of these…
    (sara m)

  78. Shelley | 9th May 12

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  79. colelee9182 | 9th May 12

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  81. Stephanie | 9th May 12

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  82. Stephanie | 9th May 12

    What a cool wrap! Would love to try one!

  83. Stacey | 10th May 12

    VERY interested! This looks fairly easy to use, and the fact that it breathes well (important where I live for the summer) I would LOVE to win one!

  84. Tanya Apodaca Melby | 10th May 12

    I am very interested in this wrap and I would love to try it!!!

  85. JasmineJ | 10th May 12

    I had a Moby and I adored it, but after watching the videos for these, I love the stretchy fabric. These seem to be much more versatile. Would love one of these for my next baby! And I love the pocket and color combinations too. Just beautiful!

  86. van | 11th May 12

    I would love to try it since the larger width would allow me to back carry!

  87. van | 11th May 12

    I would love to try it since the larger width would allow me to back carry!

  88. van | 11th May 12

    Visited and my fav color is elephant grey, light grey

  89. Cindy | 11th May 12

    I am obsessed with woven wraps and would love to give this try. Sounds like a great alternative to a Moby for new wrappers!
    cindycindy at aol dot com

  90. Debbie P | 11th May 12

    Sounds great. I love all the ways to wear it. Looks comfy too!

  91. Debbie P | 11th May 12

    I like the Lavender light gray color combo!

  92. Tannis | 11th May 12

    I would love to try this wrap. I haven’t tried any wraps yet and it sounds really interesting that you can use it for breastfeeding and that it’s easy to change positions with it.
    tannis_z at excite dot com

  93. Tannis | 11th May 12

    I like the grey/green and pistachio/brown colors
    tannis_z at excite dot com

  94. Leah | 13th May 12

    would love to gift this!

  95. Kim Barrett | 13th May 12

    Thank goodness for visuals! But you make it sound easy and practical and I know a new mom who would love to try one!

  96. Bella Rose | 14th May 12

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  97. Mandee | 14th May 12

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  98. CJR | 14th May 12

    OMG! I want one now! Thanks for this wonderful review.

  99. CJR | 14th May 12

    I love the Grey & Fushia combination!

  100. Emily | 15th May 12

    I love the review! I really like my Moby Wrap, but this definitely sounds like it would be even better. The colors are great too!

  101. Jessica | 15th May 12

    I would love to try one! And even more my babywearing daddy would love to try it! I’m a SSC fanatic (love my Beco) but Babywearing Daddy is a fan of the wraps, now that our Moby is starting to stretch out we need a high quality wrap. Were looking into Woven but this one sounds fantastic!

  102. bnhollman | 15th May 12

    my little guy loves our stretchy wrap but I do not like the sag that we get from it. I like the support of the woven ones but my LO does not seem as comfy. This looks like maybe a happy medium

  103. Molly G. | 16th May 12

    My baby weighs down his Moby and he’s only 13 pounds. This looks awesome and it will do back carries!

  104. Anonymous | 16th May 12

    You’ve done a thorough job, and I definitely see your passion in this product! ToCo

  105. Ngelica | 16th May 12

    I looks awesome, thanks for posting videos as well. I’d love to try it, in due in Aug and I’d love to start using it with my newborn.

    -Angie Martinez
    Ngelica_mtz at yahoo dot com

  106. Ngelica | 16th May 12

    I like the blue black combo.

  107. Carrie | 17th May 12

    I use a Maman Kangourou Wrap now, which I like, but can be a little warm, this looks like it would be lighter.

  108. Mommybug | 17th May 12

    Love this review! So much new information that doesn’t scare me away from using a wrap! Thanks for this:) Love all the pictures, makes it less intimidating.

  109. Mommybug | 17th May 12

    Love this review! So much new information that doesn’t scare me away from using a wrap! Thanks for this:) Love all the pictures, makes it less intimidating.

  110. Mommybug | 17th May 12

    Love all the fabulous colour combos but really like the Green, Grey Pistachio:)

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  115. alexahennessey | 18th May 12

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    This looks like a fab wrap and I look forward to the chance at winning one!

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  120. Cassandra | 18th May 12

    This looks like a fab wrap and I look forward to the chance at winning one!

  121. Unknown | 18th May 12

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    i would love to try one of these my baby is colicky and this would be a life saver!

  123. Amanda | 18th May 12

    I would love to try it out! I just bought an Ergo and have a K’Tan…but I’m always looking for new options to please the little one! 🙂

  124. Amanda | 18th May 12

    I would love to try it out! I just bought an Ergo and have a K’Tan…but I’m always looking for new options to please the little one! 🙂

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