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logoLast Saturday I had the most amazing hair appointment I think ever….I left the salon with a bounce to my step feeling beautiful and I’ve never felt like that before.  I went to Jini Jung.
I was in desperate need of getting my roots done as getting out alone can be hard.  I was disappointed in my old hair dresser and was tired of being duped in prices at another salon.  You know when they give you a price and when you go to cash out it’s much more? Yeah.  So I was on the hunt for a new salon.
I googled and googled and then I  noticed Jini Jung since  I walk by them often enough as they are in my ‘hood.  I then extensively checked out reviews, instagram feeds to see the work of their hair artisans and I decided to book an appointment.  First time customers get $20 off! 

I went in early Saturday morning and met with Emma and Fiona.  I had the most thorough hair consult ever.  Going over expectations and the reality of my hair and what can be done.  Emma gave me the most amazing highlights.  She fixed my hair as my roots were so gross and her blending of colour was perfection.  I had my natural colour  mixed in with some brass from the lifting of my roots when I got my hair done in the past and now it is perfect and a beautiful shade of blonde.
I then met with Fiona.  She talked me through what would be best for my fine hair and gave me a great cut. What do you think? How do I look?
jinijungreviewNotice how dry and ugly my ends are in the before and smooth and healthy looking in my after pic?  I had an Olaplex treatment done (it’s an additional $40 and a blow dry is not included so that’s an extra $40 too..) and I highly, highly, highly recommend you get this done.  It is seriously an amazing treatment as I’ve never heard of Olaplex before.  I’ll go into a little on the products used at Jini Jung as they are vegan, cruelty-free and ammonia-free hair care products.

This is one of my favourite products….EVER.  It bonds your hair.  It reduces breakage and can be added to colour, bayalage, perm, any chemical service etc.  It’s “insurance for your hair”.   It strengthens and conditions and this has to be the best  treatment product I have used on my hair.  I also bought a bottle of Step #3($35) as I couldn’t leave home with out it.  If you colour your hair a lot you need to do this.

“Olaplex is free of silicone, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes, gluten and is never tested on animals. Olaplex reconnects broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair. Hair bonds are broken during thermal, mechanical and chemical services.”

It will make your hair stronger and healthier and colour will last longer.   Call Jini Jung and come in for a treatment.  You can thank me later.  Check out Olaplex on instagram to see it’s magic.


Another great line at Jini Jung.  I love the shampoo and conditioner Nou Nou.
Since using Davines I have noticed a serious improvement in my hair.  I think I may never go back to drug store brands.  In fact…I never will, it pays to use quality and  Davines is my new favourite.  I love how my hair feels and looks.  I have always been into skincare but forgot about using the right products for my hair.  The NOU NOU conditioner doesn’t weigh down the hair, NOU NOU shampoo is gentle and washes very nicely.
The Authentic range from Davines is also a new favourite of mine all products mentioned can be purchased at Jini Jung. 

If you are looking for a new salon, I can assure you will find your little hair haven with them.   My hair is in the best condition it has ever been in thanks to the high quality products and the best part? The salon is affordable and open 7 days a week!  Check them out and let them know I referred you.  Thanks!

jini jung hair artisans
76 st. clair ave. w.
toronto, on m4v 1m7
th_sealofapproval3Going to the salon is also a treat for me.  How do you treat yourself?

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) | 28th Sep 15

    I am off to the salon on Friday. I am thinking about going with something completely different.

  2. Tamara | 28th Sep 15

    Your hair looks GREAT! I don’t color or cut much these days (just trims) but as I get more into my 30’s, I have to color my hair because it’s so dark and gray is so obvious!

    • Erica | 28th Sep 15

      Thanks! I feel great 🙂

  3. Jeannette | 28th Sep 15

    Your hair looks amazing! I’m constantly changing my hair and I think it’s fun to try new looks…as long as the person giving you those looks knows what they are doing!

    • Erica | 28th Sep 15

      Thank you! If you’re changing your hair a lot with colour see if they offer a Olaplex.

  4. maria @ closetohome | 28th Sep 15

    I love finding products that really make my hair shine adn cooperate with the weather.

    • Erica | 28th Sep 15

      Oh my goodness…YES! Weather-for me it’s the humidity in Toronto.

  5. Christine Luken | 28th Sep 15

    Your cut and color look fabulous! I’ve got a salon appointment tomorrow… my hair is in desperate need of a cut.

  6. Rebecca Bryant | 28th Sep 15

    i am so thinking of getting my hair colored soon. You look fabulous.

    • Erica | 28th Sep 15

      Do it! A fresh new look for Fall. Thank you do much. xo

  7. Jessica Harlow | 28th Sep 15

    Your new do looks amazing! Really, it makes you look much younger and you even seem happier! 🙂 I’m ready for a new style too. It’s time to mix it up!

  8. Lisa Nolan | 28th Sep 15

    What a great hair style! I could try this one! My hair used to be long, and it is thin. I love the color, too!

  9. Mama to 5 BLessings | 28th Sep 15

    Your hair looks great! Looks easy to care for not to mention it looks so soft and healthy!

  10. Onica (MommyFactor) | 28th Sep 15

    There’s nothing like that feeling when you come from a salon. All that pampering is great for your hair and feelings.

  11. Marilyn | 28th Sep 15

    It’s so hard to find a great salon! I really want to go myself. Glad you had a good experience lol, I hear so many salon horror stories.

  12. Lorane | 28th Sep 15

    Wow .. I love your Hair! It came out really well .. This shorter cut really brings out your features .. it’s beautiful . Jini Jung did that thang!

  13. Liz Mays | 28th Sep 15

    This salon sounds great! Your hair looks amazing! I’d really like to be able to grow my hair out longer so I could try some new styles. It could be that I’ve just never been happy with the shoulder-length styles I’ve tried.

  14. Tonya C | 28th Sep 15

    They did a great job on your haircut. Love the new look!

  15. Amanda | 29th Sep 15

    What a fabulous hair cut! You look gorgeous!

  16. Rose | 29th Sep 15

    Its no wonder you feel like a million bucks…you LOOK like a million bucks! *whistles* love the new ‘do!

  17. Laura Funk | 29th Sep 15

    Your hair really looks great. The cut slims you out and really compliments your beauty

  18. Susan P. | 29th Sep 15

    Your hair looks amazing! They really did a fantastic job! The new cut looks so beautiful on you!

  19. Heather lawrence | 29th Sep 15

    Your hair looks great! I can totally see why you left with a bounce in your step! I have such a horrible time trying to find a salon that a. does what I want them to do and only what I want them to do. and b. stops trying to up sell me or over charge because the receptionist screwed up.

  20. Rosey | 29th Sep 15

    I don’t color my hair. I do, however, like that it makes your hair stronger!! That is a huge selling point for me.

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