Join the Fight! Join us in support of SickKids this holiday season

This Christmas Season you can gift someone something truly special.  It’s about Get Better Gifts.  What is it?  SickKids Get Better Gifts are truly heartfelt gifts you can give to the special people in your life, while also making a life-changing impact on the children at SickKids Toronto. It’s the best gift to give to the person who has everything and I hope you’ll join me in supporting SickKids.  Giving a gift on their behalf while helping another is what this season is all about.  Imagine helping 1 of the 300 kids this Christmas at The Hospital of Sick Children feel the warmth and magic of Christmas from their hospital beds.
It’s perfect for any occasion, as all gifts come with a FREE greeting card that includes a personalized message from you, along with how the gift has helped the children at SickKids. These inspiring gifts can be delivered instantly, or on that special occasion. Kids can get your gift on time for Christmas by ordering by Dec.2/16.  It makes a great teacher gift, party hosts, volunteers/caregivers and  you know what? Even make it a teachable gift for your kids.

How do you order?  It’s quite simple. Go Online, Choose, Review, Customize and Check Out.

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What are my top picks? There’s something for every budget. 

1. For $12, you can provide Arts and Crafts.  Arts & Crafts programs can help children cope with hospital stays and ensures they get to do some of the activities they may be missing at school and home. Children get a chance to build, create, and share what they’re proud of with mom and dad.  Art Therapy is a wonderful gift!arts-_-crafts-supplies-1_r_large
2. For $20, give the gift of Holiday Cooking and Baking Supplies. Our cooking and baking programs help sick children have fun and feel successful. With this gift of Holiday Cooking & Baking Supplies, you’re giving children the supplies they need to bake holiday treats and make the holiday season a little brighter. Child Life specialists know that maintaining familiar activities helps sick children feel just like any other kid.

3.  For $36, give the gift of Videogames and Controllers. Videogames & Controllers help kids escape from their daily and sometimes difficult hospital routines. For those that can’t leave their bed, wireless controllers mean they don’t miss out on the fun. At SickKids, they have a variety of gaming consoles – Xbox, Playstation, Wii, Kinect, DS – that all have new games constantly being released!
videogames___controllers_-_cropped_large4. For $65, you can give the gift of a Crib Mobile. Fun shapes, bright colours and soothing sounds can replace a sterile overhead view for a baby with something much more vibrant – a beautiful, spinning mobile. With this gift of a Crib Mobile, you’ll help fund the Child Life programs at SickKids, including these important tools to calm our smallest patients.

5. Whatever your budget, browse all the gifts {here}, even a Last Minute Gift for $50.  This gift truly gives back – and will also surprise the children at SickKids. This gift set helps support the PAWS (Pets at Work) program, where specially-trained pets and their handlers make visits right to the Hospital bedsides. These visits help to brighten the children’s day and bring bright smiles to their faces.


This year specific Get Better Gifts will make twice the impact thanks to Orinoco Foundation, who will generously match* your gift. Look for the matching gift tag throughout the website. 

Give a gift that truly matters this holiday season & purchase a #GetBetterGift in support of @SickKids to help make someone's holiday a little brighter. Click To Tweet

Who has benefited from these gifts?  I’d like to share with a story about Hunter.  At age 9 he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  Here are his mom’s words:

” While Hunter was in and out of the hospital for treatment during the holiday season, he and his family experienced some of the extras SickKids provides during this time of year. He and his sister, Willow, met Santa for the first time and had their photo taken. They also spent plenty of time in Marnie’s Lounge where there were constant activities to lift kids’ spirits. They made ornaments and holiday crafts and Sitara vividly remembers the smell of treats baking, making her feel a little more at home.”

Thank you for taking the time to read this post as I find it very special and I hope it’s something you will add to your shopping list.  We are so fortunate to be able to share some joy with families that need it most this holiday season.  I encourage you all to give the gift that matters this holiday visiting, SickKids Get Better Gifts.



  1. Alison Braidwood | 1st Dec 16

    This is such a great idea. Sometimes you want to help, but may not know how. This gives a simple, easy way to make sick childrens’ lives a bit easier.

  2. Judy Cowan | 1st Dec 16

    This is great & a great cause. I am going to purchase one of the gifts!

  3. jan | 1st Dec 16

    For many people this is such a small donation with such great rewards.

  4. Heidi C. | 1st Dec 16

    This is such a nice idea, so thoughtful and kind and one that your kids can get involved in.

  5. kristen visser | 1st Dec 16

    This is amazing! I love this cause and picking out a gift for children who can’t be home for Christmas. Touches my heart! shared this post <3

  6. Lynda Cook | 2nd Dec 16

    This is such a great cause, and I try to help out and donate when I can, it would be depressing to be stuck in a hospital throughout the holidays, so anything to cheer the kids up is awesome!!

  7. NJ Nowoselski | 2nd Dec 16

    Yes! This is a great giveback opportunity. I see it ends today so I hope my tweets did some good 🙁 You have inspired me to find out what Calgary Children’s Hosp is doing for this holiday. A wonderful blog post.

  8. Darlene Schuller | 3rd Dec 16

    Sick kids is amazing! THey were so incredible with my daughter and grandson. I support them any way I can.

  9. Cheryl Almas | 3rd Dec 16

    This is for a great cause.

  10. Melinda | 4th Dec 16

    I never knew about this program. Thank you for the post.

  11. kathy downey | 4th Dec 16

    It’s such a wonderful cause.Thanks for sharing with us !

  12. Victoria Ess | 5th Dec 16

    This is such a great gift idea for those who don’t need anything for Christmas!

  13. Chandra Christine O'Connor | 10th Dec 16

    A beautiful program.

  14. Krista M | 11th Dec 16

    What a truly special, heartfelt way to give back this holiday season.

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