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There’s a new skincare line that is worth knowing about for so many reasons!  It’s called Eco Chic Movement.  Here are my top 3 reasons on why you should discover & join.

1) It’s Canadian and made in Canada
2) It’s been developed by a naturopathic doctor
3) It’s affordable & organic

I was sent a Baby Face cream,  their diaper balm, nipple butter and lip balm.
Eco Chic Movement also makes a baby massage oil, talc-free powder, baby lotion and wash and a belly butter.


Let me break it down for you. My favourite product from them is the Baby Face Cream.  I’m very tempted to slather this baby cream on my own face!  It has a beautiful texture and fine ingredients.
It provides a protective barrier without clogging babies pores.  Olive oil, shea butter, calendula are just some of the nourishing ingredients you can feel happy putting on your baby’s skin.  Dry winter air is harsh on baby’s fine, delicate skin and I do recommend moisturizing it to protect and nourish.  This can be used on older children as well and you know what it probably works just as well on adults to protect against couperose from developing.

The Nipple Balm is another favourite of mine and it also deserves my Seal of Approval.  I use it for my nipples and as a lip gloss for my sons super dry lips! The coconut oil gives it extra nourishment. It has great simple ingredients that consist of shea butter, coconut oil and cocoa butter.  It’s $4.99 and yep… a must have for that price!  My son loves it too. Who knew? Ha!

The Diaper Cream was okay for us.  I find it to be more of a balm because it’s olive oil based so don’t be surprised when you open it open up.  It’s not creamy.
 It’s really hit or miss.  I loved the ingredients and the consistency when applied is really nice.  Did it heal any redness?  Not so much.
On a plus side, it’s organic, it’s totally safe for cloth diapers and the $9.99 price point is great.  “Neem, Tea Tree and St John’s Wort work in combination to inhibit the growth of yeast, fungus, viruses and bacteria, promoting prevention” so try it for preventing diaper rash from occurring.  It could be the barrier balm you are looking for!

I like the Eco Chic Movement Lip Balm.  It’s nice and keeps my lips moist and protected naturally. It’s not as creamy as the Nipple Balm but the Nipple Balm isn’t exactly meant for the lips.  It’s hard to find a truly natural lip balm and with Eco Chic I have.  Check it out on Eco Chic Movement to learn more.

In Toronto and want to find and learn more about these products?  At Yonge and Davisville there is a fab, eco-friendly, chic spa called Alma Natural Spa and they are the special feature of the month.  Pop in and pick up a Baby Face cream and Nipple Balm.  Do check out the rest of the line as well.

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Happy Shopping!
Disclosure: This was written in collaboration with Eco Chic Movement. All opinions are always my own as I was gifted product.


  1. Sarah | 5th Dec 13

    I have been using this line for a year and I am glad to see this review! It is nice to see Eco Chic Movement getting the recognition they deserve! They have great products, reasonable prices and good customer service. I am giving my family members their gift baskets this year for Christmas!

  2. Everything Mom and Baby | 5th Dec 13

    Their prices are great and affordable all parents to use toxic free skin care 🙂

  3. Randa Derkson | 5th Dec 13

    You always introduce me to the BEST products. Thanks for that 🙂

  4. Ashley | 5th Dec 13

    I love that they’re Canadian made and I clicked over and took a look – she’s got some great info on the blog too!

    Thank you for sharing!

  5. Kathleen Garber | 5th Dec 13

    Great review, love that you are honest about your likes and dislikes. You mentioned the diaper cream is safe for cloth diapers, does that mean some aren’t? I’ve never used cloth diapers so I’m just wondering.

  6. Everything Mom and Baby | 5th Dec 13

    yep some products can cause the cloth diaper to repel. For example zinc based products & petroleum.

  7. Jennifer Van Huss | 5th Dec 13

    These sound like great products! Its hard to find a quality product that contains calendula. It is the only stuff that I find that works on MY OWN dry skin! Like you I’d buy the face cream for me not baby! lol

  8. Lisa Fab Frugal Mama | 6th Dec 13

    I have eczema so I’m always on the lookout for all-natural products to use on my kids’ skin, as well as my own. This looks like a good line to investigate further. Thanks for the review.

  9. Jennifer | 10th Dec 13

    I had the pleasure of meeting Alexis this weekend in Brockville and was very impressed. She was full of knowledge of the skin care industry, and amongst other things, has a background in breast cancer research. I was able to try all of the products and was impressed with how clean they were and how good they feel. She gave me a sample lip balm and it is by far the best natural lip balm I have ever tried! I am looking forward to seeing how my friend who I purchased the baby starter set for likes the products!

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