JOWAÉ- Where Korea meets France in the beauty of skincare

In four essential easy steps, JOWAÉ has developed a routine for your skin to recover its harmony.  It’s made of 93% natural-origin ingredients, all the products contain zero parabens, phenoxyethanol, mineral oil, silicon and ingredients of animal origin or synthetic colourant.  The best part is that it’s affordable, it works and you can purchase Jowaé at Shoppers Drug Mart.

I was sent a beautiful 4 pc set from Jowaé and my skin was instantly soothed and the next day I noticed a difference.  Now at the time product was sent to me our lives had forever changed as we decided to pick up and move back to Winnipeg.  The amount of stress I went through it was like nothing I’d never experienced where I had rashes popping up and I wasn’t taking the best care of my skin.  Jowaé truly nourished my skin and gave it the healthy quality I want in my complexion.   As an esthetician, I feel Jowaé is great for all skin types.  It’s gentle and effective and while my skin is dry/sensitive/reactive this skincare line worked brilliantly with me. This will be my go-to drugstore brand. 

Jowae_CleansingMilkThe Jowaé Cleansing Milk is light and washes off my makeup with little residue left.  It cleans well.  It’s got antioxidants like Lumiphenols and Imperial peony which has the benefits of regaining balance in your skin and to protect from daily aggressions such as stress, pollution and fatigue.  Its scent is light and it truly protects your skin against dryness. This cleansing milk I highly recommend and I’ll be heading to Shoppers Drug Mart today to buy a bottle as I am out.

JowaeHydrating Water MistThis was magic for me on the train ride from Toronto to Winnipeg. It’s magic for me in Winnipeg and every day.   My skin was dry and irritated from the air on the train and it soothed my skin and the scent recharged me as it’s light and refreshing.  The Hydrating Water Mist from Jowaé is truly a fan favourite and clearly I am not the only one as it won the Elle 2019 Beauty Awards.  

Inspired by Korean lotions used after make-up removal to prepare skin for its treatment ritual, this water combines a refreshing Sakura blossom hydrolat with antioxidant Lumiphenols in a fine and gentle mist immediately absorbed by the skin. For improved hydration, this extra-pure water also contains vegetable glycerine.” 

My dynamic duo for moisturizing and complexion correction!  Jowaé’s Wrinkle Smoothing Cream and a lovely moisturizer that isn’t too heavy but delivers in hydration and smoothing out my wrinkles.  I use the ‘Jacquet’ pinching technique to stimulate and tighten my skin, something I learned years ago in my esthetics class.  You start from the neck and move up towards the forehead and the benefits are it improves circulation and it feels so good after.   Their wrinkle smoothing cream contains red ginseng which is extremely popular in Korean skincare for its antiaging benefits as it’s high in polyphenols. 
The Youth Concentrate Complexion Correcting is great for all skin types and yes, even your sensitive skin! It has helped my pigmentation and evens my complexion as it’s light and I use this before my Wrinkle Smoothing Cream.

So what will your Jowaé ritual look like? I can’t say enough good things about Jowaé as it worked beautifully with my skin.  It is my go-to brand when shopping at Shoppers Drug Mart.  I hope you’ll give it a try if you’re looking to change up your routine for Spring and Summer.   Next for me to try is their BB cream!  

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Disclosure:  This post is in partnership with Jowaé Canada, all opinions are always my own and never influenced.


  1. Yasmin | 22nd Apr 20

    Amazing review! Thankyou. I’ve seen this line at shoppers. What do you recommend for combination skin? I normally use gel but my skin is so dry even though I can get oily.

  2. Jackie | 22nd Apr 20

    Love your pics! I keep seeing Korean skincare line collabs popping up in so many brands.

  3. Tracy | 22nd Apr 20

    I have sensitive skin and I went and got the mist when you told me about it. I love it!

  4. Shirley O | 30th Apr 20

    It sounds like a wonderful skincare line. I would love to try it!

  5. Florence Cochrane | 1st May 20

    Awesome review. Love to give these products a try.

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