July Princess: Merida #DreamBigPrincess {Giveaway}


If you had the chance to change your fate, would you?”―Merida

Princess Merida is one of my favourite Disney Princesses.  This Scottish lass is full of everything not princessy as she just wants to roam with her horse Angus and practice her archery.  She is brave and a breath of fresh air-am I right?  Did you know she is the 11th Disney Princess and a first for Pixar? She wants create her own destiny, she doesn’t need/want a Prince and love for family is what the movie is all about in the end.
Merida is no damsel in distress. She's bold, strong and brave in July's #DreamBigPrincess @HasbroNews! Click To Tweet 

This month Hasbro’s Dream Big Princess is about Passion and greatness lies within as we know with Merida and we have a great giveaway for you to enter for your little brave heart 😉

B0C760AE50569047F5A77835A7493D33My twins love these style of Hasbro Princess’ where you get her dress wet and a magnificent picture appears and the one on this dress is pretty awesome. You can win it!  Check out the Merida Story Skirt.    For ages 3+ up

A768652950569047F57F61EE8EF839D3The Merida Shimmer doll also adds a little fun in imaginative play.  I do love seeing the twins playing with all their princesses and playing together-peacefully.  I wish I had a constant playmate when I was their age.  I loved my dolls!  For ages 3+ up

12EDFC8950569047F5E907D87002740AThe Little Kingdom collection from Hasbro always seems to  make it to the bath tub.  Being plastic, it’s fine but there are little parts so make sure your kids are past the “putting everything in their mouth” phase.  This too is for 3+ yrs and up. The snap ins are pretty cute too.

What’s the bravest thing you ever done? I think for me it’s becoming a mother, lol but none the less, enter the giveaway raffle below and enter to win the above mentioned toys.

Merida Giveaway


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