Kamik ‘Leaf’ Winter Boots- Step Outside, Play Outside this winter in Kamik!

We’ve been waiting for a good snow fall here in Toronto and this year we finally had a White Christmas.  Well, the kids have been itching to go out and play in the snow but I wanted to make sure we had the right gear that would keep them dry and warm.  The answer to that was Kamik.

Kamik is definitely my first choice for kids footwear, especially after discovering them last Summer.   I was impressed with the quality and fair price point and I do love supporting a Canadian company.  When I was shopping for winter boots just a few weeks ago I wanted something that was cute, warm, stylish and that would keep the kid’s feet dry. They will be playing in the snow a lot and I found it in their Leaf boot.

kamik-leaf-emb-1With a little faux fur trim, it will prevent snow from falling in.  The Leaf boot protects your kid’s feet at -32C(-25F), I love that they’ve incorporated night reflectors in the boots known as ‘Night Rays‘ and Kamiks ‘DriDefense‘.  With the DriDefense Kamik boots will keep your feet 100% dry all winter long with thanks to the DriDefense waterproof membrane. It allows moisture to escape without letting any more in letting your feet breathe easy in any kind of weather.  Which is what we need for fort building and making snow angels.

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kamik-leaf-emb-2Velcro closures make it easy for toddlers to put on their boots and I love a good strong sole as you can see pictured below.  Slushy puddles here we come!  It’s not a Toronto winter without the slush!

Why Everything Mom and Baby loves Kamik:
Quality.  But another reason to shop Kamik is they are a Canadian family business since 1898.  73% of their products are made here. Bring in your old Kamik rain boots to participating  retailers and help Kamik recycle and revive them into brand new products.   As you know, I love supporting sustainable companies and Kamik is a fantastic company I hope you check out.

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  1. Ashley S | 6th Jan 17

    Those boots are so cute! Diggin the pink color 🙂

    • Erica | 6th Jan 17

      My twins love pink!

  2. Ashley | 6th Jan 17

    Those are really cute! And look like the perfect boots since winter weather is here!

    • Erica | 6th Jan 17

      They are the perfect aren’t they?

  3. carissa garabedian | 6th Jan 17

    OH HOW CUTE! I love the pics, love the boots and am super excited for snow. We are expecting our first storm here this weekend and got all of our gear out too!

    • Erica | 9th Jan 17

      I hope you enjoyed the snow! 🙂

  4. Rebecca Bryant | 6th Jan 17

    Those are super cute boots. They look warm and cozy.

  5. Laura Funk | 6th Jan 17

    I just bought these for my son (not pink lol)! He is trying them out ice fishing this weekend and loves how comfy they are.

    • Erica | 9th Jan 17

      Awesome! I hope you had a great weekend. Ice fishing sounds awesome. I have a few friends back home that do it in Manitoba.

  6. Claudia Krusch | 6th Jan 17

    These boots are so cute. I love the color and they look so warm. They will be perfect for my little one.

  7. Molly Kumar | 6th Jan 17

    OMG, they look so Cute & I’m so loving that pink color!!! They look comfy too & I’m sure they’ll be a favorite with many kiddos.

  8. Emily | 7th Jan 17

    These look like great snow boots. I am loving the bright color, so fun! Nothing worse than cold and wet feet in winter and these look like they will keep feet nice and toasty.

  9. kathy downey | 18th Jan 17

    These snow boots look so nice,love the color.There is nothing better than a good quality comfy boot.

  10. Wanda Tracey | 22nd Jan 17

    These boots are super cute and they look so warm and comfy too.Thanks for the great review.

  11. Victoria Ess | 24th Jan 17

    These are so cute! The pink really pops!

  12. Lynda Cook | 27th Jan 17

    Llove these boots, and my granddaughter would love wearing these!!

  13. kristen visser | 28th Jan 17

    WOW I cannot believe I have never heard of Kamik before! And a Canadian company as well! I love that. I will have to check them out <3

  14. kathy downey | 29th Jan 17

    These books are so cute! Love the photo’s!

  15. Julie | 3rd Feb 17

    I’ve never heard of them before but I am definitely looking into them when my kids need new boots!

  16. Nicky | 5th Feb 17

    These look like wonderful boots! Love the velcro – easy to use for kiddos 🙂

  17. Judy Cowan | 16th Feb 17

    They look like great boots and very cute!

  18. Janet M | 23rd May 17

    I will keep these boots in mind for next winter.

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