Kariderm~100% pure Organic Shea Butter. Rich in elements that moisturize, nourish, and protect your skin~

I’ve had the chance to review a line recently called Kariderm.  They are a Canadian company that focuses on organic skincare using and the main ingredient is shea butter.  The KARIDERM products are made with Shea Butter Organic & Fair Trade which nourishes, protects and hydrates. It regenerates skin, nails and hair. Soothes skin irritations and helps to improve firmness.  Another great feature that I like about the line is the purchase of their product also helps to support health care and developmental actions in Burkina Faso, West Africa.


One of my favourites from the skincare line is the Kariderm Regenerating Mask.  I found extremely effective in treating the nasty pimple that was brewing beneath the surface.  It reduced the redness, size and pain that I could feel. Thanks, hormones!   With green clay as the main ingredient, I knew it would help soothe and Siberian Ginseng would help tighten the affected area.  Red and Green tea along with the mud, shea butter and ginseng helps give my face a glow I am trying to attain by taking better care of my skin as I like to treat myself to a facial once a week.   It’s a brilliant facial mask and affordable too($26).

.@Kariderm products are excellent as daily skincare products, but they are also good for the Earth! Developed from organic & natural ingredients, their formulas are biodegradable & the containers are made from recyclable… Click To Tweet

TIP: In order to get a more invigorating effect, we suggest to use the Kariderm Exfoliating Gel prior to the applying the mask. This will enable to remove dead cells and facilitate the absorption of all the nutrients present in the Regenerating Mask. Such a routine can be followed once or twice a week.


Amother, brilliant product is the Kariderm Exfoliating Gel.  I have no excuse to not exfoliate.  I keep it in the shower and I like to leave it for a little while longer when I have my hair in conditioner.  Made with shea butter and enriched with marine phytoplankton, vegetable oils and citrus fruits extracts it gently refines the surface of the skin and eliminates dead skin cells while promoting cellular renewal thanks to the citrus oils which is why I don’t rinse it off right away.   Exfoliation is key in your skincare regimen, it’s important because as we get older cell turnover is not as fast and product penetrates better into the skin and your make up application will be flawless.

.@Kariderm: Thanks to their high content of organic shea butter, reinforced w/ several natural actives & plant extracts,their products offer diverse solutions to numerous skin conditions. Click To Tweet
Kariderm_Creme_Hydratante_2_60ml_U8A3432Kariderm Moisturizing Protective Cream is a nice and simple moisturizer. I think it’s best suited for all skin types even for teenagers getting into skincare.  For me, it didn’t provide enough moisture.  I need to use oils to feed my hungry skin for moisture.  When I used this along with a serum it was only then that I was able to achieve the moisture my skin craves.  It has great ingredients that can read {here} and if you’re looking for a light cream that will bring radiance as well, for $30 you can’t go wrong.  Another nice and simple product that gently removes your makeup and dirt from the day is their Gentle Cleansing Milk.  It’ formulated with shea butter, Meadowfoam seed oil, linden and Panama bark extracts which is ideal for sensitive skin. This milky cleansing lotion purifies, lifts make-up and impurities while protecting the moisture balance of the skin.  It really is lovely cleaning milk, I like to use cooler water for my sensitive skin and massage the cleanser into my skin before rinsing off with a soft organic washcloth like this {one}.  


With pedicure season coming up and as I like to care of hands and feet, the Kariderm line will help keep your hands soft and those heels moisturized.  No cracked ugly heels will be seen or dry cuticles and dry hands from all the dishes I do thanks to this highly moisturizing hand and foot cream!  The foot cream is actually soothing and improves circulation with invigorating essential oils (eucalyptus, rosemary, cypress and mint) which stimulate blood circulation.

From their lip balm, Relaxing Lavender soap and shea butter to everything in between, overall I must say that the Kariderm is a very nice line that is worth checking out.  It’s made with the right ingredients, it’s affordable and they give back to the community in Africa. When you see Kariderm, I hope you’ll remember my review and try one if not all of their products.  But wait……


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Disclosure: This sponsored blog post was written in collaboration with Kariderm. 


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  1. joy | 23rd Apr 18

    i am interested in the eye contour cream and the regenerating mask

  2. Marlene J | 23rd Apr 18

    The Eye contour cream & Refreshing soap / Citrus – everything sounds wonderful.

  3. Sab Edwards | 23rd Apr 18

    Shea Butter Discovery Kit – i’D try the lip balm first..I work in a plant that is refridgerated so its cold all the time and you need lip stuff

  4. Alison Braidwood | 23rd Apr 18

    I’d love to try their Shea Butter. I have really sensitive skin, so I’d love to try this line.

  5. Elizabeth Vlug | 23rd Apr 18

    I’m still on the hunt for a great eye cream and would love to try Kariderm Eye Contour Cream. Thanks for the review and giveaway too.

  6. Elizabeth Vlug | 23rd Apr 18

    Tweet: https://twitter.com/Redlizzy1/status/988473772339589125

  7. Amy Heffernan | 23rd Apr 18

    I would just love to try the complete hair care.

  8. kristen visser | 23rd Apr 18

    I am interested in the moisturizing Shower Gel, the Foot Care Cream and the Hair Mask

  9. Janet Meisner | 23rd Apr 18

    Love the organic raw shea butter and the relaxing lavender soap.

  10. Cloe St-Amour | 23rd Apr 18

    Would love to try their Shea Butter!

  11. jan | 23rd Apr 18

    I am interested in finding out how well the Hair Stimulator works

  12. Glogirl | 23rd Apr 18

    I’m interested in trying the foot care cream, the tonifying soap and the moisturizing shower gel.

  13. Calvin | 23rd Apr 18

    Really awesome stuff I’d try the protecting cream

  14. Juliee Fitze | 24th Apr 18

    I would like to try the Gentle cleansing milk.

  15. Sarah | 24th Apr 18

    This would be amazing! Here’s my tweet: https://mobile.twitter.com/AnxiousMom14/status/988793239774941184


  16. Sarah | 24th Apr 18

    I would love to try the organic lip balm, especially after such a long winter it would be great to revitalize my lips. Thanks

  17. Stephanie | 24th Apr 18

    I’d love to try the facial toner!

  18. Linda | 24th Apr 18

    Id love to try it all!

  19. Andrea | 24th Apr 18

    I am interested in the Foot Care Cream!

  20. Heidi P | 25th Apr 18

    The moisturizing shower gel, organic raw shea butter & relaxing lavender soap look very appealing.

  21. Jenness M | 25th Apr 18

    I’d love to try the raw shea butter!

  22. nicky | 25th Apr 18

    Am interested in the raw shea butter, the argan oil, and the gentle cleansing milk.

  23. Judy Ruffolo | 26th Apr 18

    I’m really interested in the protective moisturizing cream!

  24. ivy pluchinsky | 26th Apr 18

    I would love to try the moisturizing Shower Gel,

  25. wendy hutton | 26th Apr 18

    tweeted https://twitter.com/wghutton/status/989566450993061888

  26. Linda | 27th Apr 18

    I like the organic lip balm. I’m always looking for a good one.

  27. Wanda Tracey | 28th Apr 18

    Another product that I would love to try is the 100% pure organic black cumin oil. It contains more than a hundred active constituents that impact both the immune system and skin disorders. I think it would be awesome for eczema.

  28. LILLIAN BROWN | 28th Apr 18

    I am interested in the protective moisturizing cream, sounds very nice.

  29. LILLIAN BROWN | 28th Apr 18

    Twitter . https://twitter.com/LILLIANMB23/status/990250418654638080

  30. Florence Cochrane | 28th Apr 18

    I would love the hair softness duo

  31. Lynda Cook | 29th Apr 18

    These all sound great and I would love to try the Moisturizing shower gel

  32. Valerie Mallette | 29th Apr 18

    I’m most interested in the Raw Shea butter and the Cream Duo – Face Moisturizer.

  33. Ira | 30th Apr 18

    I like their hair care line, especially Protective shampoo.

  34. Erin W | 30th Apr 18

    I’d really love to try the exfoliating gel! I really need to get a skincare routine going for myself.

  35. Laurie P | 30th Apr 18

    I’d love to try the hand cream 🙂

  36. Carole D | 30th Apr 18

    I would like to try their Complete Hair Care

  37. jamie hall | 30th Apr 18

    I would love to try the hand cteam

  38. Jennifer P. | 30th Apr 18

    I am interested in the Moisturizing Protective Cream, Gentle Cleansing Milk, Organic Lip Balm (Vanilla), Moisturizing Shower Gel, and Foot Care Cream.

  39. Tannis W | 30th Apr 18

    I’d like to try the shampoo and citrus soap.

  40. Carol M | 30th Apr 18

    The Cream Duo – Face Moisturizer and the citrus soap.

  41. Jennifer L. | 30th Apr 18

    I’m interested in their Lightening Cream.

  42. Cathy Balogh | 4th Jun 18

    Looks like a nice product

  43. wendy hutton | 25th Oct 18

    these sound like great products

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