Keeping your food safe from freezer burn and waste with Nutri Fresh Vacuum Sealer from Hamilton Beach

Long-time, no chat right my friends?  I am back at it sharing with you my favourite appliance reviews for your home.  Life has been chaotic since the end of summer as we moved from Toronto back to Winnipeg and we are settling into our new home!  I have been using the Hamilton Beach Nutri Fresh Vacuum Sealer and I wish I had started using one a lot sooner!   In the new house, I wanted to save space in our freezer and I like things neat & more organized (as crazy as that may sound!) since using the Nutri Fresh.   Freezing food properly is a necessary thing to consider when feeding your family to reduce waste but also being able to see what’s in the freezer that’s been neatly stored.  In the past, I have tossed out so much meat because it’s either forgotten or has freezer burn and that’s beyond wasteful and embarrassing to admit.  Since using the Nutri Fresh Vacuum Sealer which is quite easy and straight forward to use, it has been very effective and a useful device in the kitchen and it’s saving me space in my freezer as well as avoiding freezer burn!  I buy meat on sale, like the 50% off about to expire in bulk whenever I can I find specials and since using the Hamilton Beach vacuum sealer, nothing gets wasted.


What are the benefits of vacuum sealing your food with Nutri Fresh? Here are my key favourites:

1) Year-round freshness!  Plus you can sous-vide with your vacuum-sealed meals.
2) Reduce waste
3) Marinate!  Have your meals ready in a flash by marinating them when you seal. 
4) Vacuum sealing adds layers of protection from external sources and you won’t need to worry about freezer burn
5)  By sealing your food you and removing the air you’ll get more flavour from your food and you’ll be preserving the nutritional value

The Nutri Fresh Vacuum Sealer Features:

  • Extra-wide vacuum chamber
  • Versatile controls:
  • Vacuum & Seal for traditional sealing
  • Seal only for making bags from rolls
  • Vacuum only for delicate food
  • Normal seal for dry food
  • Extended seal for moist food
  • Includes two 11 in. x 20 ft. heat-seal roll and 4 gallon-size & 6 quart-size heat-seal bags

The bags are BPA free, they are recyclable but not compostable and are super easy to align the bag, close and seal. The extra-wide vacuum chamber makes it versatile to vacuum seal any size bag.  You can vacuum seal for delicate foods such as fish, normal seal for dry food(like veggies) and extend seal for moist foods(like chicken, ground pork, beef etc).  So in a nutshell, whether it’s fresh seafood or fragile herbs, you control the food sealing process with vacuum sealing controls as well as advanced settings like Extended Seal, for sealing foods with some liquid.


Lastly, one of my favourite things about vacuum sealing is saving leftovers!  No need to finish that stew right away or whatever else you made.  Vacuum seal it and toss it in the freezer to enjoy at a later date.  I hope you’ll add the Nutri Fresh to your Christmas Wish List because it’s a “Foodie” Must have and it’s something you’d never think to get but you’ll be amazed at just how much you use it!

Where to buy?
You can find the Nutri Fresh at, Walmart, Best Buy, Bed Bath and Beyond.

Disclosure: This sponsored post was written in collaboration with Hamilton Beach Canada.  All opinions are always my own and never influenced.



  1. Monique L.S. | 17th Dec 19

    A vacuum sealer makes so much sense. I usually make enough food for leftovers, but then they spoil while in the freezer. Would be nice to help the food last longer and stay fresher.

  2. Michelle W | 17th Dec 19

    I used my MIL vacuum sealer a few weeks ago. Seriously thinking about buying one now. Yay to no more freezer burn foods.

  3. Caine0316 | 17th Dec 19

    i need to get one of these vacuum sealers as i usually have left overs i want to keep fresh

  4. Jackie M | 17th Dec 19

    I should invest in a vacuum sealer! Can store food much easier!

  5. Alison Braidwood | 17th Dec 19

    This looks useful. I’m terrible at remembering to label foods I freeze, so end up throwing out more than I should.

  6. Sunshine H | 17th Dec 19

    Thank you for the great review. I’ve been thinking of getting one and this helps.

  7. Rosanne Robinson | 17th Dec 19

    I hadn’t thought about getting a vacuum sealer up until now, but after reading your informative post on the Hamilton Beach Nutri Fresh Vacuum Sealer, will check into it. I hate seeing freezer burn and throwing out food, so thx very much!

  8. Jennifer (@JusticeSadie) Conlin | 17th Dec 19

    This would save us a bundle on food waste. I need this in my life!

  9. Natalie | 17th Dec 19

    I forgot how much I missed having a vacuum sealer until now. I used to use it to seal cookies I was sending in care packages. They were fresh even after weeks in transit. Maybe time to invest in a new one…

  10. wendy hutton | 17th Dec 19

    I been wanting to get a vacuum sealer and this one sounds perfect

  11. Aleasha Campbell | 17th Dec 19

    With a family of 6 something like this would be so handy!

  12. Tannis W | 18th Dec 19

    This looks like a really cool appliance, and handy for making food stay fresh longer.

  13. Jennifer Wilson | 18th Dec 19

    What a wonderful machine, no more freezer burn!

  14. Nita M. | 18th Dec 19

    Thank you for the good review!

  15. Silvia D | 18th Dec 19

    I used to have a vacuum sealer many years ago , even used it to seal up things for camping, like matches ect.. so useful! I really would love one again! Great review!

  16. Linda | 18th Dec 19

    I have a friend who has this! I’ve been thinking about getting one to save space in the freezer.

  17. Natacha Donovan | 18th Dec 19

    I like using our vacuum sealer for meat. Was using it less since I went to a vegan diet. I have recently started cooking beans from dry beans and vacuuming sealing and freezing them.

  18. Janice Cournoyer | 18th Dec 19

    After reading your informative post on the Hamilton Beach Nutri Fresh Vacuum Sealer, I will have to get one. Less food waste, great for freezing my garden vegetables, and large buys of meat. Less freezer burn.

  19. Jenness M | 18th Dec 19

    I’m a cheese-a-holic so I’d love to have one of these to stop the mold that seems to grow so quickly! Definitely on my to buy list.

  20. Patrick B. | 18th Dec 19

    This would be great for preserving perishable foods, especially over the holidays when there will be any leftovers! 🙂

  21. Amy Heffernan | 18th Dec 19

    These are great machines!!! Fresher for longer. Nothing better than that!

  22. Diane T | 18th Dec 19

    should invest in a vacuum sealer! Can store food much easier and save on space!

  23. Diana Z | 18th Dec 19

    This looks like a great applicance to keep food fresh longer especially if there’s only a couple of you in the house.

  24. Ali | 18th Dec 19

    This would be PERFECT for freezing and some marinating.

  25. Judy Cowan | 18th Dec 19

    I think a vacuum sealer is a great idea for the kitchen!

  26. Lester C | 18th Dec 19

    This would make storing food a lot easier in the feezer

  27. Julie Bolduc | 18th Dec 19

    Oh wow you can save alot of food this way

  28. richard turner | 18th Dec 19

    I’ve always wanted one of these.

  29. brian nielsen | 18th Dec 19

    I need a new vacuum sealer. especially after reading this

  30. Vadim | 18th Dec 19

    I’ve never tried to vacuum seal the stuff in my freezer, but maybe I should give it a try

  31. Hal Jenner | 18th Dec 19

    I have thought about buying a Vaccum sealer before but never done it. It sounds like this is one that would make my life easier.

  32. William D | 18th Dec 19

    What a great way to keep food fresh!

  33. Donna S | 18th Dec 19

    I throw out so much food because of either freezer burn or drying out in the fridge. This would save me so much money.

  34. kathy downey | 18th Dec 19

    I like Hamilton Beach appliances and didn’t know they had a Nutri Fresh Vacuum Sealer. Thanks for the detailed review!

  35. Elaine G | 18th Dec 19

    I always have freezer burnt food this Vacuum Sealer would really come in handy

  36. LILLIAN BROWN | 18th Dec 19

    I like like that this is great appliance to keep food fresh longer.

  37. Calvin | 18th Dec 19

    Looks helpful for storage, especially if you tend to cook in batches.

  38. Shirley O | 18th Dec 19

    Hamilton Beach appliances are so reliable. A Vacuum Sealer is such a useful appliance to prevent freezer burn. I would love to own one.

  39. Sandra Dufoe | 18th Dec 19

    I love this it looks like its easy to use and help keep food from getting freezer burned.

  40. Leanne | 18th Dec 19

    I hate when meat gets freezer burnt . Would love to try this and see how much of a difference it makes . I like to stock up on meat when it’s on sale.

  41. Marlene V | 18th Dec 19

    I would love this so that when we freeze items they last longer and taste better when we do use them.

  42. AD | 19th Dec 19

    Love Hamilton Beach products; they have an impeccable reputation and are great products.

  43. Victoria Ess | 19th Dec 19

    I would LOVE one of these for christmas.

  44. Nate | 19th Dec 19

    good way to reduce food waste

  45. MaryG | 19th Dec 19

    This is a great device to cut down on food waste!

  46. Margaret Imecs | 19th Dec 19

    Amazing! I will need one! Thanks for sharing!

  47. Wanda B | 19th Dec 19

    Oh, my! Where has this been all my life? I would love to have this in my kitchen!

  48. ChristineB | 19th Dec 19

    Great for saving leftovers so you don’t have to eat the same thing two nights in a row.

  49. J | 19th Dec 19

    Great idea but I am not sure about all the plastic it creates.

  50. Patsy | 19th Dec 19

    Hope I get one for Xmas!

  51. Heidi P | 19th Dec 19

    Have read good reviews on food sealers and how they preserve food longer, would love to own one.
    thanks – #winnipeg

  52. Ken | 19th Dec 19

    So hate freezer burn and with this system is eliminates it and love that the bags are recyclable.

  53. Alayne Langford | 19th Dec 19

    My Dad had one of these and I cannot believe how well it kept food fresh and less waste! 🙂

  54. Tracy Morin | 19th Dec 19

    I love the idea of marinading in the seal…brilliant! We eat alot of cheese and I often buy it discounted, shred it and put it in the freezer. To take more air out would be fabulous to ensure the cheese doesn’t get frosty so quickly.
    Thank you kindly for the article!

  55. Devon Harvey | 20th Dec 19

    A vacuum sealer is a perfect thing to go with a sous vide

  56. Tracey | 20th Dec 19

    I love to cook meals on the weekend to be enjoyed during the week. A Nutri Fresh Vacuum Sealer would be so helpful at keeping everything fresh and organized.

  57. Suzie B | 20th Dec 19

    This looks like a great device to have on hand to cut down on waste!

  58. Amanda Masters | 20th Dec 19

    I absolutely hate food waste and have always been curious about these food saving systems, it sounds really wonderful.

  59. Jacqelyn Reid | 20th Dec 19

    i really need one of these. I guess ill be adding a last min gift to my holiday list for santa this year

  60. Cassy J | 20th Dec 19

    I heat seal bags of chips and such already! Great post on for the freezer

  61. Ghram Myers | 20th Dec 19

    We had a sealer when I was a kid…sooooooo many years ago. Would love to get another.

  62. Erin Green | 20th Dec 19

    I love that the food can be labeled. This would be good for packaging and freezing meals.

  63. Erin N | 20th Dec 19

    I love it! We need one of these in our household. Happy Holidays 🎄☃️❄

  64. Stefano Girotti | 20th Dec 19

    Try to eat fresh but I need it anyway

  65. Pam | 20th Dec 19

    I really try not to waste food and this seems like a great idea for the freezer.

  66. JoKing | 20th Dec 19

    I have been asking for one of these for 2 years now. Eeeek fingers crossed.

  67. Dianne G. | 20th Dec 19

    I don’t like to waste food so a vacuum sealer is on my wish list. Nice to see that Hamilton Beach has one. I was not aware until I read your post.

  68. Lynda Cook | 20th Dec 19

    I have always wanted one of these machines, but I do not have the room, and I think the plastic for it would be expensive

  69. gayle b | 20th Dec 19

    I think every kitchen should have one!!

  70. nicky | 20th Dec 19

    I’ve never used one of these, but it looks super handy!

  71. Betty S | 1st May 20

    I have been considering one of these, and this has been super informative

  72. Shirley O | 3rd May 20

    I should invest in a vacuum sealer! They are so convenient.

  73. LILLIAN BROWN | 4th May 20

    Would save money and I would not waste so much food if I had this

  74. Treen Goodwin | 25th Nov 20

    Vacuum sealing is so awesome, we do all our meat , and seafood , lasts so much longer than normal baggies !

  75. Judy Cowan | 26th Nov 20

    I think this is one small appliance that all kitchens should have, we have one and LOVE is, definitely cuts down on waste.

  76. Janet M | 29th Nov 20

    I used a vacuum sealer years ago but this one is so much better and useful.

  77. Jeannie Lam | 30th Nov 20

    I have been considering getting one of these because I noticed when I buy in large quantity, which is cheaper, i’m not able to finish it all…so at the end when I’m trying to save money, I’m actually not.

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