KiiPix for printing your pics! #KiiPix

There’s a sweet little portable printer I’d like to tell you about, called KiiPix by TOMY.  It’s relatively easy to use, costs about $50 and you can find it at Toys R Us, I think this is the perfect gift for the tween or soon to be a tween in your life.

KiiPix™ is a portable instant picture printer that produces retro-stylized photos from any smartphone. KiiPix™ is easy to use, making it a “snap” to capture, print and share! Simply place any smartphone on the KiiPix™ instant picture printer and print photos from your camera roll or Instagram. ~KiiPixKiiPix_2

As you can see in the above, I just printed 3 pics, they are coming into focus and it’s relatively easy to use. For the first time, I do recommend watching the Youtube video as I missed one step but I still need to fine tune my placing of the camera, to be honest.  The pics came out okay, some not as centred as much as I’d like but I’ll have to buy some Fuji Instax Mini Film to complete my project. I want to place a string and I have these cute little wooden cloth pins that I want to clip onto the pictures to hang.

How to use:  Open up your KiiPix, place your phone on top, push the button and turn the crank. For the best results, make sure your screen lock is on and that you turn your phone’s brightness all the way up, place the camera on top and simply turn the white knob on the left and the picture rolls out.


My kids have fun with it too as I have given my eldest all control of this.  They love going through my pics and picking which ones to print and I like seeing their choices too.  I will share on Instagram when I have my little collage ready but I know I have some from the summer I want to be printed out!


I’d like for you to have one too!  Here’s a new giveaway! Enter to win a KiiPix of your very own. Colour may vary and film is not included.

With the Holidays coming this makes for a great gift to the teacher, your friend, family or even just for you.  There’s no excuse to not make use of KiiPix, get those pics stored in your phone printed!  Are you guilty of that? Tell us below and fill in the raffle.
This giveaway is open to USA and Canada(Yay!) and it’s simple to enter.  Giveaway ends, November.2, 2018
KiiPix Giveaway



  1. kristen visser | 19th Oct 18

    wow this would definitely help! I have soooo many photos on my instagram, facebook and phone that i have not printed out. totally guilty for not filling up album with pics or displaying them around the house

  2. Jonnie | 19th Oct 18

    I am guilty of not printing out photos. I even have old films still that I never got developed! This sounds like it would make printing easy and fun.

  3. joy | 19th Oct 18

    I really miss being able to get photos printed – that was our only choice!
    this gadget looks really fun – my teen is an avid photographer – she would definitely enjoy this!

  4. ivy pluchinsky | 19th Oct 18

    I am totally guilty of not printing my photos, and my grandma always complains she never gets any pictures, so yes I would totally print some out if i won

  5. Jennifer P. | 19th Oct 18

    I haven’t printed pictures for about 10 years…!! 🙁 I hope this would help me print more, because I really need to!

  6. jan | 19th Oct 18

    I barely organize the things let alone print them! I’d love to print and put in albums though. You know, the old fashioned way. 😉

  7. Anne Taylor | 19th Oct 18

    I am guilty of not printing pictures and I think that this wonderful gadget may help me remember!

  8. Sarah | 19th Oct 18

    I am very guilty of not printing out my pictures. I would definitely make a better effort if I were to win this 🙂 Thanks!

  9. Linda | 19th Oct 18

    We would print out so many photos if we got a KiiPix. My kids would love to do this.

  10. kathy | 19th Oct 18

    I’m terrible at not printing out my photos,but if I win a KiiPix I certainly could change that !

  11. 409cope | 19th Oct 18

    I am guilty of not printing out my photos. This would make printing them out easier and leave me with no excuses not to.

  12. elaing8 | 19th Oct 18

    I am guilty of not printing my pictures out. I always say, ‘oh that’s a good one I need to print’, but then never do. I would definitely print them with this.

  13. Margo b | 19th Oct 18

    I currently have like 60 pictures on my phone 🙂 I don’t typically print photos unless I am replacing the ones on the wall, which I did recently and even blew up a nice wedding one of my son and his bride who jut got married in August, kinda nice to have printed pictures tho

  14. Kim Tanti | 19th Oct 18

    I am so guilty of not printing off pic. Because I have to go to Walmart to do it. This KiiPix would sure help me out especially with a beautiful new grandson.

  15. Sherry K | 19th Oct 18

    I print a few photos, but would do so many more with the KiiPix.

  16. Debbie White-Beattie | 19th Oct 18

    I always say I’ve got to print them out but I never do, but if I have a way to print them at home I’ll have no excuse not to.

  17. wendy hutton | 19th Oct 18

    yes I am guilty of not printing photos, they do get stored on a flash drive

  18. Miriam Wilton | 19th Oct 18

    soooo guilty of not printing photos. I recently had to run to walmart to quick print a family photo for my daughters school project!

  19. Sharon | 19th Oct 18

    I am guilty of not printing photos

  20. Maritess S | 20th Oct 18

    I have the best intentions to get our pictures printed but procrastinations gets the best of me. I would love to print pictures of our family from far away so my kids will be reminded that they have extended family, too.

  21. Tannis W | 20th Oct 18

    I’m not sure when I last printed photos… it’s been a long time. This looks like a fun little printer and I like the idea of involving your kids!

  22. Marlene J | 20th Oct 18

    I print pictures alot, so this would come in very handy.

  23. MaryG | 20th Oct 18

    I have never printed out my photos, but I absolutely would with this; my mother would be thrilled to have them.

  24. Athena | 20th Oct 18

    I’m horrible for not printing pictures, and I do think this would help!

  25. Allie f | 20th Oct 18

    Yes I rarely if ever print photos these days but definitely will if I won!

  26. Stephanie LaPlante | 20th Oct 18

    I’m very guilty of that. This would be the perfect inspiration to do so.

  27. Viv Sluys | 20th Oct 18

    My favourite memories that I’ll print with this are the ones from our camping trips this summer

  28. Viv Sluys | 20th Oct 18

    I just commented on the wrong post about photos! Oops!

    I make one 20 page photobook each year but it is normally of just a month or two of photos 🙁

  29. Silvia D | 20th Oct 18

    I only seem to print out pics when doing a project like collages or cards… but a KiiPix would be fun and easy to use and make printing out more pictures regularily!

  30. Florence Cochrane | 20th Oct 18

    I am guilty of not printing photos. This printer would be amazing to get me printing.

  31. Victoria Ess | 21st Oct 18

    I never print out photos and this would definitely encourage me to!

  32. Jenness M | 21st Oct 18

    I’m definitely guilty of not printing pics and it drives my mom crazy as she wants more pics of her grandkids. This would get me printing again!

  33. Jeannie Lam | 21st Oct 18

    I am totally guilty of not printing pictures! I think this would definitely get me going and starting printing the awesome pictures I take!

  34. Monique L.S. | 21st Oct 18

    I take way more pictures than I would ever want to print out, but there are some special ones that I wanted to make into a print, but just never got around to it.

  35. Linda G | 21st Oct 18

    On overload, always think I’ll get to sort and do something creative but that never happens.

  36. Lynda Cook | 22nd Oct 18

    I have a real bad problem of not printing, this would be a fun device to have!

  37. Diane T | 22nd Oct 18

    I will definitely print out my photos more often!

  38. Lester C | 22nd Oct 18

    I will definitely be printing my photos now.

  39. Michelle Policelli | 23rd Oct 18

    Yes totally guilty!! I have so many pictures that I would love to print

  40. Toby | 23rd Oct 18

    There’s no reason not to now! #noexcuses

  41. Suzie B | 23rd Oct 18

    I am definitely guilty of not printing out my pics ! I hope I would be better with the Kiipix making it so quick

  42. Kaitlyn Hogan | 24th Oct 18

    I’m so guilty of not printing out my photos, I have so many that I need to print for my son’s baby book. We are doing the love so big project where people worldwide write a love note to our son and hold it up with a cool background showing where
    In the world they are, for example holding it in front of disney world.
    This printer is absolutely adorable and would be extremely useful for our project! Good luck everyone 💕

  43. mami2jcn | 24th Oct 18

    I don’t print out photos but I would if I had this!

  44. Yeenia Salgado | 24th Oct 18

    Ugh. Yes. So many times. How I wish I can print a great and awesome photo. 😃 This can be like a lifesaver to us

  45. Lee-Ann Sleegers | 24th Oct 18

    I will definitely print more pictures if I had a KiiPix.

  46. Jennifer Wilson | 25th Oct 18

    I am guilty of not printing my photos, if I win then you can bet I will print them!

  47. Janet Meisner | 25th Oct 18

    Yes, I tend not to print and then I forget about some lovely pictures that I have.

  48. Katherine S | 26th Oct 18

    I am guilty of not printing out my photos. This would definitely come in handy.

  49. Katherine S | 29th Oct 18

    I am not good at printing photos out. I like how easy and quick this is.

  50. Grayce Yuen | 31st Oct 18

    Love how this giveaway includes Canada!!! 😀
    With a new baby on the way, I’ve been trying to capture as many baby bump moments as possible to show our little one when he/she is older! My mom used to love printing photos and scrapbooking them for us when we were younger, this is something I definitely want to pass on to my own kids!

  51. Robyn Bellefleur | 1st Nov 18

    I am guilty of not printing my photos, but if I win that will be remedied.

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