Krav Maga at the @IKMFCanada- The perfect non toy gift for kids!


With Christmas quickly approaching we often wonder what do we get our kids for this holiday.  From our own to friends kids, nieces, nephews and cousins I think one of the best gifts to give are classes.  Something we never thought of until we had kids of our own.  We have enough toys and putting kids in classes is not always affordable for some whether it’s ballet, art or pottery and that’s why classes like Krav Maga make the perfect gift.
Krav Maga for kids at the International Krav Maga Federation is very affordable at $80 a month.  My son loves it and it’s a great way for them to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Kids learn the importance of self-defence, they have fun exercising and make new friends that they get to see every Sunday.  Krav Maga also builds confidence.  Christopher Gagne is a father of two girls and his method for teaching is kind and with great patience.  Whatever your age, fitness level, or experience, IKMF will give you the skills and confidence to defend yourself in real life situations.  Children learn differently than adults and are faced with a special set of potential dangers. Most importantly, classes are FUN as my son says.   As I mentioned in my first post on Krav Maga it consists of realistic self-defense techniques that are effective not only against bullies, but any adult assailant as well.  Kids also learn structure and rules, discipline, focus and a sense of accomplishment.  Kids classes are for kids aged 5-12, and a Wednesday evening class has been added so twice a week classes are bit more.  You can see more on IKMF link here.
What do you learn at Krav Maga:

  1. Understanding Realistic Attacks: IKMF,  spends a lot of time travelling the globe studying how real assaults take place.  Attackers, we have learned, are quite innovative.  We strive to match this and to pass on what we learn to our students.  
  2. Adapting to Various Settings:  Assaults happen everywhere – on the subway, in homes, walking or running, parking lots…..   We teach you to defend yourself in various contexts.  
  3. Situational Awareness:  Surviving an assault involves more than performing an effective defence against one person.  You need to identify other factors such as multiple attackers, motor traffic, escape and exit options…. You also learn how to avoid, prevent, and escape.  
  4. Using Your Natural Reflexes. As much as possible, our techniques grow from your body’s natural reactions to danger.  See…
  5. Finding Simple Solutions.  Stress inhibits your motor skills.  Moreover, not everyone is athletic.  Accordingly, we keep movements simple and easy to perform.    


I cannot say enough good things about Krav Maga at IKMF.  My son is confident, he can protect himself and is excited to learn every week.  I will say it has helped him to focus and to listen and I love hearing how he gets better with every class.  You can read my first post about Krav Maga here.

To inquire about classes and buying a membership for your child for $80, visit IKMF online.  The first class is always free!

2156 YONGE ST (bsmt)
Toronto, ON  M4S 2A8
(416) 657-1028

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