La Bella Figura ~ My skincare secret


La Bella Figura is a luxury skincare line that bases its whole line on the healing, hydrating and anti-ageing benefits of Argan Oil.
This is as pure as skin care can get, no chemicals, no synthetic scents, no endocrine disruptor’s, nothing but beautiful organic Argan oil and essential oils to bring out the luminosity, healthy glow in your skin.

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Oil on the skin. Yes! In fact, for your oily skin, I recommend you get the La Bella Figura Tesoro Mediterranean Blend.  It’s lightweight and the essential oils scenting them is citrus so I bet it will also heal the congestion in your skin and if any blemishes.

Does that make you scratch your head? Do you have oily skin and think this is not for you? Well, as an esthetician I am going to tell you that oils are the best thing for your skin because they are pure and loaded with vitamins. No fillers needed as most creams are made of.

In fact, if you have oily skin by using proper oils for your skin type you can actually balance your skin type.
Dry, creped, flaccid skin? With La Bella Figura you are bringing instant moisture and life back to your skin.  My skin since having my child has turned from combination to dry. I have been using this line exclusively for one month. The difference? Even skin tone, a healthy glow when I put makeup on and ultimate healthy looking skin! Healthy skin reflects also reflects what’s going on the inside as well but this is a nice way to cheat rich skin and you can have it with La Bella Figura.

Another benefit of oils for the skin is it encourages you to massage your face. Massaging your face enhances the proper flow of circulation, things become stagnant and your face needs to be massaged to get things flowing.  Massaging also prevents ageing if that concerns you because you are stimulating the skin’s action to wake up and work and our facial muscles work hard all day.

The Benefits of Argan oil?

Antioxidant rich argan oil nourishes skin while providing pure hydration and delivering free radical-reducing protection. Lightweight and pure, argan oil is rich in phenols and delivers smooth, clear and glowing skin in rapid time. ~La Bella Figura

It is rich vitamin E and fatty acids.  It is healing(yes, also if you are oily and battling blemishes) and because of the high Vit.E content healing to scars.  It cools and soothes the skin and that is why by using it the sensitive redness in my skin is minimized because La Bella Figura’s Organic Argan Oil reduces inflammation.

La Bella Figura is a beautiful line and I feel quite luxurious using it, all of it is a must in my opinion and it’s completely affordable. 
PS: The photo below, the Bohemia Verde is the best hair treatment I have ever used!  Even on my fine hair. Read more {HERE}

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  1. Mimi | 27th Oct 11

    Love Argan oil! I’ve never heard of the brand. I learned a lot reading this, I bet it works great for stretch marks.

  2. Marta | 27th Oct 11

    I didn’t know you were an esthetician!

  3. Anonymous | 27th Oct 11

    This sounds divine!

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