The Lassig First Aid Kit- keeping your diaper bag organized!

With my diaper bag from Lassig, The Tender, it comes with a lot of pockets and it has great ways to keep things organized but I like to take a step further and really keep things together.  Especially when emergencies happen!   The Lassig First Aid Kit is a great little accessory to add to your purse/bag.  As the warmer weather is coming you can bet I’ll be cleaning up a lot more banged up knees at the playground.

The LÄSSIG First Aid Kit provides instant help in an emergency situation, ensuring that band aids, ointments or drops are always ready to hand. When the set is unwrapped, it reveals a mesh pocket and a transparent pocket, similar to a wash bag, each with a zip fastener.

Lassig-First-Aid-ContentsYou know what drives me crazy? Loose bandaids.  Scattered all over the place.  I can keep them nice and neat in the mesh enclosed.

Also, for homoeopathy pellets. This is brilliant! But Lassig is German brand afterall so naturally, they have something for first aid homoeopathy. Okay, you can store whatever you want on the bottom-I’ve put crayons there, organic lollipops (only used to calm)  my twins.  My one twin won’t let anyone near her if there’s a boo-boo so I need the backup, hahaha.

Lassig-FirstAid-CompartmentsShopping at Kidz District is really your one-stop shop.  I love the brands they carry and I can’t wait for the Danish fashions to come in. The Lassig Swin gear is pretty cute too.  So, I want you to get a Lassig First Aid Kit of your very own.  Priced at $34.99, Kidz District wants one lucky to fan to win one!  It’s always easy to enter.  I want you to pop over to Kidz District, browse their shop and tell me what else you like.  Also, check out my other Kidz District posts and sign up for their newsletter. Giveaway is Canadian Only(excl.Quebec) and 18+ yrs to enter.  Feel free to check out my terms & conditions.  Good Luck!
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  1. Rosanne Robinson | 22nd Mar 17

    Another Kidz District product I would like from their shop is the Oribel – Cocoon High Chair.

  2. Diana Powell | 22nd Mar 17

    I really like the Kidsme – Reusable Food Pouch with Adaptor Set .

  3. Erin W | 22nd Mar 17

    I really like the Kidsme – Icy Teether, it looks like it would work really well!

  4. jan | 22nd Mar 17

    I like the sounds of Baby Shusher – The Sleep Miracle!

  5. tabitha | 22nd Mar 17

    I love the Lassig – Vintage – Diaper Bag – Weekender Ethno.

  6. Lynda Cook | 22nd Mar 17

    The Baby Shusher – The Sleep Miracle sounds like a great little device

  7. nicky | 22nd Mar 17

    I also love the Oribel – Cocoon High Chair!

  8. Tannis W | 22nd Mar 17

    I like the weegoamigo swaddle blankets.

  9. Victoria Ess | 23rd Mar 17

    I also like their Glam – Backpack Pacific!

  10. SweetPanda | 23rd Mar 17

    I like the assig – Glam – Backpack Pacific! It is so nice!

  11. Gillian Morgan | 23rd Mar 17

    I like their Kidsme – Stay-in-place with Bowl Set.

  12. Athena | 23rd Mar 17

    The NEW Lassig – Glam – Backpack Pacific

  13. kathy downey | 24th Mar 17

    Another item i like from their site is the NEW Dolce – Activity Zebra

  14. Sapana V | 25th Mar 17

    I too need this Lassig first aid kit. It is necessary these days.

  15. Stephanie | 27th Mar 17

    I would love the Oribel – Cocoon High Chair

  16. Shirley S | 27th Mar 17

    Another item I like from their shop is the Oribel – Cocoon High Chair.

  17. s powell | 27th Mar 17

    I could shop till I drop, the cacoon high chair is awesome and so is the backpack pacific that zebra is cute too

  18. Robyn Bellefleur | 27th Mar 17

    I really like the New Lassig – Glam – Backpack Pacific.

  19. Tara Betterley | 28th Mar 17

    I like the Dolce – Musical Giraffe. These are great toys for kids to learn different textiles and objects.

  20. Alison Braidwood | 28th Mar 17

    The Lassig Glam Diaper bag is super cute.

  21. Sage | 28th Mar 17

    I like the activity zebra

  22. Mae | 28th Mar 17

    I loved the high chairs. Especially the cacoon. Thanks for the chance.

  23. Suzie B (Soozle) | 29th Mar 17

    I like the looks of the Oribel – Cocoon High Chair on the site

  24. Charity | 29th Mar 17

    I like the girls lassig tank swimsuit with the popsicle on it

  25. Judy Cowan | 29th Mar 17

    I also like the NEW Kidsme – Icy Teether, looks like something I might have to get for my niece.

  26. Karrie | 29th Mar 17

    I love the NEW Dolce – Activity Zebra…so cute!!

  27. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard | 29th Mar 17

    I like the NEW Dolce – Activity Zebra

  28. Wanda Tracey | 29th Mar 17

    The Kidz District has a lot of wonderful products for sure.My favorite is the New Dolce Play and Learn Monkey!

  29. Maritess | 30th Mar 17

    I really like the innovative baby items that they sell which you cannot find on other stores.

  30. Marra | 30th Mar 17

    I like the Glam – Backpack Pacific too!

  31. Marla | 30th Mar 17

    I love the Lassig – Glam – Backpack Pacific – so beautiful

  32. Caryn Coates | 30th Mar 17

    I love the Glam – Diaper bag – Rosie

  33. Carey Hurst | 30th Mar 17

    The baby shusher sleep miracle thing

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