Let’s go to The EX!

I have an amazing giveaway with The Ex today and it’s opening this Friday. Are you as excited as we are?! I mean, this giveaway is pretty awesome and valued at $305.  Yes!

As Canada’s largest fair and one of Toronto’s most popular attractions, the Canadian National Exhibition offers families throughout southwestern Ontario the opportunity to enjoy a day like no other. From the exciting rides, amazing performers and delicious food to spectacular concerts, fascinating exhibits and a unique shopping experience, The EX has everything for a perfect summer day.

There’s Ribfest, Craft Beer Fest, Food Truck Frenzy….Food is my favourite thing to explore at The Ex and shopping. When travelling with kids you can rent a wagon( I had no idea!), there’s Child Care Centre and safety is always #1 and be sure to go over safety rules with your little one.  On Mondays August 21 & 28, children 13 years and under get into the CNE for just $2 when accompanied by a paying adult.  To learn more about events and activities designed specifically for children 8 years and under, check out our 2017 CNE Fun Guide!

First, let’s talk a little about the Ex.  They’ve been entertaining Canadians since 1897 and this year it’s the 90th anniversary of the “Tilt-A-Whirl”. 


What do you look forward to when it comes to visiting The Ex?  Is it an end of Summer celebration? Do you look forward to the carnival food, vendors and shopping? Oh, wait? The rides?!   It’s amazing to think that The Ex started in 1879 mostly to promote agriculture and technology and the Canadian Air Show debuted in 1949.  We love watching the Air show too.  
1280px-Canadian_Snowbirds_3_(7917630026)My son can’t wait to go on the rides.  He loves the thrill of the roller coasters where it terrifies me, so I hope my husband will go on with him as I explore the Kiddie Rides with the twins.  We also love the games.  I love watching my son, I love watching the happiness in my kids smiles whenever we go to The Ex.

Alright, let’s talk about the giveaway!  Thanks to The Ex, they are offering one lucky family a Ride All Day Passes!  That’s 5 passes for your family.  So you are getting admission and all the rides your little heart desires.  It’s simple to enter.  I’d love for you to visit my new page on Facebook and comment and register your email here so I can contact you.
Giveaway ends this Friday as we kick off the opening of The Ex.  Good Luck!

Disclosure: This post was in collaboration with The Ex. In exchange, I received perks of compensation and/or product. All opinions are always my own.

Ride All Day Passes- The Ex


  1. Kim K | 14th Aug 17

    The rides, the games, the food, the excitement, we love it all. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  2. Cheryl H | 14th Aug 17

    I love the cne because there’s so much to do, the food building, the little vendors they have, dog show, rides and of course this year Elvis stojko!

  3. MARGO B | 14th Aug 17

    I love the rides, but not only that, I just love the excitement of the whole event, so much to see, so much to do and not enough time to do it in one day, just love it . thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize

  4. Mandy Patrick-Hickey | 14th Aug 17

    The Canadian National Exhibition has always been a birthday tradition for me and my dad. His birthday was Aug. 31 and mine is Sept 1. As a kid, it was where we would celebrate together. When I reconnected with him as an adult; he and I continued on elevating but this time it included my daughters.
    The CNE is now something I attend in memory of him after losing him 10 years ago.

  5. Jolie | 14th Aug 17

    Love the food, we go every year and try new things 🙂

  6. Kim Tanti | 14th Aug 17

    I always looked forward to my roti at the island food. Now they are not there and I have to wait till we are leaving and go to their restaurant on our way home. So I look forward to trying other foods while we are there and shopping in the buildings.

  7. Sara | 14th Aug 17

    The EX is something our family looks forward to every year. I’ve been going for over 30 years!

    I can’t wait to play games and be in the midway after dark. There is something about the midway lights that makes me so happy! Thanks for the chance!

  8. Nicole Jubleew | 14th Aug 17

    I love trying out all the new foods in the Food Building and my family’s excitement in just attending.

  9. Courtney | 14th Aug 17

    I’ve never been but I know I’d love the food building!

  10. Pam | 14th Aug 17

    I love the food building and I love the dog show .

  11. Israel Y | 14th Aug 17

    love superdogs, kids rides, the farm, and most of all kidsworld. our favourite ride is the family swings

  12. June Murphy | 14th Aug 17

    My favourite ride is the Alpine Bob

  13. Jennifer Webster | 14th Aug 17

    It’s the nostalgia for me, having gone with my grandparent and parents (listening to my Dad talk about when the food building gave out free food!) anyhow getting to share that with my kids is pretty great!

  14. Lisa P. | 14th Aug 17

    I would definitely look forward to the food at the Ex… but sadly, I’ve never been before! I know, right? I live in Toronto and I’ve never been to the Ex! I love to win tickets and take my kids to the first time! Thanks for the great giveaway. ?

  15. CL Chin | 14th Aug 17

    We love attending every year because it’s a tradition and because I worked there when I was a teenager, I have such fond memories. Our family loves the shows, the food, the shopping and all the excitement that is the CNE.

  16. Kathleen Moll | 14th Aug 17

    My favourite ride is the Sky Ride. So peaceful and beautiful. We always wait and do it once the sun has set. I just love it up there. Can’t wait to go this year!

  17. sarah sar | 14th Aug 17

    I love the amusement park rides! Makes me feel like a lil kid again.

  18. Lila B | 14th Aug 17

    I love seeing the skating show every year at the Ricoh Coliseum! Seeing people skate plus being in an air conditioned room for an hour, who could say no 😛 I heard they are doing something this year so I’d love to go see!

  19. Hadi | 14th Aug 17

    I love going to the EnerCare centre and seeing the diverse booths, especially the unique booths that have things from different countries. I also love going to Beaver Tails at the food building! The dollar store candy store is something that I always stop by to pick up munchies for shows! The sand sculptures are always amazing to see as well! So much things to do!!

  20. Robyn Bellefleur | 15th Aug 17

    I love all the different foods being sold. I totally pig out when we go.

  21. DebbieB | 15th Aug 17

    I love trying all the different foods!

  22. KellyPC | 15th Aug 17

    I love the rides & games on the Midway & all the goodies in the Food Building!

  23. FreddyC | 15th Aug 17

    I love the midway, I worked there for years when I was in my teens & early 20’s, it was better when Conklin Shows had the rides but it’s still a lot of fun.

  24. nicoleroannef | 15th Aug 17

    I enjoy the crazy shopping and the crazy food!

  25. Christine Nayler | 15th Aug 17

    I have been going to the Ex since I was a little girl and I still feel that same excitement each time I go no matter how old I get. So much to do and see there. The Ex is definitely a Ontario family tradition. Our 5th generation is now going to the Ex. Let’s go to the Ex!

  26. Brandee H | 15th Aug 17

    This year I am hoping to check out the shopping areas. Most years we go straight to the rides. My fave is the Ferris wheel!

  27. Fathima S | 15th Aug 17

    Love the rides, airshow and the carnival!

  28. Violet Smith | 15th Aug 17

    I love the shopping area’s. You can get your back to school shopping done there very inexpensively

  29. linda | 15th Aug 17

    Love the shopping, rides & food.

  30. Elizabeth Vlug | 15th Aug 17

    I love, love all the different and new foods. A great place to expand your taste buds. And people watching is pretty good too.

  31. Melissa Finn | 15th Aug 17

    I love the food building, Tiny Tom donuts & of course the midway! I have been many times as a child but I have t been in over 20 years. I would love to take my children to a place that holds so many special memories for me!

  32. @reinventyourday | 15th Aug 17

    We love checking out the agricultural building & food building!

  33. Marla P | 15th Aug 17

    I love all the yummy treats and rides

  34. gayle bellemare | 15th Aug 17

    I love everything about the Ex, the rides, shows, shopping, the Food Building , the delicious treats available through out the grounds, the entire experience is wonderful. I also love the history, the memories, we always reminisce about fun times when younger, how our parents attended as children, how much our kids love the Ex & finish up laughing at funny tales from visits hen kids were younger. It’s all positive and my favourite summer event! Thank you!

  35. michelle matta | 15th Aug 17

    I cant say my fave ride because i haven’t been since i was a kid. i think theres the gentle ski lift type thing i wanna try that .

  36. Jennifer Lo | 15th Aug 17

    My favourite ride is the Sky Ride!!

  37. Jennifer lachance | 16th Aug 17

    i love the food building and the polar express and love checking out the buildings

  38. loucheryl | 16th Aug 17

    I love the Cat Show they have, the Super Dog Show, the FOOD, the rides, the candy apples, the ice cream waffles…..

  39. Kathryn | 16th Aug 17

    My fav ride used to be the polar bear Express #doyouwanttogofaster
    Now it’s the skyride

  40. Theresa K | 16th Aug 17

    I love everything about the Ex… how can I just choose one…? I love to food.. the games… all the different shows for everyone to enjoy… the air show… and most of all the rides… the kids loves to visit the farm animals… the ex is so awesome and I love it there…??????

  41. Erika | 16th Aug 17

    The lights at night, the smells of the food and the overall positive vibes and spirit of the event!

  42. Heather Stover | 16th Aug 17

    All the shows and interactive games for kids! So worth going for a full day n night!

  43. Kristy | 17th Aug 17

    I love the food at the EX. So many crazy creations! And so yummy!
    I also love the Air Show. So fun to watch!

  44. mongupp | 17th Aug 17

    I like the skating shows.

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