Lets go to The EX! #CNE2015

11722242_10153416227780132_2476974203761982812_oThe end of Summer to my family means a trip to The EX as we get ready for back to school.  We recently went last week and spent a good 10 hours there taking in the rides, playing games, relaxing at the Beer Garden and then going on more rides. 
It’s amazing that nothing has changed since I was a kid when it comes to the rides.  Well the only thing that has changed for me is I am more light headed when I go on them, lol.  I had a blast with my son though.  We went on my favourite rides that I remember when I was a kid and he loved it.  Of course I went on any rides he wanted to go on-like the roller costers…OMG.  But I think going to The Ex for us is creating memories and we just that.  It’s great family fun and there’s so much to explore and only 7 days are left!  I loved hosting a CNE ticket giveaway on Twitter.

So what’s there to do with younger kids?
There’s lots of options besides the rides for smaller kids which you can here   Why not take the kids and visit the Farm go through the corn maze, ride the mini tractor, there’s also the Art Studio where the kids can create their masterpiece, Baby Care Centre provides a quiet, cool and private place to change and nurse babies, see Barney from 11-11:30 am every morning at the Kids Stage, visit Reptelia and take a look and you might just see pythons, young alligators, tortises, iguanas, boas and even a rattle snake!  Toddler Town is great for the tots to stretch out their legs and play!
Can we talk about food at The Ex?
When I hosted my CNE ticket giveaway most of the entries were about visiting the Food Building.   There is so much to see and try that I think we need to do another trip to be honest.  For the foodies what’s not to love about new foods, trying new craft beers,  the Food Truck Frenzy is really good but  it just ended yesterday, meet the best chefs in the city and learn and try delicious food, Rib Fest is still on and ends at 10pm.
As you stroll you’ll see many rest places to recharge and enjoy a cocktail.  We spent some time at the Northern Comfort Saloon.  My girls got down to country and my son loved watching people on the mechanical bull.  For a list of places to enjoy visit CNE Bar & Restaurants.

Ok- I missed some of these places when we were there last week which makes me think I should go again!
From the Warehouse Outlets to the Arts, Crafts and Hobbies Pavillion I wish I stopped and visited the Gourmet Kitchen.  Just so you don’t miss a thing here is a schedule you can reference to.

Rides! Rides! Rides!
Love rides? I think Starship is my favourite and yes my eyes were closed on the swings but I eventually got used to it, lol.  My son is next me.
StarshipCNE2015EuroslideCNE2015PharoahsFuryCNE2015We had so much fun this year!  Are you going to The EX? What are your favourite rides?
Thank you CNE for having us as your guests.  The Ex is all about fun, enjoying the end of summer and getting together with friends and family. Don’t you think?
Have a great week everyone! If you go to make sure you tag the CNE with #CNE2015!  Here is the Family Fun Guide and since it’s Monday, kids under 13 are $2!
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  1. Michelle | 31st Aug 15

    The EX looks and sounds like a blast, and $2 kids wow you can’t get a family outing for that price anywhere.

  2. Tammi @ My Organized Chaos | 31st Aug 15

    That sounds like a fun time! It’s been ages since we went to the fair, and now I really wanna go! The rides, the food, and it’s so cool that they have a kids spot. Our doesn’t, I know that!

  3. Tiffany (NatureMom) | 31st Aug 15

    Looks like a great adventure! We are heading to Cedar Point for our last getaway before school.

  4. Stephanie | 31st Aug 15

    I haven’t taken my son to the Ex yet but I know he would love the rides! I don’t know if I am up to those ones though. He’s braver than I am!

  5. Crystal | 31st Aug 15

    I’m so excited my kids are tall enough to go on the big rides now. I love them! This looks like a place we’d all have a great time!

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