Little Monsters: Sustainable luggage from Lassig

“The eyes and teeth of the colourfully striped, funny friends glow in the dark when exposed to light under low light and dark conditions so that children are visible on the road.”

We are enjoying the new luggage collection from Lassig called Little Monsters.  With the Holiday’s quickly coming up and if you’re travelling this Winter or packing for a weekend family trip, Lassig Little Monsters will keep your kids in good company.  I found the reflecting elements to be a unique feature for safety.  If you’re parked far away from where you are headed too and have to walk up country roads the reflecting element is a great feature.

Why do I love?
~ Well, I can actually get the kids to pack now.  
~ I love the shoe bag that comes with the luggage.
~ I like the compartments
~ I like the size
~Designed in Germany
~ Sustainable materials and production
~ It packs well in the car
~ It’s durable and high quality
~ Many handles.  Whether your child prefers to pull or hold you have three ways to do it
~ It’s $100

lassig_monsters_embIt fits perfectly in the trunk……


The kids had packed and were ready…..I should have gotten Little Monsters ages ago if I’d known it would help them pack quicker and be on time!


Love the outer pocket as it fits their books and tablets perfectly and whatever else they fancy….
lassig-shoebag_littlemonstersI sure do appreciate that it comes with shoe bag!


It’s a great size for kids!  Double buckles keep clothing and toys secure
lassig_littlemonsters_interior_meshHigh-quality materials like the mesh and lining will keep things in place.
lassig_littlemonsters_pockets_handlesStore your kids favourite drink in the pocket on the side, choose from a variety of ways to carry your Little Monster. There are 2 handles and a trolley pulley.
Bon Voyage kiddos! Have fun at Nana’s and Dido’s!

It’s unique and fun.  It offers a fun spin on a design that kids love and enjoy.  It’s something that you can spot easily amongst a crowd at the train station or airport and the kids will love claiming their Little Monster and making it their own.  Mad Mabel and Bouncing Bob will last years.  
To get a Little Monsters of your own, shop online at Kidz District.
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  1. Judy Cowan | 24th Oct 16

    They look very cute!

  2. Mandy Carter | 24th Oct 16

    These are so cute. And definitely stand out so easy to pick out at the airport! My kids would like them for sure. And all the other items in the Kidz District shop look so cute.

  3. Lynda Cook | 25th Oct 16

    These are so cute, I can see lots of kids wanting these

    • Erica | 25th Oct 16

      It’s practical and functional. Kids love these kinds of styles.

  4. Rebecca Bryant | 25th Oct 16

    Those are too cute. I like luggage that is cute and functional. It helps to if kids actual want them.

  5. GiGi Eats | 25th Oct 16

    OMG THOSE ARE THE CUTEST!! I THINKKKKK I am on the market for a new piece of luggage!

    • Erica | 25th Oct 16

      For the next cruise! 😉

  6. Jacqui Odell | 25th Oct 16

    These are so cute! Perfect for holiday travels!

  7. Pam | 25th Oct 16

    What adorable luggage. Both cute and so many great features. I know my kids would love packing too if they had these. I love the colors.

  8. kathy downey | 25th Oct 16

    I love these,very cute and loads of room!

  9. kathy downey | 25th Oct 16

    I just love the fun colors!

  10. Lynda Cook | 25th Oct 16

    I would love to get one for each of my grandkids, but money is a little tight right now with hubby being off work, I know they would love to have an awesome case such as this!!

  11. Andi | 25th Oct 16

    How cool are those bags!!

  12. Liz Mays | 25th Oct 16

    That really is a perfect size for kids. It would make a fantastic present for my niece!

  13. Soozle | 26th Oct 16

    Oh wow! These bags are adorable! I think they would be a real hit with most kids

  14. Victoria Ess | 26th Oct 16

    Those pieces are adorable!

  15. Anitra | The Mom on the Move | 26th Oct 16

    These are very cute and functional. The luggage I bought for my kids is small and they love the design, but there’s no front pocket or side pocket. They can carry all their own stuff with this bag. Neat!

  16. Rosey | 26th Oct 16

    I love the shoe bag too. I never know what to do with the shoes when packing! These are cute.

  17. Tricia Hope | 26th Oct 16

    I had a childs’ size suitcase when I was small for sleepovers,and I loved it.Made me feel so grown up.These designs are sweet!

  18. Debi | 26th Oct 16

    I have been looking for new luggage for my daughter. She would love the colors in these bags. She has outgrown her old ones.

  19. Tahnee | 26th Oct 16

    These are perfect! We are getting ready to move again and need to pack up each kid individually to make our lives easier int he car trip!

  20. kisten visser | 26th Oct 16

    ok that is the cutest luggage i have seen. I love the pink one. It would come in handy when we have our road trips to grannies house

  21. Rosanne Robinson | 26th Oct 16

    The Little Monsters luggage bags are beyond cute & practical, love the shoe bag feature.

  22. Dogvills | 27th Oct 16

    This is so nice and perfect for travel. Glad you share this with us

  23. Jasmine Watts | 27th Oct 16

    These are so cute and have so many great features! Love those great colors!

  24. Wanda Tracey | 27th Oct 16

    The little monsters sustainable luggage is so adorable!

  25. Carol M | 29th Oct 16

    If I was a kid I’d sure want one.

  26. Elizabeth Vlug | 1st Nov 16

    These bags are so cute. Any little traveler would love one I’m sure. Thanks for the review.

  27. nicky | 23rd Mar 17

    Love these! Perfect for little getaways with the family – everyone gets their own Lassig!

  28. kathy downey | 24th Mar 17

    I would love to get one for my granddaughter,they sure are cute!

  29. Wanda Tracey | 30th Mar 17

    These little luggage sets are just adorable and perfect for our little tykes to pull.

  30. Suzie B (Soozle) | 30th Mar 17

    These bags are adorable! Cute but they look sturdy and well built

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