LittleLife Toddler DaySacks: Peace of mind as your kids learn to explore safely

We love LittleLife over at Everything Mom and Baby Head Quarters.  It is a fantastic little backpack for your toddlers that you can get from our friends over at Oyaco Products.

We were at the Gravenhurst Farmers Market in the summer as we spent some time in Muskoka and this little day backpack gave us peace of mind as our little twins are learning about boundaries, listening and hand holding.  
LittleLifeButterflyThe LittleLife Toddler Daysacks come in a variety of fun designs that will delight your child and they’ll want to wear them.  They can store toys, snacks and water bottle inside and it has a little name area where you can print your child’s name and your contact number. It comes with a removable safety rein too and all materials are high quality.  I can see this product lasting for a few years as it’ll be a great little backpack when the twins start Kindergarten.
My son even had fun walking with his sister safely.  We always have these backpacks tucked in the stroller basket. Never leave home without it! We have learned that lesson.LittleLifeButterflySackwithKids
It’s also comfortable for kids to wear as it comes with soft padded shoulder straps and fully adjustable chest clip.  I truly found using this gave us peace of mind as we switched from holding hands to using the safety reign while my twins gained independence walking and exploring their surroundings.  When you’re in a busy area and if for some reason your little wiggles away from you and runs into the crowds you can have the safety rein around your wrist while holding their hand, it keeps them close with enough freedom to walk ahead-this product is a godsend.   Until you have kids whether a singleton or multiples you begin to realize how important these backpacks with safety reigns really are.  It gets our Seal of Approval!


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