Locate the Local~ A box subscription bringing you the unique, the useful, and the tasty, all while keeping it Canadian

I recently came across a cool new gifting site on Instagram called Locate the Local.  With Mother’s Day just a couple of weeks away, I wanted to share with you a lovely gift idea for the mom that loves all things made in Canada.  It’s even a great gift idea for Canadians living far away missing stuff from their awesome country.

“Here at Locate the Local, our goal is to seek out the quirky, the unique, the genius and the tasty, all while keeping it Canadian. ” 

How it works:

You see, it’s kind of like a welcome quarterly surprise.  It’s like Christmas.  You can subscribe month to month or subscribe for a full year of lovely, curated, high quality, unique items.  Everything is made in Canada as I mentioned earlier.  Boxes are $55 and filled with items you can taste, smell, wear, use and so much more.  Go have a visit on Locate the Local on Instagram to see what they’ve sent in the past.  I love it!  I have my eye on the Manitoba Shrub Box as I’ve been wanting to try Abiding Citizen.  

Here’s what I got in the April Box:

I love my Mailin bracelet as I have yet to take it off. It’s dainty and sweet and I’d like a few more.  I just started using vinegar for cleaning my home, so I was happy to see this BC company called Spiffy Naturals.  The snacks were a hit with the kids and me from Zak Organics and I’ll be saving that birthday card for a dear friend from Rhubarb Paper Company and BKind is absolutely lovely too, you must check out their skincare.   I discovered Canadian brands I never heard of!
The next box is coming in July and I look forward to getting one.  After all, Canada is turning 150!   

I love finding new brands to shop with, promote and discover.  I hope you do too and will check out Locate the Local.  Have you heard of them before?

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  1. Carol M | 1st May 17

    Very neat! Will check it out further!

    • Erica | 3rd May 17

      I hope you do. It’s really a nice gift to receive, even as a treat for yourself.

  2. Jonnie | 2nd May 17

    I love all the subscription boxes appearing lately. It’s nice to see a uniquely Canadian one!

  3. Debbie S. | 2nd May 17

    I am off to check them out. I haven’t heard of them before.

    • Erica | 3rd May 17

      Well, I am happy to introduce to the company 🙂 Enjoy!

  4. ivy pluchinsky | 3rd May 17

    I love subscription boxes!

  5. kathy downey | 3rd May 17

    Sounds like a great subscription box,thanks for the introduction !

    • Erica | 3rd May 17

      You’re so welcome! xx

  6. jan | 3rd May 17

    I must try a subscription box, and this one looks good.

    • Erica | 3rd May 17

      You’re so welcome! xx

    • Erica | 3rd May 17

      I hope you’ll enjoy. I truly love this brand of gifting boxes.

  7. Victoria Ess | 4th May 17

    It’s a neat idea!

  8. Stephanie | 7th May 17

    I love to buy local, this looks like a great box!

  9. caryn s | 7th May 17

    I love that this subscription box features local canadian companies!

  10. Elizabeth Matthiesen | 10th May 17

    Fantastic that these are all Canadian products, that’s what I like to read 🙂

  11. Judy Cowan | 11th May 17

    What a great idea! Love that it is all Canadian products! Would make a great gift idea.

  12. Lynda Cook | 15th May 17

    Sounds like a great subscription box and i love that the products are Canadian made!!

  13. Janet M | 25th May 17

    This is such a great idea for all Canadian products.

  14. Laurie P | 29th May 17

    one of the better subscriptions I’ve come across!

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