Looking for a budget friendly first phone for your child? The Alcatel 1B may be what you’re looking for.

When is the right time to get your child their first smartphone?  Well, I guess it depends on a lot of factors. Age, responsibility, understanding, costs, needs vs wants and safety?  What would you add?  As you know, we moved to Winnipeg last year and my son has started junior high this year.  He has a bit of a walk from our home to school and he’s 12 and I’ve been researching phones that won’t break the bank if anything should happen as he may lose it(Lesson 1: responsibility), it gets stolen(Lesson 2: safety first) or broken(Lesson 3: learning about cost). He’s in grade.7 and I think for us it was time for him to get his own phone as his friends back in Toronto had them in grade.5!  When Alcatel reached out to me about their Alcatel 1B I thought it would be the perfect beginner phone.


My son was indeed anxious to get his first phone and I wanted to stay connected to my son. The Alcatel 1B prices vary by carrier and the prices range from $90 to $100. Not bad, right? I got him a SIMcard for $10 and I set up his phone to link with my phone via Family Link so I can control his screen time, know his whereabouts and give him the freedom to connect with new friends here and his mates back in Toronto.   Set up is easy and it comes with a USB, battery and charger and no headphones. 
The @Alcatelmobile 1B™ delivers a simplified smartphone experience featuring a spacious 5.5” 18:9 HD+ Display in a compact body with a dedicated Google Assistant button. Read more news, check more social updates, and surf the web with… Click To Tweet


Some key features for the techies:

The Alcatel 1B runs Android 10 (Go edition), providing software that is optimized and built leaner to save space and improve performance, giving you the best essential smartphone experience.

All-day battery.  Stay connected with the power-efficient 3000 mAh battery with battery saver mode so you can take on your day with confidence.

Enjoy texting, browsing and watching videos on a spacious 5.5” 18:9HD+ Display, which maximizes on-screen content for a comfortable viewing experience.

The Alcatel 1B makes it easy to capture the best of any moment with the5MP rear camera, HD video, and selfie camera with face beauty effect.

The Alcatel 1B helps you balance your digital engagement with a DigitalWellbeing Dashboard that lets you set timers on your apps, silence notifications, and set up parental controls easily.

Experience an ultra-efficient user experience with Alcatel 1B. Equipped with a Quad-Core processor, Android™ 10 (Go edition), Smart Management and all-day battery, it helps you multitask and do more. View your media more fully on a 5.5-inch HD+ display. Get information with a tap of the dedicated Google Assistant Button.

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My son has been enjoying the freedom of having a smartphone.  He’s been very respectful of using it and responsible for it. He also seems to like it which is great as he’s particular about his gaming and gadgets.  So that’s great, ha!  He has some fun with the Google Assistant Go and I like that I can track him so I know where he is after school or his whereabouts with his buddies at lunchtime as they like to walk over to 7-11.  So it’s peace of mind for me as well.  And if he doesn’t listen I can shut his phone down through my phone thanks to Family Link and the Digital Well Being feature.  So you can’t go wrong with the Alcatel 1B for your kid’s first smartphone.  It comes fully loaded,  it’s budget-friendly and it has an efficient Android 10 Go operating system.  

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Where to find Alcatel 1B?  Check them out Koodo, Virgin Mobile, TELUS & Bell.

Disclosure:  This post was written in collaboration with Alcatel 1B. All opinions are always my own and never influenced. We were gifted this phone in exchange for our honest opinion.


  1. Mark | 16th Oct 20

    Ah, ok- this is the phone J was talking to us about that your son had. I think we can totally do a pay as you go and spend $100 for a phone. Thanks, E!

  2. Jill | 16th Oct 20

    Love that you can have restrictions and monitor their gaming and for safety, stalk them, hahaha! Love it as a mom.

  3. Mandy | 17th Oct 20

    It’s crazy to think that when you first started your blog it was about natural parenting, cloth diapers when C was just a little guy wearing them 10 years ago and now look at him! His first real phone!
    It’s been a fun journey to watch and follow your blog as your kids grow!

  4. Jonnie | 18th Nov 20

    This sounds like the perfect first phone for tweens/teens. It’s hard to believe we can track where they are now so easily!

  5. Wanda Tracey | 22nd Nov 20

    They are really perfect for their first phone. A parent cannot be too careful today.Thanks for the great ideas.

  6. kristen visser | 25th Nov 20

    This looks like the most perfect phone to start my oldest off with! I will keep it in mind when she starts asking for one lol

  7. Dave Gibb | 25th Nov 20

    wow looks so cool

  8. Debbie Beattie | 26th Nov 20

    Sounds like a great phone for kids

  9. Linda | 26th Nov 20

    I love that this has an all-day battery. That’s so important.

  10. Sandra Dufoe | 26th Nov 20

    This sounds like a great phone will look into it for my Nephew who needs one.

  11. nicky | 29th Nov 20

    Look like this could be a good phone for my kiddo when the time comes.

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