Looking for a warm double stroller cover? We love the @7AMEnfant Duo Double Stroller Blanket!

For all my double stroller families do I have something for you!  7AM Enfant is the leader in my opinion in warm, stylish, high quality stroller accessories.  When I discovered the Duo  Double Stroller Blanket and how great of a product it is I knew a lot of you would love to know more.  It’s hard to find a great foot muff- especially one that fits over most double strollers.
This is what you need for wet Canadian Autumn weather in Toronto for keeping your kids dry to being warm and protected from the cold wind and snow in the Canadian Winters!  I love the zipper feature in the middle that I can undo for when we’re inside shopping at the mall to when it comes to Spring time weather.  It’s a must.  Trust me when I say you gotta get this.  You’ll be glad you did.  It will be something that will last for years and can be used from Fall to Spring.


It’s so easy to put on.  It fits over the stroller and tucks underneath at the bottom of the stroller frame and can be tightened with a drawstring.   There’s little velcro tabs that you can attach to the side of the frame so it stays in place.
What else do I love about the Duo Double Stroller Blanket?
  • It’s water repellant
  • Protects from water, snow and wind
  • fleece lined
  • adjustable
  • retains heat (the girls are always toasty when I pull them out)
  • comes in 9 fabulous colours.  I have Metallic Plum
  • Get matching accessories like their mitts, hats and boots!

The 7AM Enfant 212 mittens are another Must Have in my books.  The stay on and keep your little ones hands toasty and warm through the season.  Like the Duo blanket the mittens are made of waterproof material and lined with fleece.  Comes in 11 different colours.


But wait.  The one other product I get stopped about the most-well almost everyone stops me to ask about 7AM Enfant is the Warm Muffs for the stroller.  A genius product!

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  1. Melissa Pezza | 5th Nov 14

    That’s a very cozy looking cover. I love the thick material. It’s perfect for protecting the little ones from the elements.

  2. Jennifer Van Huss | 5th Nov 14

    What a great cover! I need to share this with my sis! She lives in Sudbury and is having a baby! Perfect for her!

  3. mail4rosey | 5th Nov 14

    I like the Velcro for extra security in holding it in place. I’m all for keeping baby warm and dry, so I think it’s awesome. 🙂

  4. Grace | 5th Nov 14

    I think this is some thing that is so needed for every parent with children in strollers. I remember always fighting blankets in strollers when my kids were young and I love those mittens.

  5. Maria | 6th Nov 14

    This looks perfect for my cousin that is expecting twins! The love the design and looks user friendly!

  6. Everything Mom and Baby | 7th Nov 14

    Maria, it’s totally what she should get for her double stroller. She’ll love it. 7AM Enfant is the best.

  7. Lori at Frugaledmontonmama.com | 7th Nov 14

    7am Enfant stuff is so warm, but I’ve never seen the double cover before. instead, all last winter we wrestled with two separate ones!

  8. Sandy A | 7th Nov 14

    That looks terrific! I wish they had those when I used to take my nieces and nephews out in their stroller! We had to just bundle them in blankets (etc). The velcro is a great idea..so no slip!

  9. Just Us Girls | 7th Nov 14

    Oh this looks comfy and perfect for the upcoming Winter. I’ll need to look into getting one for my little one who is still in a stroller. Probably next Winter since she’s only 3 months old, but will definitely keep them in mind. I see they have carseat covers, would be perfect for the little one.

  10. Spaceships | 7th Nov 14

    That looks nice and cozy!

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