Looking for a new pillow for the kiddos? Read on…..

“You wouldn’t think it’s comfortable, but it is”. my son, age 9 1/2 yrs old


A super cute new line of breastfeeding pillows and pillows for kids have made its way in the Canadian market, and it’s called Robot and Dinosaur.  These buckwheat pillows are the perfect size for the kiddo’s and mine bring them whenever we are going away somewhere overnight.  It offers security, comfort and familiarity you know.  It’s like a little bit of home so they can sleep better.


What are buckwheat pillows?

“Buckwheat pillows are filled with buckwheat hulls, which are the husks protecting buckwheat kernels.  They are a natural and sustainable option to pillows that are filled with synthetic material.”

There are many benefits to using pillows filled with buckwheat hulls:

  • Mould and shape perfectly while providing support
  • Breathable – the triangular shape and structure of buckwheat hulls allow air circulation
  • Does not retain heat
  • Does not attract mites or bugs
  • Durable – Buckwheat hulls do not easily lose their shape.  You can expect the pillows to last more than 5 years.
  • Environmentally friendly, natural and sustainable.  To dispose of the pillows, the buckwheat hulls can be safely put in the compost.

There are so many reasons to enjoy and use Robot & Dinosaur, don’t you think?  It also comes in the car with us when they are using their gadgets, I don’t want their tablets directly on their laps, yes we also make sure they use it at home too for their devices.  Did you know that some of the buckwheat properties are that it neutralizes harmful electric magnetic fields(EMF)?  Mother Nature knows what’s healthy, in my humble opinion.  I do love these pillows very much.

Another thing about buckwheat pillows, okay, I may mention more than one but your kids won’t wake up itchy eyes, runny noses because buckwheat contains theanine. A substance which hinders the reproduction of dust mites and bacteria.  You also get better relaxation in my opinion, the gentle, rustling sound of the husks as you move around. 


All three of my kids give it a thumbs up and if you’re looking for a pillow to help aid your kids in a better sleep and to protect them while playing on devices, I highly recommend this excellent, Canadian company, Robot & Dinosaur.

Where to shop? Go online {here} and they are also a part of Healthy Moms.  Go get your discount!
Follow Robot & Dinosaur on social media.  Find them on Instagram.

Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with Robot & Dinosaur.  All opinions are always my own.



  1. Lynda Cook | 20th Aug 18

    These sound good, but in my opinion they do not look very comfy

    • Mama Ash | 31st Aug 18

      Check out my son’s words are right at the top of the post. You gotta try it, Lynda 🙂

  2. Debbie White Beattie | 20th Aug 18

    From the pictures I’d swear that she loves that pillow

  3. Calvin | 20th Aug 18

    Interesting material in the pillow, never heard of this

  4. Tannis W | 21st Aug 18

    Looks like a great idea! I love that these pillows block EMF radiation too!

    • Mama Ash | 31st Aug 18

      Another awesome bonus, right?

  5. Sherry M | 21st Aug 18

    When I was a child, they never had things like this. Oh my, I am old. LOL

  6. Kristi F | 23rd Aug 18

    I’ve heard of buckwheat pillows for years and I would honestly like to try them out.

    • Mama Ash | 31st Aug 18

      I hope you do! Your neck will thank you 🙂

  7. Jackie M | 23rd Aug 18

    Love buckwheat pillows!

  8. Suzie B (Soozle) | 26th Aug 18

    Id be interested to try these pillows myself – I am just not sure they would be soft enough for me!

    • Mama Ash | 31st Aug 18

      I actually tried it myself too and I liked it! Did you see my son’s comment at the top? 🙂

  9. Silvia D | 27th Aug 18

    The Buckwheat pillows sure sound interesting

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