I loved experiencing Babylicious at Cibos Wine Bar!

I finally had the opportunity to dine out at Cibos Wine Bar thanks to Babylicious!  It was so good.  I always walk by this restaurant and others of course and wish, oh I wanna go in and dine. The days of fine dining before kids seems like a distant memory but I was pleasantly surprised to see a few strollers and moms and babies.  I thought, hey, people are checking out this Babylicious thing!  This could lead to more Babylicious events!  Toronto is so ahead of the game when it comes to families and dining out.  No longer are the days of babies are to be seen not heard and if parents want to go out, kids come with them.  Something I never understood until I had kids.  I mean, when I first moved here from Winnipeg I don’t recall ever seeing a family at the nice restaurants me and my girlfriends used to go to. When I saw young kids at the Keg here in Toronto I was like, “What?!”.  That would never happen in Winnipeg.  Even now Winnipeg is still a little behind in welcoming families in my opinion from our last visit there a couple of years ago.  No high chairs at one of the pubs attached to the Delta, or at other restaurants back home,  patrons looking over their shoulders as we come in as we’d be the only ones coming in with kids.  I find it still very old school back home.  I would love to see Babylicious across Canada.  Winnipeg has amazing restaurants that I would have loved to go with my kids because we tend to go out a lot on the weekend but stick to the restaurants closer to home. Take note Winnipeg and President’s Choice!  Expand Babylicious across Canada.  I don’t have a regular babysitter so it’s hard for me to plan lunches and dinners with friends so Babylicious was a great, welcoming experience.

I had such a great time with my friend and her little girl yesterday at Cibo’s.  I had delicious grilled calamari, roast chicken and a panacotta for dessert all for $25.  We had wine($45/bottle) and really like what was offered in an affordable $25 prix fixe menu and the kids were happy.  They had their PC Organics snacks, organic ABC pasta and the PC Organics yogurt pouches which was free/included in Babylicious.  I ended up ordering pizza for the twins.  Once they were fed, they played and yes we let them sit under the table with their phones to watch Peppa Pig.  Me and Trina looked at each other and took a deep, happy sigh and poured ourselves some more wine and caught up on life as it’s been a good 8 months since I’ve seen her last.  It was such a nice and refreshing dining experience with friendly staff, that was welcoming too.  I even joked and asked “are you praying the 15th comes around soon?” And he was like, “it’s all good.  It’s been great to serve families.”   You can see more from my experience on my Instagram.


The only thing I wish was that they may be could have created was a President’s Choice Babylicious colouring page and have crayons from the 5th-15th.  For the forgetful parents like me, lol.  I only brought back up phones.  Which reminds me, here is a checklist for you!  The bathroom at Cibo’s Wine Bar was also fully stocked with a nice change table, diapers and wipes.

~ Bring a colouring book ~ Bring crayons ~ Bring your technology if you let the kids play app’s and watch their shows on Shomi~ bring a new toy ~bring their favourite doll ~ bring a book ~ bring a pad of paper ~ water colour pallette(Alex is the best).  

So Babylicious is wrapping up this weekend!  Go! Go! Go! Go check it out and relax and know you will not get any dirty looks going into these fabulous restaurants.  You will be welcomed and you and your little future foodie will have a great time.

What did I miss? What would you bring when dining out?  


  1. Victoria Ess | 24th May 17

    I love Cibo wine bar and it’s great that it’s family friendly!

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