Lulla Doll for preemies, infants & tots! The magical doll you need to get for better sleep.


Have you heard about Lulla Doll? Your child can rest easy with this beautiful, soft, organic cuddle baby that mimics mom’s heartbeat and breathing.  A real life recording, have a listen on my Instagram post. I am in love with this magical little doll. Oh, and it’s machine washable. Just take out the recording box that’s nestled deep in Lulla’s back.  Since my twins got this, I have found that they sleep deeper and better.


Lulla Doll for your child? Do you need it? YES.
Sleep better, feel better and be safe.  By being safer, babies heart beat is stabilized as is their breathing thanks to the comfort of their own Lulla Doll.  Discover the research here.

The Lulla doll concept is based on a multitude of research on the effect of closeness, breathing, and heartbeat sounds have on sleep and well-being. 

♥  Babies fall asleep sooner and sleep longer at a time

♥  Heartbeat and breathing stabilize

♥  Reduces chances of SIDS

♥  Neurological development increases

♥  Increased well-being, lowered stress and less crying

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We love Lulla Doll.  A lot and love that they were developed in Iceland to help babies cope in NICU from separation.  Each twin was lucky to get one as they are selling out quickly from Hestia International.  The sound is quite sweet and plays for about 8hrs.  I’ve listened to it a lot and we all get lulled to sleep.  As the night progresses it slows down and eventually stops-very gently and not suddenly.  I love that it plays for so long as you know most sleeping toys will last a mere 30min-45min max if you can find it!
Lulla Doll has won numerous awards, and is safe for preemies and recommended. The doll picks up the scent of the parent so you can always be with the baby even though at times you may not be able too.  Priced at $99, this is a beautiful gift to give that is extremely effective and soothes your child.  The velcro strap is genius as it can be strapped to baby’s crib.  It can go anywhere with you.  My twins love for their doll was instant, if you’ve followed me on Instagram you’ll know.  They’ve given their lulla’s kisses, which they’ve never done before and they have a few dolls! 

Where to Buy Lulla Doll in Canada? Visit Hestia International

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Thank you Hestia International for sponsoring this review with product.  All opinions are my own and are never influenced.  Lulla Doll is truly a lovely product that I think your family will enjoy.

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