Luxury wraps that are ethically made: Chloë Angus Designs Spirit Wraps

I have a long-standing love for Native culture and art.  Growing up in Winnipeg and having a few First Nations friend( Cree and Métis) I was embraced into their culture which is something truly special and to respect.  One of my most memorable experience was when I was 15 and I went into a sweat lodge, the ritual is truly an experience.  I was given the name Daytime Star Woman.  I have always had a strong connection to eagles and the moon and this is where I want to tell you about Chloë Angus Designs who is in Toronto this weekend for the One of a Kind Show.  I wish I could go this weekend to meet Chloë.  If you go, please say hello to her for me!

Chloë Angus Eagle Moon Wrap in Camel

The Spirit Collection is a collaboration between First Nations Artists and Chloë Angus Design. Representing a union between fashion and art, each piece in the collection features original artwork alongside the great fit and luxurious fabrics that Chloë Angus Design has come to be known for. As a sustainable company, they take great pride in producing all of their garments locally in Vancouver – if it has a Chloë Angus label, it was made by their hard-working neighbours down the street from her studio headquarters.

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Which Spirit animal speaks to you?   As you now know, I love Eagles and the Moon.

Eagle: The eagle is one of the two main crests of the Haida people. The eagle is a symbol of power, knowledge and prestige. The Eagle also represents friendship and peace to all.

Moon:Protector and guardian of the earth, Moon Spirit watches over us and can change the way we feel.
eagle-moon-chloeanguschloeangus-wrap-fbThere are many ways to wear your Spirit wrap and button wrap.  I have such a strong connection and emotion to my wrap that it is my most treasured piece of clothing.  I tend to wear it long and loose, v neck, goddess(Of course!)  and beauty queen.  Her button wraps will be the most versatile items in your wardrobe.   See all the ways you can wear your button wrap {here}.
chloe_angusNow that I have her beautiful wrap, I want to try more of her clothing as her designs and clothing are high quality and flattering on all shapes and sizes.  I love supporting Canadian designers.  Whether you need a wrap to compliment your look for the office or when you’re going for a nice walk with the family,  to going out with lunch with friends in between school pickups.  Feel the magic in her Spirit Wraps and pick one that calls to you. View the collection {here} and treat yourself.

cx-gmkjvqaajaf2And before you leave I wanted to tell you that Chloë Angus was the wardrobe provider for BC Premier Christy Clark throughout the Royal visit.  Chloë has also collaborated with Heiltsuk First Nation artist KC Hall on a Spirit Blanket commissioned by the Chief, Marilyn Slett and a Spirit Blanket commissioned by Premier with a collaboration with First Nation artist, Clarence Mills. The blankets were presented to the Royal Family in a traditional gifting ceremony in Bella Bella, BC on Monday, September 27.

Kate’s Wrap, a piece of wearable West Coast art, is emblazoned with a “Mother Bear” motif in a deep shade of sapphire blue. Both the design and colour were chosen in honour of Prince William’s mother, the late Princess Diana.

A symbol of strength and family unity in First Nations culture, the Mother Bear is often traditionally carved at the bottom of totem poles, denoting her strength in holding up the rest of family. The invocation of the Mother Bear is reserved for the most respected and high-ranking of guests.

Young Princess Charlotte received a child-sized Mother Bear Spirit Wrap in baby pink.

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  1. Victoria Ess | 26th Nov 16

    These wraps are beautiful! I’m always cold at the office and need something like this!

  2. Darlene Schuller | 4th Dec 16

    I love wraps! These are so pretty!

  3. Lynda Cook | 4th Dec 16

    These are so beautiful, I love wraps but sadly I don’t think I look very good in them because of my weight, but they are so beautiful!!

  4. Judy Cowan | 5th Dec 16

    Wow these are beautiful, would make a very nice gift.

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