Discover craft beer at MacKinnon Brothers Brewery!

What are you up to this weekend? Need an idea? Are the kids away this weekend? How about discovering some of Ontario’s best in craft beer? Let me tell you about MacKinnon Brothers Brewery.  First of all the beer is delicious.  It’s a family run brewery and they’ve been on the same land since 1784.  I found that pretty cool,  so why not make beer? After all, they are committed to staying local as they grow all their hops(we were there when they were picking hops!), barley and wheat. Everything is done on their farm. Start to finish.  

This Summer has been the Summer of beer.  Not just any beer with me and my husband, but MacKinnon Brothers beer.  It is such a delicious tasting beer that it does not feel heavy in the tummy or leave you feeling bloated.  Some beers fill me up to be honest but the MacKinnon Brothers-it’s so nice.

 We first discovered their brew in Kingston, ON.  Since then we’ve been hooked.  On our drive back to Toronto we took a different route and drove along the lake heading towards the Glenora Ferry.  My clever husband took note of where MacKinnon brewery was located and as we approached Bath, ON he said, “Hang on. I think there’s a brewery here.” I googled and low and behold MacKinnon Brothers was!    Now, when you are driving towards the brewery there are no signs, yet it was easy enough to find.  It’s a sweet little spot.  The kids loved running around the greenery as we enjoyed some samples.  Their retail store is open from Wednesday-Sunday, 11am-5pm.
We tried the Crosscut which we already know and love and is pictured above.  It’s a traditional Canadian Pale Ale and it has such a clean finish that makes it a tasty easy drinking beer for me.  The 8 Man English Pale Ale is just as good and easy to drink.  It’s medium and malty.  We liked the minimal hop flavour and both beers have an excellent balance.  Now, I am no beer connoisseur and you’re probably thinking what does a mom blogger know? Well, I know good beer from crappy beer and the MacKinnon Brothers are setting themselves apart. After only 2 yrs of brewing, they are making a name for themselves. My husband is in the pub industry so this is something we are very much into and I hope they stock it at his pub soon!

So, we bought a six-pack of the Crosscut and 8 Man English Pale and off we went.  We got on the ferry and found a cottage last-minute which was awesome at Merland Park.  See pic below 😉
Crosscut-Everything-Mom-and-BabySo, if you like craft beer and want to try something new, get this at the LCBO or find your favourite bar/pub(taps can be found here)  Better yet, drive towards Prince Edward County, hop on the free Glenora Ferry and stop in Bath, Ontario.   Make it a weekend getaway.  Have a great weekend everyone and if you pick up a 6 pack, let me know how you liked it. Skål!

1915 Country Rd, Rd.22
Bath, ON

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  1. Victoria Ess | 24th Oct 16

    I love craft beer! I’d love to visit this brewery!

  2. June Murphy | 14th May 17

    Sounds like such a quaint little town to visit and nice to know that MacKinnon makes great tasting beer

  3. jan | 5th Jun 18

    Now I wish we were heading out to Ontario so we could check this out. We always make craft beer stops!

  4. nicky | 5th Jun 18

    Would love to visit with hubby as we both enjoy craft beer!

  5. kathy downey | 6th Jun 18

    I’d love to visit this brewery,I do love Beer!!

  6. Debbie White Beattie | 8th Jun 18

    I will admit I not a beer connoisseur but my husband is and visiting a brewery would be his version of a vacation believe it or not lol

  7. Shirley O | 3rd Dec 20

    I would love to visit this brewery with my husband. We both enjoy craft beer.

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