Maclaren XLR 2011: Review

 If you need an umbrella stroller I highly, highly, highly suggest you get the Maclaren XLR.

Maclaren is a reputable company from the UK.
I’ve been using it for 2 weeks and it my favorite because we are a tall family.  So here are my reasons why I love this.  We have the coffee and blue and it’s perfect.  Little did I know they have a foot muff, I also want the matching diaper bag.
They have everything you need for baby.  Skincare, strollers, bedding, toys and accessories for parents such as the diaper bag and great stroller accessories.

What we love about the 2011 XLR
1) The handles. They also extend out if your partner is much taller than you!

2) No more hunching over (like I used to with Maxi Cosi Perle)

3) No more kicking the back of the stroller and having to focus on little steps to avoid kicking(hard to do when your 5’9″)

4) Smooth ride and awesome wheels.  I can tilt back safely on the back wheels to move over gaps(like on the subway when exiting, because you have to “mind the gap”) I couldn’t do this with my Perle.

5) The canopy with a sun viser!  Also you can unzip the canopy to extend it further, all UVB protected and waterproof.  Watch their video here

6) Reclines back far back so my tot can have a great snooze!  My sons legs can extend out and further thanks to the extender in the front…. Also the awesome roomy pockets (2) on the back of the canopy

7) I can roll up and down steps easily because of the positions of the brakes( I couldn’t with Perle)

8) Comes with an uber luxurious padding cover that sits on the stroller.  Great to have because it’s washable and we all know…baby pees and sometimes leaks.  Now if this does happen you can remove the padding and wash it.

9) The rain cover.  Easy to put and remove and it’s long enough for my tall toddler so he’s not squished in!

10) Maclaren is found through out North America!  A even larger presence in Canada.  Please visit them on Twitter and Facebook and “Like” them.  Tell them you read my review on Maclaren 😉

11) They make quality products!  Another reason to love them.  I hope this review has helped you make a better decision when purchasing an umbrella stroller.

Do you have a Maclaren? Which one and what do you love about it?  I have 11 reasons.

Disclaimer: Even though Maclaren provided me with the stroller for review, all opinions are of my own and not influenced in any way.  Thus is truly an awesome umbrella stroller and Maclaren comes highly recommended.


  1. kcolquitt | 24th Nov 10

    I SO agree! I am 5’10” and will GLADLY pay extra for the height that I get with my Maclarens. I have both a single and a double and love, love, love them. I actually ran over my single the other day in my minivan and it didn’t even get a scratch, so that right there says something! I couldn’t be happier!

  2. Mama Ash | 28th Nov 10

    I love it too! I never knew how great Maclaren was and thank god to no more kicking the back when walking.

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