Maclrean Foot Muffs {Review}


We love our Maclaren XLR Stroller and with the cold weather here what do we need to keep baby warm?
Their gorgeous foot muffs!

I have two that was sent to review.
The first one that I’ll talk about is the Deluxe Foot Muff and it is beyond Deluxe! I love it.

Our Experience
It provides plush lining through out the whole stroller and attaches easily.  You can also use it on all models of Maclaren strollers.
The only draw back is it’s a smaller fit because of the beautiful plush lining and with a winter coat, it was tight.  My tot is 2yrs old and tall, so this wasn’t the best foot muff for us.  I think if you get this and depending on the size of your child you’ll get a lot of use from birth to 18 months.
This is a Must Have for the cold Winter months.

Our favorite is their lighter version on the Deluxe Foot Muff their regular Foot Muff.

Our Experience
By far it fits larger.  It’s wider and it seems longer as well, although when placed side by side they seem close in length but his legs are not bunched up in this like in the Deluxe.

Maclaren Foot Muff

Same features as the above in fitting all Maclaren strollers, this just snaps in so you don’t have to remove the straps and feed it in like the Deluxe.
Although it is not as warm as the Deluxe, our myMonkeymoo stroller blanket makes it warm. This is a perfect foot muff for the Spring and Fall.


  1. mum2alesha | 2nd Mar 11

    What a lovely review & I have to agree the deluxe footmuff does look so cosy 🙂 x

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