Maintaining goals and health for 2016 #ONatural


I’m off to a good start so far.  I have never been consistent with working out and I am on day 30 of a 90 day challenge with Bikini Body Mommy- I love it.  2016 I have decided is my year.  I want to grow my blog & change it up a bit, I want to lessen my belly fat(thanks stress-adrenal stress) and work at reducing stress and be a happier mom.  I’ve lost myself.  As a stay at home mom, I have struggles and I don’t talk about them.  In fact this may be the first time?  Sometimes I blog and get my reviews up, sometimes I lag behind as I can get boggled down with the mental stresses of parenting.  Sometimes I even can’t stand it and want to hide and cry in the bathtub. Oh, wait.  I have done that. I recently read an interesting article in Time online about families in Denmark.  

Do you know why? Because if the mother doesn’t get a chance to breathe, the children cannot breathe, either.” 

This was about the writer refusing daycare as she moved to Denmark. The mom didn’t need it but she eventually did put her child in daycare and love the peace and being able to do and get things done.  It was mind boggling to the relocation agent that she initially refused. The Time article was enlightening to me. Do check out the link above.   They may have extremely high taxes in Scandinavia but their subsidized daycare is brilliant and I if I could afford day care in Toronto I would gladly drop the twins off for morning classes.   Moms, we need to breathe and it doesn’t make us bad.  I have no help and do it all while my husband works long hours running a downtown pub.  I wish I had family-better yet, I wish I could afford daycare.  BUT realistically- I need to focus and deal with stress in my way.  I need to figure that out and I think Orange Naturals can help me.  I love exercising, my waistline is getting smaller and I am getting physically stronger- I just need to work on the mental part.  Yoga, diet, and homeopathy come to mind.  I am working on eating better and not skipping meals.  Because when I do and my blood sugar drops I am a miserable woman to be around with and that’s not fair to my kids.  I love my kids but I wish I didn’t yell as much.  The twins are potty trained and they are FINALLY weaned and sleeping in big girl beds.  So I have my body back but I need to work on my mental health.  Tomorrow is going to be 14C in Toronto.  I think a trip down to the ravine and recharge with nature will be brilliant!
Moms, how are you doing? Please tell me I am not alone when it comes to the stresses of mothering.
Orange Naturals has excellent support for our health goals and you can bet I will be ordering the energy and stress support as I don’t want to take pharmaceuticals. 

Energy and stress support – Battle with Advanced B-Complex and Fatigue homeopathic(it’s caffeine free), or MagPop! and Sleep. I will say I love Mag Pop after working out.  I highly recommend it because it’s great for your bones and muscles.
Digestion support – Tackle that full or upset tummy with Digestion tincture and Plant Digestive Enzymes!
Travel – Heading to Tremblant, Blue Mountain? Check out Joint Pain Cream with Arnica, Probiotic formulas.
Immune support – Don’t let that cold get you down. Immune Health and Oil of Oregano to the rescue!

How has 2016 been for you? How do you release stress?  I look forward to my 90 day challenge, I need to drop the weight once and for all.  I can’t wait to see how I will turn out.   One little piece of happiness will be getting my figure back and so on.  I think exercising has been a great stress release for me even though the twins are running around me when I do it, lol.  Oh, yay me.  Now the twins are screaming at each at the top of their lungs as I write this.  Orange Naturals- do you have something I can use to tune them out ;)?
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Disclosure: I am part of the Orange Naturals Mom Ambassador Program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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