Making recipes healthier through Guiding Stars from Loblaws #TradingUp

How’s your year going? Have you made any plans to change your diet or want to make your favourite recipes healthier?  I recently just did something like that thanks to the team at Loblaws and learned more about their Guiding Stars program. 

What is Guiding Stars?
Guiding Stars is a food rating system that rates food based on nutrient density using a scientific algorithm to assign a 0, 1, 2 or 3-star rating (3 Stars is the highest rating a product can receive).  The program rates foods based on vitamins, minerals, fibre, whole grains, Omega-3s, saturated fat, trans fat, added sodium and added sugar. “No stars” means, although the food was rated, it didn’t meet the nutrition criteria to earn a star.

My kids love banana bread.  I do too and it’s a family favourite.  I wanted to make a healthier version minus all the white flour and wanted to add some fibre, natural sweetness and omega 3 eggs.   So I traded up my ingredients thanks to working with a Loblaw’s Dietician and switched out the white flour for organic spelt flour, regular eggs for high-fat eggs, sugar for honey and spices and coconut oil to add moisture and flax seed and hemp hearts.

Benefits of Spelt Flour: High in B2. Niacin, Maganese and it’s easier to digest.
Benefits of Flax: More Omega 3 fatty goodness, heart healthy, fibre and helps remove excess estrogen
Benefits of Hemp Hearts:  Contains Omega 3 & 6, Vitamin E,  Amino Acid arginine, anti-inflammatory, protein 


[yumprint-recipe id=’24’]Now I want to know from you. What’s a recipe you would trade up for a healthier version? Tweet it to us and you’ll be entered to win a $150 Loblaws gift card! When you’re out grocery shopping at your local Loblaws, look for the Guiding Stars.  You’ll find it along the price of products if it’s available.  

Disclosure: This post was in collaboration with Loblaws. In exchange, I received perks of compensation and/or product. All opinions are always my own.shelf-tag-en

Win a $150 Loblaw’s Giftcard!


  1. Wendy Hutton | 17th Feb 17

    my tweet

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    My tweet

  3. Tasha | 18th Feb 17

    Sorry wrong link. Here’s the link to my tweet! 🙂

  4. Elizabeth Vlug | 19th Feb 17

    I tweeted.

    This is a great program. Looking to eat healthier this year, lowering my fat, sugar and the one that is really hard to me…sodium. Glad to see there are so many recipes being tweeked to make them a wee bit healthier.

  5. Sapana V | 19th Feb 17

    I was not aware of this Guiding Stars. It is really helpful to know how much your food is beneficial. Thanks for sharing.

  6. s powell | 19th Apr 17

    This looks like a yummy healthy recipe

  7. Elizabeth Matthiesen | 12th May 17

    I really like this idea of showing which food is the healthier, great idea from Loblaws

  8. kathy downey | 13th May 17

    That’s so great of Loblaws,i like healthier choices!

  9. kathy downey | 15th May 19

    Wanted to pop in and say thanks for the recipe,my Mom loved it !

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