March has come and gone…But here’s how the kids and I survived the flu. #ONatural

Is it me or does time fly as we get older? Where had this month gone and how is it March.31?!  This has been a crazy month for us as I lost my step dad to cancer on the 2nd.  We’ve been so busy planning our trip to Winnipeg and all of a sudden March break came.  Let’s just say I couldn’t wait for school to start because just as I thought “Wow.  No one got sick this winter?!”, boom on the 4th we got hit with the flu even though we’d been indoors as we were in mourning but it just goes to show you.  The flu has a way of making it in!  

Vitamin-CMy medicine cabinet consists of: Colloidal Silver and these all came to the rescue.  Orange Naturals Oregano OilOrange Naturals Cold and Flu and Orange Naturals C Crystals (Vitamin C) mixed in freshly squeezed orange juice.  I think I even came close to drinking the bottle! March break and here we are. SICK. I got it the worst.  The kids recovered in about 3-4 days(talk about a good immune system!) and I had it for about two weeks.  You see as moms/dads, we are so busy making sure our little ones get healthy that, we tend to them, we forget/ignore our own needs that at night if they wake, we get up of course. I don’t get naps and there’s no help and to be honest I was miserable.   I wanted my mom!  

My “lazy approach” to feeding the kids when I am sick:
These are my kitchen staples.  When I am so sick that I need to still feed the kids (hahaha!) I am thankful I have jars of soup in the fridge, chicken thighs and legs, whole chickens it’s so easy to throw a bird in the oven and save the bones to make more soup, there’s always a fresh baguette, pickles(fermented snacks! Hello probiotics) cheese, jams and I peel oranges and banana’s, berries, apples and I can whip up a smoothie with Orange Naturals Kids, I’m like here’s your veggies and I can veg out on the couch.


If you weren’t sick like us, Orange Naturals has some awesome products to keep the entire family happy and healthy while vacationing! Whether you’re escaping the snow and heading to Mexico to a road trip these products & tips are effective for road travel. O Natural has an awesome newsletter full of health tips, tricks, recipes if you like health, recipes and tips it takes a second to sign up

What kind of products do you use when are getting over the flu?  What are your kitchen staples/tips when you are sick and still need to cook for the family?

Disclosure: I am part of the Orange Naturals Mom Ambassador Program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.



  1. Carol Cassara | 31st Mar 16

    anything that gets a family through a flu episode is right by me! I am new to this one, though.

    • Erica | 1st Apr 16

      I tend to lean to homeopathy and natural remedies 🙂

  2. deanna | 31st Mar 16

    I am a fan of colloidal silver so I will have to check this out. It sounds like a great product.

    • Erica | 1st Apr 16

      Colloidal Silver is the best! I use Sovereign Silver.

  3. Nicole Escat | 1st Apr 16

    The medicine looks good and effective. It’s really important to give attention when your kids feel something bad

  4. andrea | 1st Apr 16

    I have never heard of this brand until now – maybe I have to start looking into it 🙂

  5. Virginia | 1st Apr 16

    I love homeopathic remedies! Will have to try this out!

    • Erica | 1st Apr 16

      It is the best! However in Canada they are going to ban cold and flu remedies in July 🙁

  6. Ranesha | 1st Apr 16

    I shared your blog link with my nieces who havr younger kids.

  7. Saidah | 1st Apr 16

    We have never had the flu. Thank God! The worst I’ve had is bronchitis and Vitamin C is suoer helpful in the healing process.

  8. Tara | 2nd Apr 16

    I could use some of that right now. I love your images too–they seem so healthy and warm!

  9. Jasmine Watts | 4th Apr 16

    This medicine looks effective!! I will have to check this out!!

    • Erica | 5th Apr 16

      Thanks for commenting!

  10. kathy downey | 27th Apr 16

    I love theOrange Naturals drink and huuby and i have it every morning.

  11. Suzie M | 30th Apr 16

    Whatever helps get a family through a flu episode is great.I love natural products

  12. Cheryl | 2nd May 16

    I’ve never tried these products but they seem awesome

  13. Victoria Ess | 6th May 16

    This sounds like a great product for keeping healthy all year round.

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