Mayukori ~ The ultimate breastfeeding pillow! #MadeinCanada

As a breastfeeding mom of twins I am so happy to tell you about a really comfortable way to nurse or bottle feed your baby.  I’ve had the privilege to review a great Canadian company called Mayukori based out of Montreal, QC.  I love, love, love my Luna Pillow.

First Impressions…

* Beautiful packaging
* Fun designs
* Pillow is filled with Buckwheat,  so it’s a moldable pillow
* Easy to use
* I could finally sit back & relax breast feeding without getting a back ache
* Perfect size
* Provides many other functions
* Love that it’s Canadian and made in Canada
* Completely natural, non toxic {there’s an organic option as well}

What makes Mayukori an awesome breast feeding pillow?

 It’s made with buckwheat.  No chemical or synthetic fillers are used.  Yay to no off gassing. No sore neck,(its comfortable to use), made in Canada, no parasites(Ew!).

It can be a body pillow:

Suitable during pregnancy and after.  You must have this for the hospital! Fits all shapes & sizes of mothers.
A feeding pillow:
Can be used on twins as well. I’ve done it and loved it.  I can toss this in my stroller for tandem feeding made easy!
Nest Pillow:
Pull up your Luna and have a nap. You’ll be so happy you did! It also prevents flat head for baby if you baby decides to take a nap with it.
Transitional seat:
Suitable for babies up to 6 months.  It respects baby’s natural curve of the spine.
Seated support:
for babies 6 months and up.  Helps to strengthen their back muscles.

Final words: Maykori is a high quality, eco friendly alternative to the normal breast feeding pillow you can find on the market.  It’s multifunctional, supportive and something every new mother should have. Add one to your baby registry or gift one to a mom you know.

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  1. Jennifer | 16th Oct 13

    This is such a great product – so many uses, so versatile!

  2. Tammi @ My Organized Chaos | 16th Oct 13

    This looks so comfy, I’d say a must-have item for sure!

  3. Jinxy and Me | 16th Oct 13

    It’s great that it’s filled with a natural product – buckwheat.

  4. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? | 16th Oct 13

    I like the versatility of that! I have to mess with my body pillow right now to get it just right under my growing belly.

  5. Debra Rutt | 16th Oct 13

    I used my breastfeeding pillow LONG after I stopped breastfeeding because it was so comfortable! A good and comfy pillow is hard to find!

  6. Jenny Hodges | 16th Oct 13

    I used a breastfeeding pillow many years ago! I triple nursed for a while and that pillow was well used!

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