The Unofficial Gamers Adventure Series Box Set: Minecraft #BookReview {Giveaway}


My son got a few great books to review last year and of course, one of his favourites was The Unofficial Gamers Adventure Series Box Set based on Minecraft.
In the box set you get the following:

The Quest for the Diamond Sword
The Mystery of the Griefer’s Mark
The Endermen Invasion
Treasure Hunters in Trouble
Skeletons Strike Back
Clash of the Creepers

My son likes these books because they are fun to read, he enjoys the story line and the chapters aren’t long.  He likes how the stories are told.  If your child likes playing Minecraft they will enjoy reading the books.  
I love that there is Minecraft books.  Kids can easily spend so much time on electronics that books are a great alternative for your Minecrafter.  Read, turn the wifi off and encourage reading as their imaginations will surely soar as they get into the collection and picture everything going on from playing the game.  If you have a reluctant reader perhaps you will have an avid reader once they finish the set.  I found reading one of the chapters for bedtime to be nicely written as it was about Steve protecting his village and his friends from Creepers.  My son finds that the Minecraft books are about loyalty, friendship and creating new relationships.  When I see my son reading them over and over again I see a new book lover and his reading comprehension has increased as well.

th_giveaway3Open to Canada Only and ending Jan.11/16 I’d love for you to tweet out and share this post with your Minecraft fans.  Please complete the raffle below with your email address so I can email YOU if you win!  Happy New Year!  On your mobile? Enter here.

Minecraft Box Set Giveaway


  1. Sarah Jackson | 5th Jan 16

    My 6 yr old daughter loves these books ! thanks for the chance to read a few more !

  2. Amy Heffernan | 5th Jan 16

    My 7 year old lil boy would go crazy for these. 🙂 He is a HUGE fan!! Thanks!

    • Erica | 5th Jan 16

      My son is 7 too! Good luck.

  3. Deborah / Mom2Michael | 5th Jan 16

    My 9yo would eat these up. Big Minecraft fan and an avid reader too – it’s great when he can combine the two.

  4. Andrea B. | 5th Jan 16

    Thank you so much for this opportunity! Both my kids love Minecraft.

  5. Martine | 5th Jan 16

    My daughters live and breathe minecraft. They would love this

  6. Joseph Dawe | 5th Jan 16

    For my son!

  7. MyBitsandBleeps | 5th Jan 16

    My nephew would just about die! He’s a huge fan of Minecraft and plays it ALL of the time!

  8. Cassie Fancy | 5th Jan 16

    My 3 little ones love Minecraft , thanks for the chance

  9. Christine Holliday | 5th Jan 16

    My great nephew would love these

  10. Silvia D | 5th Jan 16

    my kids are huge Minecraft fans! They would love the Books!

  11. Moe Bwell | 5th Jan 16

    My oldest daughter is starting to really enjoy minecraft, and would love his, thanks

  12. andrea amy | 5th Jan 16

    My 8 would out would love this! Thanks for the chance!

  13. Julie F | 5th Jan 16

    My elder grandsons are obsessed with this game!

  14. Cheryl | 5th Jan 16

    Both our girls just love Minecraft so they would love this prize 🙂

  15. Lee-Ann S | 5th Jan 16

    My 8 year old Miss R would love these books. She’s very interested in Minecraft but doesn’t seem to know where to start.

  16. Jennie Yuen | 5th Jan 16

    My son is a huge fan of Minecraft. He’ll love this if I win it!

  17. Darrah Bailey | 6th Jan 16

    My son would go NUTS for these books.. He LOVES minecraft!

  18. wanda macsween | 6th Jan 16

    What kid wouldn’t want this prize! Great giveaway.

  19. masood anjum | 6th Jan 16

    for my son

  20. kathy downey | 6th Jan 16

    Thanks for the chance my granddaughter is a big fan and she loves to read !

  21. Karla Sceviour | 6th Jan 16

    Great,thanks for the chance! My 2 nephews would LOVE this!

  22. Amy Lovell | 6th Jan 16

    My 10yr old son Loves the game. Im sure he would freak to own the books!

  23. Laurie B | 6th Jan 16

    Thanks for the chance to win. My kids are Mine craft fanatics!

  24. Lisa Neutel | 6th Jan 16

    my son is a huge minecraft fan –i know he would absolutley love these books

  25. Debbie S. | 6th Jan 16

    This would be great for my grandson. He absolutely loves Minecraft, and is reading books now, so this would really encourage his reading. Perfect!

  26. Steph Bkn | 7th Jan 16

    My nephews love these books! Thanks for the chance at this awesome giveaway

  27. Robyn Bellefleur | 7th Jan 16

    My kids would go crazy if I won these for them. They love Minecraft.

  28. Caryn Coates | 8th Jan 16

    My daughter would go crazy for this. Thanks for the chance

  29. Melissa Bowers | 8th Jan 16

    Thank you for the giveaway both my son and daughter would love this. They connect and play minecraft all the time.

  30. Jordan fell | 8th Jan 16

    My boy would love these.

  31. Tara Gauthier | 10th Jan 16

    My daughter would absolutely love these!

  32. Suzie M | 10th Jan 16

    my little guy like all the rest is crazy over minecraft, this would be great

  33. Fan R | 10th Jan 16

    My little man is a huge Minecraft fan and will be happy to receive Minecraft Box Set.

  34. Bailey Dexter | 11th Jan 16

    My grandson would love, such a huge fan!

  35. Brandee H | 11th Jan 16

    My son has not discovered Minecraft yet. But I am sure it is coming. Looks like a great set

  36. Tammy Dalley | 11th Jan 16

    Thanks for the chance to win, great giveaway

  37. angela m | 11th Jan 16

    My oldest daughter is really into Minecraft

  38. Judy Cowan | 11th Jan 16

    This would be amazing for my friend’s son as he is really into minecraft right now!

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